Top 10 Most Marketable Courses In Kenya 2020

2020 Most marketable courses in Kenya. Are you a fresh graduate from High School seeking for admission into a college? Are you confused about what course you want to study? Everyone wants to get advanced training in the tertiary institution in the course of their dreams. But, out of all the courses studied in the university and other equivalent institutions, there are some that are more marketable and well sought after. These courses tend to land you a job almost immediately when you graduate from the institution. It is important to note that as we pursue courses of our dreams we should also bear in mind those ones that are marketable. This article will provide information on the Marketable Courses in Kenya.


  1. Medicine and Surgery
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. Statistics
  4. Quantity Surveyor
  5. Software engineering
  6. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  7. Pharmacy
  8. Pilot
  9. Commerce / Chartered Financial Analysts
  10. Monitoring and Evaluation

So if you reside in Kenya or planning to study there, you can look up this list and pick any of the course that suit your personality. Without any further ado, join us as we discuss on the Most Marketable Courses In Kenya that you can opt for. The list is arranged base on how marketable they are in the country.

Top 10 Most Marketable Courses In Kenya
  • 1. Medicine and Surgery

First on our list of the most Marketable Course in Kenya is Medicine. Definitely, this is a marketable course in Kenya and it is one of the jobs that cannot be looked over because of its importance bearing in mind “a healthy nation is a wealthy nation”. Though it is getting competitive you are sure to get a job almost as soon as you are graduating from school. Even if you can’t get a job you sure can open your own private hospital or clinic as far as you have your license. A doctor or surgeon earns a monthly salary of approximately Ksh 210,000, thus, the salary increases as the years of experience increases.

  • 2. Civil Engineering

Kenya is a country developing and embarking on a lot of projects (building, roads, rail, etc.) to avail the nation with all needed infrastructure. A civil engineer cannot be done without and the or services are highly required because of the rapid infrastructural growth in Kenya. Civil engineers are the ones that plan, design and oversee construction as well as the maintenance of building structures and infrastructure, such as roads, railways, airports, bridges, harbors, dams, irrigation, power plants, and water and sewerage systems. It takes five years to complete this course and aside been employed by the government or private organization you can start your own company too.

  • 3. Statistics

No firm or organization that does not need a statistician especially in Kenya where the necessity for these professionals has been on the rise. Graduates from this course are called statistician and their duty is to collect and gather numerical data and displays it, helping organizations to make sense of quantitative data and to spot trends and make predictions. Typical responsibilities of the job include the designing of data acquisition trials. A statistician in Kenya earns an average of ksh 75,000 monthly. More so, a statistician can venture or diversify as well into other fields like demographer, data analyst, financial analyst, accountant, actuary or Monitoring & Evaluation Expert.

  • 4. Quantity Surveyor

This is a rising course in Kenya and it has a minimum number of persons possessing qualifications in this course. Presently it is one of the vastly sought after job in Kenya and does not have many persons having a qualification in this course and for this reason graduates in this course are absorbed quickly into government and private firms. Quantity surveyor goes almost hand in hand with civil engineering. Their job description includes Conducting feasibility studies to estimate materials, time and labor costs, preparing, negotiating and analyzing costs for tenders and contracts as well as Coordination of work effort. Quantity surveyor takes 4 to 5 years to study. You can as well have your own firm if you want to be a sole enterprise.

  • 5. Software Engineering

The increase in the consumption of the internet, social media, and mobile applications has provided opportunities for software engineers. Software engineering has come to stay and is very important. Software engineers job description is to create, maintain, audit and improve systems to meet particular needs, create and manage websites for major companies. They also serve as a system analyst or architect, testing both hard and software systems to diagnose and resolve system faults. A software engineer can fit into any organization because of the nature of their job and they earn Ksh200,000. You can also work in private organization, NGOs or you can have your own organization too.

  • 6. Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Next is on our list of the Most Marketable Course in Kenya is Electrical and Electronics and it takes about 4 years to study this course and have your degree. Over the years, the Electrical and electronics engineering course has been one of the marketable course in Kenya till date. The function of an electrical electronic engineer is to design, develop, test, and supervise the manufacturing of electrical equipment, such as radar, electric motors and navigation systems, communications systems, or power generation equipment. An electrical Engineer can start earning over Ksh150,000 in a month or preferably start his own organization.

  • 7. Pharmacy

The pharmacy cannot be undermined when it comes to the selection of a Most Marketable course in Kenya. Pharmacy course is a marketable course as well because of its relevance and importance in the healthcare industry. The pharmacist is drug administers and also manufacture drugs as well. This course takes 5 years to study and trust me you don’t need to job hunt for long before you gain employment. More so pharmacists oversee the medicines supply chain and ensure pharmacy premises and systems are fit for its purpose, they advise other healthcare professionals about safe and effective medicines use, and safe and secure supply of medicines, respond to patients’ symptoms and advise on medicines for sale in pharmacies.

  • 8. Pilot

This course cannot be undermined and have produced a few professionals, the reason is that of the high cost (about Ksh 5 million) in studying the course. It takes 3-4 years to study the course in Kenya and once you graduate from this course you are able to gain employment due to the high demand of professional pilots. As of 2018, it was by far the most marketable course in Kenya. A pilot is responsible for the operation (flying) of the aircraft, ensures the safety of the passengers and crew members, and makes all flight decisions once in the air. Their principal duty of a pilot, however, is the safety of the plane and passengers. Pilots are said to earn almost Ksh 3 million as a monthly salary.

  • 9. Commerce / Chartered Financial Analyst

Undoubtedly one of the courses that are highly marketable in Kenya. The necessity of this course cannot be undermined in the corporate industry because of their knowledge in figures analysis especially when it concerns money. Though, one must just gain a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce but must pursue other professional courses such as CPA/CFA/ACCA/CIFA so as to be highly potential for any job opening. A graduate in this course function as expertise in quantitative methods, investments analysis, economics, financial reporting, and portfolio management. Most important it when it comes to investment a CFA is highly knowledgeable in such matters. The salary range for these professionals begins from Ksh 200,000.

  • 10. Monitoring and Evaluation

Last on our list is Monitoring and evaluation; The Non-governmental organizations mostly require the services of Monitoring and Evaluation officer. This course is also marketable due to the presence of NGOs in the country. The Monitoring and Evaluation job description is to help improve performance in ongoing projects or programs and achieve results beating in mind to improve current and future management of outputs, outcomes, and impact. Majorly the M&E is pursued as a postgraduate course; an M$E professional earns Ksh 180, 000 monthly. The demand form Monitoring and Evaluation graduate is on the increase in Kenya because of the presence of many NGOs.


Conclusion on Top 10 Most Marketable Courses In Kenya 2020

There you have the Top 10 Most Marketable Courses In Kenya. One important thing to note about the courses listed above is that you can establish your own organization if you don’t want to take up a job, while you have a job or after you retire. It is the joy of every student to be engaged or to be employed immediately they graduate from the university. You have to make your finding on every course before you go for it bearing in mind the importance to opt for courses that are marketable and lucrative rather than courses that are less marketable and not lucrative. Not just passion drives people to study the course they do but how lucrative it is and how marketable is the course.

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