Top 7 Richest Men In Denmark 2020

A list of Danish billionaires showing the current richest men in Denmark. Denmark is one of the countries in the World known for having numerous numbers of rich individuals. This is supported by the fact that most of them occupy numerous spots in the Forbes list of the richest billionaires in the World.

However, who are the people occupying the top 10 positions in the list of richest men in Denmark? These people include the following; 

Top 7 Richest Men In Denmark

  • 1. Anders Holch Povlsen – Net Worth: $9.7 Billion

Topping the list of richest men in Denmark is Anders Holch Polvsen. Being the Chief Executive Officer and the owner of the international clothes retailing business, Anders is known to have inherited the company from his parents. His company known as Bestseller is also known for including brands including Vero Moda, Jack & Jones, and a host of others.  Also, the company is the largest shareholder in which is a British Internet Clothes retailer and also the second-largest shareholder in a German internet clothes retailer known as Zalando.


  • 2. Niels Peter Louis-Hansen – Net Worth: $8.5 Billion

The second richest man in Denmark is Niels Peter Louis-Hansen. Being a well known and respected man in the country, he is the deputy chairman of a large Danish Healthcare Company known as Coloplast. The company is known for providing medical devices and services in the fields of continence, urology, and colostomy. It is a known fact in the country that the company was founded by his father in the year 1957. Also, Hansen is the largest shareholder in ViroGates which is a blood-testing company located in Denmark.


  • 3. Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen – Net Worth: $6.3 Billion

The next man on the list is Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen. Being a member of the LEGO Family, he is a former Chief Executive Officer and President of the Lego Group. As a kid, reports from family have shown that he often inspired and tested new model concepts coupled with their building constructions. As a well-respected individual in the country, he has appeared on numerous companies’ packaging and marketing materials. Lego Group greatly felt his impacts when he was a president as he introduced numerous novelties including themes, mini-figures, LEGO.COM, and numerous licensed properties. 


  • 4. Thomas Kirk Kristiansen – Net Worth: $6.3 Billion

Thomas Kirk Kristiansen is the fourth richest man in Denmark. Being a member of the Lego Family, he is the chairman of the Lego Foundation. The foundation is known for being managed by a board of directors composed of 6 members who are elected by its charter. The responsibility of the board includes approving the strategy of the foundation and make strategic decisions about how the foundation directs its usage of resources. He has stakes in numerous organizations including Merlin Entertainment, real estate, and wild farm. He is also the owner of Madame Tussaud.  Thomas is also the deputy chairman of Lego which is the largest toymakers in Europe.


  • 5. Lars Kristinus Larsen – Net Worth: $4.5 Billion

Being the founder and owner of the Jysk Retail Chain, Lars Kristinus Larsen is the fifth richest man in Denmark. Apart from accumulating wealth over the past years, he is also a well known and respected author in the country. He published a book known as ’30 years with Jysk’. One unique act he did was that he mailed a free copy to all households in the country. Hence, the book made it to the top of the list of the most popular books in the country. 


  • 6. Martin Møller Nielsen – Net Worth: $1.5 Billion

The fifth richest man in Denmark is Martin Møller Nielsen. Being a UK-based billionaire, Martin is the chairman of Nordic Aviation Capital. Having became certified at the age of 18, he is always considered as one of the most creative men in Denmark. At the age of 21, he bought a worn off aircraft, renovated it and sold it for a very large profit.  His aviation company currently has over 400 aircraft and has previously leased to over 30 regional airlines including Air Berlin and Etihad. Currently, he has one-third of his company as he already sold 67 percent to a private equity firm.


  • 7. Andre Kasprzak – Net Worth: $1.0 Billion

Having previously served in the Danish military and played professional golf in the Nordic league, Andre Kasprzak is the sixth richest man in Denmark. He went to a business school in Haderslev, Denmark to strengthen his business knowledge. Over the past years, he has been actively involved in ECCO’s activities. The company is widely known for its tremendous success recorded after a year of active service. The company was named the Footwear Company of the Year in 1994. 


Closing From

Most of the rich individuals in Denmark are known to be highly involved in entrepreneurship as most of them have occupied higher positions in the list of richest men in the World.