Top 10 Highly Demanding Courses In Kenya 2020

List of the most highly demanding courses in Kenya for 2020. Every academic environment has courses that are deemed to be difficult to master, or highly demanding for the student population to conquer. This may be as a result of various social or economic factors which may then have a chain effect on the depth of expertise of the teaching staff, and then on the learning capacity of the students.

In this post we want to look at Kenya as a case study. In this post we look at Kenya as a learning environment, and highlight some of the courses that have proven through analyzed statistics to be highly demanding for the students in terms of performances. We have titled the post: Top 10 Highly Demanding Courses in Kenya. Enjoy!

Top 10 Highly Demanding Courses In Kenya 2020

  • 1. Economics and Statistics

This course surprisingly tops the list because even though other African countries find it less challenging, the same cannot be said about Kenya. The course is one of the most difficult to study in Kenya. It consists of huge computations that include calculus, mathematics, statistics, financial accounting, and other theoretical courses. Well, economics prepares a person to handle the finances, not just of his own person, but of public ownership, and so, it is not surprising that this course should not be a stroll in the park. Nevertheless, if a person is mentally endowed, and so committed, it is very possible.

  • 2. Medicine and surgery

The study of Medicine and surgery empowers a person to save lives through medical practice. No doubt, you understand that it is a very important field of study that should naturally have some of the most stringent bureaucratic procedures before a person can scale through. For instance; it takes at least 6 years of hard study in Kenya to be certified. Furthermore, a person needs an overall grade A or at least C including mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, and English. An impressive result at secondary school level does not even guarantee a person admission to study medicine, he will still need to be interviewed by a panel to show his attentiveness, and mental abilities. After being offered admission he will then need to show great work ethic and personal sacrifice in order to scale through. It just has to be so. Otherwise we will have doctors that kill more patients than the successfully treat. 

Highly Demanding Courses in Kenya
  • 3. Pharmacy

In the study of pharmacy you study how different medicinal chemicals interact with the human body. No doubt you understand why this field of medicine is important because all it takes is a moment of lack of concentration, and a pharmacist can poison a patient, killing him, instead of saving his life. This course of study takes between 6 to 8 years to complete in Kenya, and one has to scale through a similarly stringent admission procedure in order to gain qualify. Then a person needs to show a great seal of dedication, and effort. Lectures are not to be skipped, and texts and exams must be thoroughly defeated.

  • 4. Telecommunications and Information Engineering

Engineering courses are not easy, generally, but telecommunication and information technology is especially difficult in the context of Kenya. It takes a longer time and demands a lot of diligence and hard work. In Kenya this course is ranked as one of the absolute toughest, and most challenging- academically speaking- because only the brightest students take it on, and excel. There are numerous side courses to pass through in order to prove oneself fit to accreditation in this field.

  • 5. Aeronautical Science/Engineering

In aeronautical engineering you learn the design, composition, maintenance, and disposal of aircraft, aircraft equipment, and the associated services that are used in the aviation industry. Lives are literally in your hands because once a plane takes to the air it cannot just stop for repairs. Therefore the person who checks and certifies a plane good for take-off must be absolutely sure about what he is doing. In order to guarantee maximum safety therefore, it is very important to make sure that aeronautical engineers are highly trained personnel. That is why there is such stringent qualification process, in which passing the secondary exams with flying colors alone cannot guarantee admission. The study includes the everyday use of computerized equipment, and demands extra effort to scale through.

  • 6. Actuarial Science

Actuarial science is all about the study of risk. This is important because a social event in one country can mean the annihilation of the economy in another country. An example is the 2009 financial crises in America which resulted in an economic meltdown all over the world, including Africa. Professionals in this field of work must analyze future financial events before they happen, so as to save his principals from financial loses. It is therefore not surprising that a field of study like this should accept only the brightest students they can find, as this is the only way to ensure that the best hands are taken for the job. Furthermore, the process of acquiring the skills and work ethic that can help a person excel in this field is quite long and tedious. Students are trained to analyze a big load of financial data, preparing them for a brutal working experience.

  • 7. Mathematics And Computer Science

This is a joint degree that is a combination of two individual disciplines that are tough by their own right. A person who finishes this course of study will be proficient in handling great mathematical problems with absolute ease. He will also be able to create computer applications to solve computational issues. A person who wishes to excel in this field must put in great effort, to understand deeply the course, and also the practical applications.

  • 8. Accountancy (CPA & CFA)

Accountancy is next on the list as a rather tough skill to master. This is because you need to have the head for mathematics, as well as the understanding of the financial applications of numerical values. Students who are not naturally good with numbers usually find this course of study to be beyond them, while those with good knowledge of numbers still have to put in the effort to succeed. 

  • 9. Architecture And Building Construction

This is an extremely important field of study because houses that eventually collapse do not always immediately appear to be faulty. It is therefore important that the builder has passed through all the industry best practices while putting up the structure. Therefore, students are made to pass through long hours of tough study courses and to show themselves proficient. They have to prove themselves creative, design savvy, and willing to learn.

  • 10. Dental Surgery

Dental surgery is a branch of medicine that deals with the teeth. As with other branches of medicine, it requires good attention as well dedication. A dental surgeon handles any issues relating to diseases or conditions affecting the oral cavity, dentition, facial tissues and so on. This work involves the use of medicines, surgical equipment, and anesthetics. Wrongly done, it could result in fatalities.

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