UNN Hostel Fees 2020 & Accommodation Portal

Before applying for a University, there are a lot of things would you will need to know about the University which is very needed and necessary, these things like UNN hostel fees payment, accommodation portal all have to be known or even gotten the money ready before you are being given admission. In this article, we will give you information about the University of Nigeria Nsukka which is popularly known as the UNN.

UNN Hostel Fees & Accommodation Portal

To apply for the university hostel accommodation you can visit their portal at https://unnportal.unn.edu.ng/HostelLanding.aspx

  • The hostel which is known as the Okeke hostel has been fully renovated and it costs 25,000 naira only while other hostels remain the same price for males it costs 12,000 naira while for females it costs 15,000 naira only. You are advised to take the following precautions and make sure that you follow them so that you can be able to gain accommodation easily for the 2019/2020 session.
  • You should know that the accommodation is allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Kindly note that the portal is now open and you can now make payment for accommodation which is known to be very good.
  • You can only access the accommodation from the student portal as it is fully automated
  • First-year students and final year students are given high priority during allocation. The first-year students are being given 40% of the total accommodation while the final year is being given 30% of the accommodation and those with special needs also.
  • Nursing mothers are expected to apply online also and you must inform the university on time that you are a nursing mother.

UNN Hostel Fees

You must have; Registered all courses online till date

  • Paid all fees including acceptance fees
  • Possess and use the university student email address
  • Possess the University ID card or have been captured into the University system.
  • Physically challenged students must generate the invoice online and make payment
  • You should know that the invoice is only available to use within three days period, after the number of days it will expire.

Reverend sisters are to follow the authorized process for accommodation.

About UNN

The University of Nigeria Nsukka which is popularly known as the UNN is a federal university which is located in Nsukka, Enugu state. This University was founded by Nnamdi Azikiwe in 1955 and opened officially in the year 1960. This university boasts of a multi-campus system, having four campuses which are located in Nsukka, Aba campus in Abia state, Ituku-Ozalla. This university is noted to have the American style of teaching and among the top five most prestigious universities in Nigeria, it is known to have 15 faculties, 102 departments, 82 undergraduate programmes, 211 Postgraduate programmes. This university came into existence when a law to establish an academic institution in the Eastern part of Nigeria was passed on, this took place in 1955 and the University was effective five years after.

Lots of changes have been made for the University over the years as it’s termed to be a very old University, the lecturers and the facilities in the Universities are top-notch, lots of prestigious persons graduated from this University and there is more to come. The University of Nigeria which is the actual name is known to have its main campus located in the hilly savannah town of Nsukka, Enugu state, this university is quite accessible for several parts of Nigeria as there are roads which are being put into place so that it will be easier to access from far and near.

Apart from having its main campus at Nsukka, we talked about the University has four campuses which one is also located at Ituku-Ozalla, this is where the UNTH which is the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital is located and it is 25 kilometeres south of Enugu which is about 500 hectares of land, on this establishment, they have the faculty of dentistry and health sciences and technology, the other campus which is located in Aba hosts the National Institute for Nigerian languages and a former campus was opened in Calabar but it has now being transformed into the University of Calabar which means it’s no longer part of the University of Nigeria.

The University of Nigeria is known to have lots of top-notch facilities in different areas and different departments. This University consists of the Nnamdi Azikiwe Library, Enugu campus main library and the medical library which is located in the college of medicine. These libraries which are listed contain lots of academic materials for the students which will improve and aid their learning, I believe that there is also a special library for lecturers where they can also search on books which they can use to carry out several lecturers. The University of Nigeria boasts of having a full-fledged embedded ICT hub in West Africa which was a sector driven by two engineering students of the University. It was created as a higher institution and a population of nearly 40,000 and 12 institutions of higher learning which is located within an hour drive for Enugu city.

Gaining admission into the University of Nigeria is quite easy, as an aspiring student, you just need to study and make sure you get the cut-off marks and then you can be admitted into the University and given the course of your choice which you have chosen. Aspiring students can write the JAMB examination and gain admission into the University and the cut-off mark which is slated for this University is 200 and above, a score of 200 and above and writing the Post Utme can gain you admission, however, you need to do well on both sides so that your chances of gaining admission will be big.

Aspiring students who are going for competitive courses where you have thousands of candidates applying should ensure they study hard and score like 240 and above, the University is a federal university and they have more competition and more candidates apply than that of state universities and polytechnics. You are advised to make proper information about the cut off marks and other things before you apply for the university as this will enable you to do things accordingly and get things prepared on time. Talking about the Hostel fees and accommodation, you will need to apply early so that you have space will be created for you, there are some things which you will need to know, which will be stated below.

In conclusion, we have given you detailed information about the UNN hostel fees and accommodation payment plans. You should know that once you follow the procedures above, things will be easier for you.


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