Top 10 Richest Kids In Dubai (2023)

Dubai being the most populous country in the United Arab Emirates and the Capital city of the Emirate of Dubai, Dubai is one of the few countries in the World that houses numerous numbers of wealthy individuals.

In addition, they also have a handful of wealthy kids in the country. But which kids occupy the first ten positions in the list of richest kids in Dubai? They include: 

Top 10 Richest Kids In Dubai

1. Rasheed Saif Belhasa

The richest kid in Dubai is Rasheed Saif Belhasa. Born into a very rich family, he is a well-known i9n Dubai that has grown in opulence. It is estimated that he earns an average monthly income of about $524 to $8.4k. His father named Saif Ahmed Belhasa is estimated to have a net worth of over $2 billion and this has expanded into the wealth bag of Rasheed too. He is known for hosting numerous comedians and celebrities in his home. Despite the accumulated wealth, he has an overall humble behavior and this makes him more adorable to many people.

2. Else Adelia

Else Adelia is the second wealthiest Dubai kid. Being a well-respected and renowned fashion designer, she is known for slowly redefining the fashion industry of the country. It is also a known fact in the country that she is one of the few entrepreneurs that proffer solutions to people’s problems, thereby making life easier for them. Hence during the process, she has accumulated enough wealth to occupy a spot in the list of richest kids in Dubai. 

3. Kara Murray

Occupying the third spot in the list of richest kids in Dubai is Kara Murray. Being a fashion blogger, Kara Murray is a popular blogger that is known for providing people with up-to-date information about fashion designs. She is also known to be an expensive individual as she has an Instagram page where she flaunts her blog and her expensive things.

4. Dnkdmr

Little information is known about the fourth richest regarding his real name. However, his Instagram page is named Dnkdmr7. Just like with many other rich kids in the country, he is also known to be living quite expensive life. He has been seen on many occasions where he sings. Hence many people believe that he is also a singer that tries to entertain people with his God-given golden talent.

5. Aliyu Muhammed

The next kid on the list of the wealthiest kids in Dubai is Aliyu Muhammed. Being a video blogger, Aliyu Muhammed is also one of the most respected fashion enthusiasts in the country. Apart from accumulating numerous wealth over the past years, he is also a neat, rich, and classy individual as he has clearly showcased that on his numerous social media pages. In addition, he is also known for teaching people about dressing.

6. Mohammed Bin Ahmed

Popularly known as Maj, Mohammed Bin Ahmed is the sixth richest kid in Dubai. Being a friend to Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed, he is also well considered as a friend to the throne. Because of his close proximity to highly influential individuals in the country, he has been to numerous exclusive places including British Monarch Queen Elizabeth II. Therefore, this earned him a spot in the list of richest kids in Dubai as he has accumulated wealth over the past years.

7. Carla Dibello

Another female on the list is Carla Dibello. Being an embodiment of a modern woman, Carla is an epitome of a woman that is known for having a vision that is geared towards a better working environment for other women despite the huge male dominance in the country. She is also a contributor to an Arabian magazine named Harper’s Bazaar where she publishes ope’ ds, lifestyle pieces, and content. Most of her articles are known for targeting the goal of empowering women in the country. In addition, she is a very good friend of Kim Kardashian and has made a positive influence in the United Arab Emirates through her popularity and contribution to the magazine.

8. Camilla Jacobson

Camilla Jacobson, being a well-known sophisticated model, Camilla Jacobson is a TV presenter, blogger, and brand ambassador who has made numerous impacts and carved a niche for herself in the fashion industry. In addition, she also boasts of being a cover model for numerous high-ranking magazines like FHM and playboy.

9. Renee Farah

Renee Farah, being a TV Presenter, is known for having loyalty in the fashion and beauty industries. She also has a YouTube channel where she is known for sharing her exciting escapes with her numerous fans. Her hobbies include travelling and going on adventures. Being one of the rich kids in the country, she is also well known for having a lavish lifestyle.

10. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed

There is no way the prince of Dubai would have missed a spot on the list of the wealthiest kids in Dubai. He is the crown prince of Dubai and his father is currently the Vice president and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. In addition, he is also the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. Due to his numerous philanthropic acts, he is also known as Fazza which means ‘the one who helps’. He is also a well-educated and caring young kid in the country.

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Dubai is one of the few countries in the World known for having a growing economy. This economy is also known to be strengthened by the high number of public investments that happen due to the high numerous wealthy individuals, including kids.