Top 10 Best National Schools In Kenya 2020

Ranking of the best national schools in Kenya. National schools are very important because they are a direct involvement of the highest level of government in post tertiary education. Even if all else can fail, it is absolutely necessary that the national schools continue to thrive and grow, because they are the last vestige of education for the people. They do not just serve as a barrier, saving the education system from falling apart, but in every society, national schools are the pride, or the public school system. They shine as beacons reminding the other public schools of what a school could be, and should aspire to be.

In this post we want to narrow down our search lights to the national schools in Kenya that have been doing their jobs remarkably well. This means being  shining examples of academic excellence, and also producing students that stand out among their peers, going on to become notable members of society, adding value to the nation, and to humanity in general.

Let us now, without any further ado, go straight to the top 10 best national schools in Kenya. 

Top 10 Best National Schools In Kenya 2020

  • 1. Kenya high school (All Girls)

Kenya high school was once called European girls high school, as the purpose for which it was established was to provide education to the children of the colonialists, as well as other European nationals who lived and worked in Kenya at the time. The school was established in 1908. The school was later renamed to Kenya high school, after the country gained independence. Today, it is one of the most prestigious centers of learning in the country. This school has continued to lead the way when it comes to academic excellence, with superb performances at the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education KCSE examinations. If you have a girl child, this is probably where you want her to be. 

  • 2. Kapsabet high school (ALL BOYS)

Kapsabet high school is another important citadel of learning. This school was established in 1925, and is located in Nandi County, which is about 40 km away from Eldoret. This school ranks highly, not just on our list, but on the lists of every well informed person watching the progress of the education system in Kenya. The school has consistently performed as one of the best schools at the KCSE. As a matter of fact the school has been one of the best performing national schools in Kenya over the last 10 years. Such is their consistency.

  • 3.  Alliance high school

Alliance high school is another one of the best schools in Kenya. This is another ancient school (founded in 1926) that has continued to rank highly in every notable ranking system. The school is located in Kiambu County, within the Nairobi Metropolitan Region, in Kenya. This school has the distinction of being the first secondary school in Kenya to cater to black children. Over the years, the school has produced some very important personalities in Kenya, and every year it continues to perform highly in the KCSE exams. This is probably where you want to put your children if you live within reasonable distance of Kiambu, in Nairobi, Kenya. 

  • 4. Alliance Girls High School

Alliance girls secondary school is the sister school to alliance high school which we highlighted above. The school was founded in 1948, and is located in Kikuyu, Kiyambu, in Nairobi Kenya. The school is within walking distance of the alliance secondary school. This school is one of the consistent performers when it comes to the KCSE, and has gained a reputation for producing some of the sharpest female minds in the whole of Kenya. 

  • 5. Maryhill Girls High School

Maryhill Girls’ High School was founded in 1933, making it one of the old school academies. The school which is located in Thika, Nairobi, Kenya. Has been a citadel of learning since its establishment, and continues so up till date. This school has produced some of the biggest career women in Kenya, and has steadily excelled at the KCSE examination, gaining accolade after accolade, and making a name for itself in Kenya. The school has also excelled in extra curricula activities such as music competitions, cultural displays, acting and drama, and so on. Apart from that, the school was founded on the values of the Catholic Church, so students are educated on the basis of a good moral foundation. 

  • 6. Mangu high school

Mang’u High School is a mixed sex secondary school which was established in 1925. The school is  located in Kiambu County, along the Nairobi-Thika Highway. The school was built by the Roman Catholic church missionaries who saw the need for a school to help the local population understand the faith, and take care of themselves. The school has continued to excel in academic activity, and is one of the most highly rated public schools in Kenya. The school is proud to show off its track record of consistently laudable performances in the KCSE.  You have a girl child and live around the Thika axis, you want to check out this school.

  • 7. Pangani Girls High School

Pangani Girls High School is a national secondary school for girls that is located along Juga road, in Nairobi, Kenya. The school has quite an ancient history, but was named Pangani Girls High School in the year 1963, that is just after the country received independence. The school has produced many high profile individuals in Kenya, and has a very active alumni association. This is one of the grandest schools a girl child can attend in South Africa. If you live around the Juga axis, you should enroll your children here.

  • 8. Nakaru Girls High School

Nakuru Girls High School is a girls only public national boarding secondary school which is located in Nakuru, Kenya. The school was established in 1922 when the white settlers put together the school for their children to learn the basics. That small school has now become a great place of learning in Kenya, producing very intelligent people, and consistently doing well at the KCSE. 

  • 9. Loreto High School, Limuru

Loreto High School Limuru is a national government all girls’ School located in Karambaini, in the highlands of Limuru, Kiambu County, in Central Kenya. The school is a reasonable commuting distance from the capital city of Nairobi, Kenya. (It is approximately 28 kilometres away). The school was established in 1936.  This school has established itself among the very best schools in the country through very good results at the national examinations.

  • 10. St. Brigids Girls High School, Kiminini

St. Brigids Girls High School, Kiminini is a national girls secondary school, which is located in Kitale, Kakamega Rd, Kiminini, Kenya. The school earns its place among the highest echelon of schools not only in the public category, but in any category at all. The school is a great place of learning, as evidenced by consistent results in the national exams. If you are living in the Kiminini area, then you school definitely check out this school for your girl child.  


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