Top 7 Richest Men In Denmark (2023)

Denmark, in the northern reaches of Europe is a wealthy country; one not known for having ultra high net-worth individuals, but for having a high level of comfort and quality of life among its citizens. The richest men in Denmark are the exception to this long standing tradition; they have broken all existing protocols, and gotten rich beyond the cultural expectations of their country.

Sitting at the head of some of the country’s biggest companies and conglomerates, these are some of the biggest juggernauts of the Danish economy. Rather than bask in the pride and euphoria that comes with amassing this much wealth; they have worked to contribute to their country, and the world in general.

Denmark’s wealthiest citizens are involved in clothing, aviation, toy manufacture, and medical devices. Some of their businesses are world renown companies leading the market all over the world.

Top 10 Richest Men In Denmark 2023

1. Anders Holch Povlsen

Net Worth: USD 13.6 Billion

Industry: Fashion

Anders Holch Povlsen was born on 4th November 1972. He is a Danish billionaire businessman and investor, who is known for being the biggest in individual landowner in Britain. Anders Holch Povlsen maintains residency and citizenship in Denmark, but his businesses- his source of wealth is mostly in Britain where he is a big player in the economy.

Anders Povlsen is the CEO and sole owner of Bestseller; an international fashion chain which was founded by his parents. He also owns Vero Moda and Jack&Jones- two very popular clothing brands.

Aside from the above companies, he is also the controlling shareholder in the British internet based fashion retail brand ASOS, as well as the second-largest shareholder in the German internet clothing retailer Zalando.

Anders Povlsen has also spread his wealth into real estate; owns several landed properties including Castles, Villas, Farmlands, and Estates, some of which are in Scotland, Denmark, and Romania. He lives with his family in one of the Estates in Denmark. He has 4 children, and he lives a quiet life, out of the public eye.

2. Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen

Net worth: USD 8.2 Billion

Industry: Toys

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen was born on 27 December 1947. He is the current head of the Kristiansen clan- heirs to the world’s biggest toy company. Kleld Kirk Kristiansen is the grandson to the founder of the Lego toy company. He served as President and CEO of The Lego Group from 1979 to 2004.

Even as a child he was part of the company’s development; he often inspired and tested new toys in development by the company, and helped the development team create the building instructions which go with the toy packages.

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen also served as the face of the company; he was often on the company’s packages and marketing materials. Some of his achievements as LEGO CEO include introducing the LEGO figurines, and the company website, as well as the Lego Mindstorms and licensed properties.

3. Sofie Kirk Kristiansen

Net worth: USD 8.2 Billion

Industry: Toys

Sofie Kirk Kristiansen is the eldest daughter of Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, the former CEO of the LEGO Toy Company. She is a fourth generation owner of the Lego Group- the company started by her great-grandfather. Together with her father, brother and sister, she shares a 75% stake in the company.

The Kristiansen family fortune is held in a trust; but Sofie is an investor in her own right. She owns a large hunting lodge between Holsted and Hovborg in South Jutland, which is in Denmark.

Sofie Kirk Kristiansen is old money; she is extremely well connected. She is close personal friends with the Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark.

4. Thomas Kirk Kristiansen

Net worth: USD 8.2 Billion

Industry: Toys

Thomas Kirk Kristiansen is the brother of the Sofie Kristiansen. He too is a great grandchild of the founder of LEGO, and therefore a fourth generation owner of the company. His father is the former long time President and CEO of the company. Thomas Kirk Kristiansen shares a 75% stake in the company with his father and two sisters.

Even as a boy he was already favored heir to the throne of the company. He joined LEGO’s board of directors in 2007, and in 2016, he rose to deputy chairman of the company. He was appointed chairman of the company in 2020. He is also chairman of the LEGO Foundation.

5. Agnete Kirk Thinggaard

Net worth: USD 8.2 Billion

Industry: Toys

Agnete Kirk Thinggaard was born on 18 May 1983; she is the youngest daughter of Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, whose grandfather founded the LEGO Toy Company. She therefore shares a 75% stake in the company with her father, brother and sister. Her brother Thomas Kirk Kristiansen currently heads the company.

Despite coming from the wealthiest family in Denmark, Agnete Kirk Thinggaard has had a career of her own outside her family money. She is an equestrian; and an Olympic dressage rider.

Agnete Kirk Thinggaard is quite well known in her country; and she has also represented Denmark at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. She has also competed at two editions of the Dressage World Cup finals (in 2015 and 2016).

6. Niels Peter Louis-Hansen

Net worth: USD 7.2 Billion

Industry: Medical Supplies

Niels Peter Louis-Hansen was born 25 October 1947. He is a Danish billionaire businessman whose wealth is tied to Coloplast- the medical devices company built by his father Aage Louis-Hansen.

Niels Peter Louis – Hansen is the deputy chairman and major shareholder of Coloplast; which his father founded, and which went public back in 1983.

Niel Peter Louis-Hansen took his father’s place on the board when he died in 1966; which means he has contributed to the growth and development of the company for 57 years. His business holdings include; 20.7% of Coloplast, as well as 15.6% of Ambu.

7. Martin Møller Nielsen

Net worth: USD 1.3 Billion

Martin Moller Nielsen was born on August 1964. He is known as one of the richest men in Denmark; as the Chairman, Nordic Aviation Capital. He is presently based in the UK, from where he controls his Aviation Empire. Martin Moller is a self made billionaire; he founded NAC in Skive, Denmark in 1990.

The company grew as a freight and passenger aviation company; and in 2015 he sold a 67% stake of the company to equity firms EQT and Kirkbi. This move was to help him diversify his investments, while bringing in fresh investments.

The company has more than 275 aircraft, leased to 30 regional airlines some of which include Air Berlin and Etihad.

8. Benedict Find

Net worth: USD 1.1 Billion

Industry: Medical Supplies

Benedict Find is the daughter of Aage Louis-Hansen, the founder of Coloplast; Denmarks’ biggest maker of medical supplies. The company also offers medical services. Benedict Find holds a percentage of the company through the family trust; her brother Niels Peter Louis-Hansen runs the company.

9. Bent Jensen

Net worth: USD 1 Billion

Industry: Engineering Equipment

Bent Jensen was born on 1951. He is a Danish billionaire businessman; known as the owner and CEO of Linak, a Danish linear actuator manufacturing company. Bent Jensen comes from a long line of entrepreneurs; his grandfather founded Christian Jensen and Sons in 1907; the company initially produced pulleys, grinding mills and forges.

He took over the company in 1976 from his father, and at that time it had only 7 employees. He started making linear actuators in 1979, and the company has kept growing ever since.



The richest men in Denmark make up a small click of ultra high net worth individuals who contribute immensely to the Danish economy. These are very savvy business persons who have diversified their investments extremely well; buying up companies and properties in most of Europe.