Top 10 Best National Schools In Kenya 2023

Of the more than five thousand secondary schools in Kenya, very few have distinguished themselves in terms of education. The best national schools in Kenya are therefore those that have earned a reputation over the years, and that continue to defend their antecedents with consistently good results at the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations.

As some of the most historic schools in the country, these schools have produced some great citizens of the country; leaders of thought, captains of industry, politicians, administrators, and legal luminaries.

These schools instill high standards of education, as well as high expectations into their students; it is evident from their behavior, speech, and ethics that these young people have been trained to become achievers. They are brimming with ideas, and just cannot wait to get started with bringing them to life.

Top 10 Best National Schools In Kenya 2023

1. Kapsabet Boys

Kapsabet High School, also known as Kapsabet Boys, is a boys’ national school located in Kapsabet, which is about 40 kilometers from Eldoret. The school was founded in 1925 as the Government African School (GAS); which was mandated to cater to the educational needs of African students because at that time schools were segregated by the British.

Kapsabet High School has produced several very important personalities in Kenya; including Members of Parliament, Senators, Presidents, Governors, Deputy Presidents, and Sportsmen.

Kapsabet has consistently performed highly at the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations. The school is one the most highly sought after; with 70,921 applications. However, this school has a 0.6% admission rate- it seeks to admit only the best students.

The school now has a Primary school; Kapsabet High Primary School as it is called. However, the Primary School is not part of the core of Kapsabet High’s structure.

2. Kenya High School

Kenya High School is located in Kileleshwa suburb in Nairobi, Kenya. The school was established in 1908; at that time it was called the Kenya European Girls’ High School. After independence it was renamed to The Kenya High School. This school is mainly a boarding school, but also accepts day students depending on the specific circumstances surrounding the individual student.

Kenya High School has produced distinguished individuals including: Human Rights Activists, Lawyers, Broadcasters, Journalists, Intelligence Officers, Anthropologists, Authors, Life Coaches, and so many more.

The school is known for upholding moral values, and for maintaining a high standard of education. Every year, the school enrolls about 1300 new students, from the several thousands of applications it receives.

3. Moi High School Kabarak

Moi High School-Kabarak is a private school, which was started in 1979. It is a boarding school for both boys and girls, and was founded by former President of Kenya Daniel Arap Moi. The school is located 20 km from Nakuru town, in Kenya’s Rift Valley Province. Interesting, the school is part of a larger academic community which includes Kabarak University and Kabarak Primary school.

Both former students and former teachers have gone on to achieve great things; Member of Parliament, Politician, Author, Lawyers. Some of them also became Sports Administrators, Mathematics Gurus, and so on.

The school is consistently a top performer at the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations, and that is where its fame comes from.

4. Mang’u High School

Mangu High School is a Roman Catholic National High School located in along the Nairobi-Thika Highway, in Kiambu County six kilometres (3.7 mi) from Thika, Kenya. The school was established in 1925, and is one of the most prestigious in the country.

Mangu High School admits bright students from financially challenged backgrounds. Much of its funding comes from donations from the government, private individuals, and organizations.

Mangu High School has produced a former Cardinal of the Catholic Church, a President of Kenya, and several Vice Presidents. The school is one of the consistent performers at the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations. Mangu High School teaches Aviation, and also has a radio station operated by the students.

5. Alliance High School

The Alliance High School is a public national high school for boys located in Kikuyu, Kiambu, Kenya. It was established in 1926 by the Alliance of Protestant Churches who stood against the British government whose policy was to deny opportunities for education for Africans.

Some of the Missionaries who came together to start this school include the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, Church of the Province of Kenya, African Inland Church (AIC), Methodist Church, and the Friends Church (Quakers).

Alliance High School has consistently ranked among some of the best performers at the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations.

6. St Brigid’s Girls Kiminini

St Brigid’s Girls Kiminini is located in Saboti constituency, Trans Nzoia County; Rift Valley Region. St Brigids is a Public School, one that caters to girls, as a boarding school. This school also has a history of starting out as a missionary school; the missionaries saw the need to provide education for the girl child, hence its establishment.

St Brigid’s Girls Kiminini takes in nearly 200 students every year, and is a favorite place of learning. The school has maintained a history of posting very good results at the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations.

7. Kagumo High School

Kagumo High School is a boy’s national secondary school located at Kagumo near Karatina on the Nyeri-Nanyuki road in Kenya. The school was established in January 1933 as a primary school at Gatitu, but by the philanthropy of Chief Wambugu who generously donated land, the school was relocated to its present location.

Kagumo High School was established to cater to African students because they were excluded from white schools at the time. The school’s exceptional performance has always made it a top choice for many students. It has thousands of applications every year, and presently has a student population of about 1200.

8. Friend’s School Kamusinga

Friends School Kamusinga (FSK), popularly known as Kamu/Frischka, is a Kenyan Quaker national school. The school was established in 1956 by the Quakers who actively advocated the education of the African population. The school has become one of the prominent secondary schools in the country; it is one of the top national schools by total number of student applications.

Friends School Kamusinga (FSK) is one of the top performers at the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations. Aside from that, the school has also been a giant in the area of sports.

The school has produced several notable personalities in business, politics, creative arts, sports, and engineering.

9. Moi Girls Eldoret

Moi Girls’ High School is located in Eldoret; just outside CBD of Eldoret. It was established in 1928, and is one of the most sought after institution for admissions. This is a prestigious boarding school; one of the national girls schools which a very good history over the years.

At the time of its founding; it was for European children- the school catered to the children of colonialists, and businessmen from Europe who had come to explore business opportunities such as commerce, mining and trade.

Moi Girls School has consistently performed at the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations, and the school has produced many notable alumni.

10. Mary Hill Girls High School

Mary Hill Girls High School was established in 1933 by the Catholic Church. It is located in Thika, Kenya. The school was established because at the time of its founding girls were not given much education. This school therefore made it possible for parents to safely send their girl children to school with added financial burden.

The school is noted for academic excellence and for moral instruction. The school has consistently performed well at the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations.



The top national schools in Kenya are mostly old and well established places of learning. Many of these schools have already created incredible records since the early days of their formation; the current students only have to ensure that they keep up the good work done by their predecessors.