Top 10 Best Mobile Online Loans In Kenya 2022

All over Africa, mobile loan apps are taking over. The best mobile online loans in Kenya are companies that have gained the most market share in the Kenyan market due to their reliable services, extensive marketing, and general acceptance by the people.

The idea to bring financial services directly to people’s mobile phones has been a great one; this is because more people use mobile phones than any other electronic gadgets such as radios, TVs, and so on. In Kenya, active mobile subscriptions were 46.6 million, while the full population of the country is estimated at 53.7 million.

Mobile loan apps are the best way to reach the people directly with financial services; which is exactly what the following companies have done.

Top 10 Best Online Loans In Kenya 2022

1. Branch Loan App

The Branch Loan App is a product of Branch International; a lending company with a presence in several countries. The Branch Loan app came to Kenya in 2015, and it also has branches in Tanzania, Nigeria, Mexico and India. Branch has been in the Kenyan market for a long time, and has established itself as a sure source of money whenever the need arises.

Branch Loan App can give a user loans of up to KES 70,000. A major benefit of this app is that the approval process is quite fast; many people have been able to avert serious problems by apply for a loan from Branch, and receiving it within minutes. To get a loan from Branch you just have to download the app from Google Play. After installing the app there is an option to sign in via Facebook.

You can do so, or you enter your details manually by tapping the sign up button. After reviewing your details the company will decide if you qualify for a loan. You can apply for a loan; manually inputting the amount you need; and if it is approved you will get it within minutes. The money will be received through M-Pesa.

2. Tala Loan

Tala Loan app is no doubt one of the best and most trusted mobile loan apps in Kenya. Tala Loan is also very quick and convenient; it actually started in Kenya, but has grown to the Philippines, Mexico, and India. Tala App has over 5 Million downloads on the Google store; it has a solid share of the Kenyan market.

According to Tala’s marketing, the company can disburse loans of up to KSH30,000 in five minutes, starting at 4% interest. What that actually means is that KSH30,000 is the maximum amount you can borrow, and 4% is the minimum interest you will be charged. You will likely need to start with something smaller; KSH2,000 for example, and then work your way up. When you do, you will probably be charged more than 4% interest.

But one thing stands out; the speed of the approval. People can get their loans approved in 5 minutes.

The procedure is the same; download the Tala App; install it, and create an account. After that you can apply for your first loan, and get it via Pesa in a matter of minutes.

3. Timiza Loan

Timiza Loan is an online Mobile money app that was created by Absa group- one of the country’s biggest banking institutions. Timiza Loan is therefore one of the big loan app that is actually Kenyan, and that is actually owned by a bank. But notwithstanding, Timiza Loan is very successful; it is fast for approval of loans, and with over 5 million users, it has a solid footing in the Kenyan market.

Even though the app was created by Absa, the service is not limited to ABSA customers. As with other loan apps, you just need to go to Google Playstore, install it, and sign up by putting in your details. The registration process also includes putting your M-Pesa, and a pin which will be sent to your mobile phone.

Timiza loans have a repayment period of 30 days, and one the maximum one can borrow is KES 150,000. Timiza Loan app can also help you manage your account if you have one with ABSA.

4. Mshwari

Mshwari is another product from Safaricom. However, it seems like the major purpose of this product is to help customers save money, rather than spend it. According to Safaricom, this service helps users save as little as 1KSH, and get credit starting from KSH1000.

With this service one can earn up to 6.3% per year on one’s saving balance. One can plan his finances and then save for a fixed period of time.

Mshwari also gives you the opportunity to get up to KSH1 Million, and to pay for other Safaricom services such as voice and data. When you take out a loan through Mshwari the money is credited to your M-pesa account.

5. KCB M-Pesa

KCB M-PESA loan is a mobile loan service or app which was created by a partnership between the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) and Safaricom’s M-PESA. It is just like any other loan app which you can download from google playstore. If you are a Safaricom user then you may not even need to download anything because it is already on your SIM toolkit, or on your MySafaricom app.

