Top 10 Best Colleges In Kenya 2020, Education is a process of passing down knowledge from the older generation to the younger generation. An improvement in this process is the research and development that takes place at the various colleges, universities and institutes scattered around the world, working tirelessly to bring more light on already existing knowledge. 

In this post we want to look at the colleges that exist in Kenya, empowering the student population with specialized learning options, as well as doing their part to further the scope of what we already know, and teaching us knew things. We now want to beam our spotlight on the Top 10 Best Colleges in Kenya.

Top 10 Best Colleges In Kenya 2020

  • 1. Kenya Medical Training College 

This is the number one institute for the training of health professionals in Kenya. The school was established in 1927 to offer mid-level health training and retraining services. The school has grown from strength to strength since after independence, and has now become the school where everybody who wants to have a career in health services delivery wants to get his training. The school has grown into monstrous proportions, with sixty five constituent colleges, and a vast number of researchers on call. The institution is like a factory that produces competent health experts, adding to the depth of technical capacity when it comes to the health sector in Kenya.

  • 2. Kenya School Of Monetary Studies 

The Kenya school of monetary studies was established in 1990’s by the effort of the central bank of Kenya. This was necessary to bridge the capacity gap that existed back then in the financial sector. The school has since then worked to train and retrain personnel in the banking sector, giving them the necessary skills in financial management, economic planning. Today, the school of monetary studies now works with the central bank monetary policy operations to research details necessary for policy formulation. The school also partners with Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, and also Moi University to offer customized post graduate programs. 

Best Colleges In Kenya
  • 3. Kenya Institute Of Management 

The Kenya institute of management is a tested and trusted institution of learning. The school has built a reputation for offering the best quality training in business management, including other related aspects like personnel management, and customer relations. This is where you meet the brightest business consultants in the land, mentoring the younger generation, teaching them integrity, competitiveness, and building enduring brand identity. The school also has tailor-made programs for graduates from other institutions of learning, who wish to broaden the scope of the knowledge.

  • 4. Machakos University College 

Machakos started out as a rural technical training school in 1957. The school has since grown into an important citadel of learning in the whole of Kenya. The school now offers various certificates, diploma courses, as well as bachelor degree programs in engineering and technology, agriculture, social sciences, education, and applied sciences. The school was made a university in 2011, and now has a student population in excess of 6000.

  • 5. The Cooperative College Of Kenya 

The cooperative college of Kenya was founded in 1967, and is the pioneer institution that offers training on the development and management of cooperatives. This school offers rural transformation as a degree course, as well as community development, information and communication technology, applied sciences and business. The school also offers diploma, certificates courses as well. This is the ideal place study courses relating to social development, rural finance, and micro finance. There is also a standard e learning platform designed for those who cannot access their campuses.

  • 6. Kenya Utali College 

Kenya Utali College is the number one place for studying catering, or hospitality management in Kenya. Utali is an ancient Kenyan delicacy, and the institute is aptly named after this dish. The Kenya Utali College was founded in 1975, and is a member of the International Association of Hotel Schools. It is one of the only 3 such institutions in Africa. The school does not just teach students how to make utali, it teaches them all about catering, restaurant business, hotel management, tourism, and hospitality. In order to offer world class training, the school has collaborated with several institutions across the world, such as Makerere University of Uganda, Manchester Metropolitan University in THE UK, Livingstone International University of Tourism Excellence And Business Management.

  •  7. Kenya Institute Of Mass Communication

Kenya institute of mass communication offers the specialized education that turns students into proficient and capable professionals in journalism, as well as television and radio broadcasting. The school was started in 1961, to train technicians and engineers in the only TV station at the time. Today that school has grown into the premier place of training for writers, and on air personalities in Kenya. The school even attracts international students from Rwanda, Gambia, Somalia, and Sudan, among other countries.

  • 8. Institute Of Advanced Technology 

The institute of advanced technology is the country’s place to go for learning in the field of information and technology. The school is a citadel of learning excellence for computer sciences, information technology, general ICT knowledge. The school is a certified Microsoft partner, and partners with Maseno University for some of its programs. Students of the school number over 25,000. They receive personalized attention, helping them develop thoroughly, but at a personal pace. The school is popular not just in Kenya, but in neighboring countries from where many students flock in to study.

  • 9. Kabete Polytechnic Training College 

This school was established in 1924, but has since undergone several stages of development as it has metamorphosed into the great citadel of learning that it is today. The school has been a place of learning, offering trade courses to students in primary school. Then it transformed into a national technical secondary school. In 1985, it became a technical training institute as per government decree. Today it is a polytechnic offering technical courses in electronics, engineering, business as well as carpentry.

  • 10. Tangaza University College

This is a catholic institution. The college was established in 1986, and offers certificate, diploma, bachelors, and postgraduate programs in various courses. That is not all; the school offers education in a morally instructional environment, where students learn along with their courses genuine leadership skills, social responsibility, and work ethics, all in a godly and multicultural environment.

That’s all about the best colleges in Kenya 2020.


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