This post about UNN hostel accommodation fees and accommodation portal is designed to provide information for new and returning students of the University of Nigeria UNN who wish to get accommodation at the institution’s hostels. This information is necessary because there are a few changes which have come into effect about the way via which hostel accommodation may be obtained.

Despite the fact that the school authorities have made efforts to communicate these changes, reports indicate that many students still face a lot of uncertainty about how they will get accommodation, and avoid getting stranded.

There are various categories of hostel accommodations available at the University of Nigeria UNN, and generally speaking, the less expensive ones receive more patronage than the others. Students who want to get accommodation at the hostels in UNN should therefore be aware of the following:

UNN Hostel Fees & Accommodation Portal

The following amounts have been published by the school authorities of the University of Nigeria Nsuka as the UNN Hostel Fees: for the current academic session.

Hostels for Male Students cost: N12,000.00

Okeke Hostels (which have been recently renovated) for Female Students cost N20,000.

Okeke Hostels for male students cost 15,000.

Link Rooms And 2 Man Rooms cost N18,000.00 at the in Enugu Campus.

Important Things To Note About UNN Hostel Accommodation

As a student of UNN, the following are important because contravening any of the following may jeopardize your right to accommodation even after having paid the necessary fees.

There are only limited spaces for hostel accommodation at the University.

The accommodation at the hostels is allocated on a first come, first serve basis; so time is of the essence.

The university is obliged to provide accommodation to first year and final year students first, before other students are considered for accommodation. .

Special needs students are given 30% of the accommodations. When applying for accommodation, if the student is physically challenged it is a good idea to state it as that could significantly improve one’s chances of getting the accommodation.

All Nursing Mothers must notify the authorities in their application. That will help them make the necessary arrangements to avoid problems.

First year students get 40% of the total accommodation, because they are new in town, and unfamiliar with the terrain. Final year students are assigned 30% as well.

Please remember that the hostel rooms are issued to you, and not all your friends. Therefore, you are permitted to stay alone in a room or be two persons in a room.

The hostels do not permit squatting; squatters will be evicted.

Late return to the hostel at night will be investigated, and can result in eviction.

Smoking, Drinking of Alcohol, and Stealing in the hostel will result in eviction.

Fighting and quarreling at the hostel is not allowed; students who do so will be evicted.

The university does not permit the use of hotplates, electric boiling ring, refrigerator, gas cooker and so on.

The use of generator sets on hostel premises is not allowed.

Unruly conduct such as Pouring of water in undesignated places, Defecating and bathing at undesignated places, and defacing of Hostel walls with graffiti, bills, posters and any document, will attract serious consequences.

In order to get the accommodation, students must have met the following requirements:

Students must have paid all school fees till date.

Students must have registered all courses online till date.

Students must have been issued with student ID cards, or at least have been successfully captured.

Students must also have the University student email address.

All hostel accommodation invoices are valid for only three days after they are generated; therefore, students who do not pay online within that window will lose the allocated rooms, and they will be issued to other students.

UNN Accommodation Portal; And How To Apply

The accommodation portal for UNN is: .

The portal is very simple; when you land on the page it shows two places to enter information; the top box says Matric Number, while the bottom box says School Fees RRR.

At the top box you can just go ahead and enter your matric number, but at the second box you would need to have paid your school fees online via Remita, and then input your Remita Number.

If you have not already paid your school fees, you need to make the payment, and then input the Remita Number.

The above is the newer and quicker way of applying for accommodation at UNN; if you encounter any difficulties you may revert to the old way of doing it.

Old Method To Apply For Hostel:

Firstly, make sure you have paid your school fees. After paying the fees, follow the procedures below;

Visit UNN Student Portal; › student-portal

Enter your Matric/JAMB registration number and password. If you are a new student, make sure you have created your student’s profile and also that you have paid your acceptance fee.

Click on hostel. The system will show the various hostels. You can then select the hostel you want to apply at which you want to apply for accommodation.

Take a step further by selecting the room number you want.

To make the selection process easier; please note that Bello Hall is reserved for only pharmacy students. Also note that Corner A, B, C, D are also reserved for final year, third year, second year and first year respectively. So only apply for the corners that you are eligible for.

After that you can click on apply. An invoice is generated on your screen. You can print it and take it to the bank to make payment, or you can pay immediately using your ATM Card.

After that you can return to the portal and Click on Hostel Allocation. Then enter your Remita Retrieval Reference number, then submit and print receipt.

Please note that if the payment is not made within 3 days, the allocation will be cancelled and given to someone else.