If you have the M-PESA app you can also get the loan from there as well. The KCB M-Pesa loan is quite popular; of course it should be, because it was co-created by Safaricom; Kenya’s biggest mobile network service provider.

If you are signing in with Safaricom’s default apps, you do not even need go through the pains of registering. You can just go ahead and apply for the loan you want, and the system will decide if you qualify. You will get the money credited to your M-Pesa account, from where you can get cash.

6.  HF Whizz Loan

The HF Whizz Loan app is another very popular loan app in Kenya. It has over 100k downloads, and quite a good rating on the platform, meaning that people are quite satisfied with its performance.

HF Whizz Loan is also designed like a proper banking app; it is not just for borrowing money, but also for managing one’s finances. You can do all the things you want to do with money; saving money on the app, paying for goods directly from your HF account, buy airtime, money transfer, and of course apply for loans.

HF Whizz Loan has a minimum loan of KSH1000, and a maximum of KSH50,000. The approval time is also quite good; people get loans on this app in a matter of minutes.

7. Okash Loan

The Okash Loan app is one of the loan apps that have risen to popularity in Kenya. The service is also available in Nigeria, and India. The company behind the Okash is Opera also offers other services aside from just borrowing money. You can transfer money to family and friends, pay for purchases, and pay bills, as well as buy airtime.

The Loan App is quite popular; it has a reasonable share of the money lending market in the country. The Okash Loan app offers between 1500 Kenya shillings and a maximum of 500,000 Kenyan shillings to its customers.

8. MCo-op Cash

MCo-op Cash is a loan application that serves a particular niche. This loan app was established by the co-operative bank of Kenya, in order to help it serve its customers. Mco-op Cash also offers one very important service; it allows the bank’s customers to get emergency loans.

This app also helps customers check their bank account balances and transfers cash from their MCo-op cash account to Mpesa. The purpose of a cooperative bank is to help its customers grow; the Mco-op app therefore helps its customers save, and grow their capital.

The loan app also allows customers to purchase airtime, and make some other small purchases. Mco-op Loan app is one of the best mobile online loan apps in Kenya; its maximum of 200,000 shillings loan is one of the biggest in the country.

9. Zenka Loan

Zenka Loan has done a lot of work to promote its services; and the investment has paid off. Zenka has around 1 million users, and is very popular in the country. It offers KSH500 as a minimum, and KSH30,000 as a maximum. As a marketing strategy the company offers its first loan to customers for free.

Zenka Loan also promises quick approval of loans; which is one of the reasons why it is popular.

In order to get your first loan from Zenka you just need to download the application, and then install it. After registration you can apply immediately for your first loan; and after repaying it on time you can request for bigger loans.

10. Eazzy Loan

Eazzy Loan is another very important loan service in Kenya; it is promoted by Equitel Mobile Communications, and Equity Bank. With promotion on those two significant platforms, it is expected that the service should get a good deal of the country’s market share of the loan business.

However, you need to have been an active subscriber/customer of either Equitel or Equity bank, within the last 6 months. The least available loan is KSH1,000 while the maximum is KSH3,000,000. The loans have between 1 to 36 Months tenure.

The loan is accessible if you have either the Equity Bank App or an Equitel Sim- it is in the toolkit.



The best mobile online loans in Kenya come in three forms; those that are promoted by loan companies, those that are created by banks, and those that are promoted by mobile telecom companies. These loan services have become quite popular in Kenya, and other countries; they are part of the digital trend.

Loan services should not be abused; one must remember that loans come with interest which means by taking a loan one agrees to pay more later for a smaller amount today. Abuse of loans could have serious consequences such as a bad credit rating; which could in turn cause serious loan applications to be denied.

Dependence on loans could also cost one his financial discipline; one would not be able to save, to plan his finances, and to make good investments for the future.