Top 6 Best Water Parks In Lagos Nigeria 2022

Being a coastal city, Lagos is no stranger to water. But not everybody has the courage and the ability to brave large bodies of water, which is why the best water parks in Lagos offer residents and visitors alike the opportunity to safely enjoy recreational activities in and around water, with creatively designed water features.

Some of these water parks have water slides, swimming pools, and beautiful fountains. They welcome large numbers of people, some of whom come in to enjoy water games like water volleyball, swimming, ball racing, and so many other attractive games.

Aside from the beauty and serenity of the environment, a well-structured water park should also have safety features on hand so as to ensure that there are no casualties when the people are having fun.

Here are the top 6 Water parks in Lagos, the location, and possibly information you need to know about these parks, bear in mind before going down to get our hands dirty, most of these parks are also one of the best in the whole Nigeria, so getting them on our lists took several steps to compare and contrast the top 6 of the parks.

Top 6 Best Water Parks In Lagos

1. Laquatic Park, Lagos

Laquatic Park, Lagos is located at Landmark Beach, Oniru, Victoria Island. It is unique; it is described as the first inflatable water park in Africa. What that means is that it is huge, it is dynamic, and it is something a lot of people have not seen before. The features are similar to bouncy castles-they are inflated with air- and they are actually put directly on the beach water.

That means kids and adults get to actually play on the beach but in a safe and incredibly comfortable way. Laquatic Park is a place where kids can bounce around on the features, they can also sit quietly, as they observe nature, or they can swim and enjoy water sports with their mates.

The water park comes with in-built safety features, but there are also lifeguards on board keeping a watchful eye. The park is open from 9 am to 7 pm daily.

2. Funtopia Water Park, Lekki, Lagos

Funtopia Water Park is located in Lekki, still on the island part of Lagos State, precisely at KM 35, Epe Expressway, Off Pan African University in Lagos. Very close to Victoria Garden City.

This is a great place for children and parents to enjoy wholesome fun with each other. The park has three giant water slides and three interconnecting pools where kids can splash around as they drop in from nearly 6 ft from the tip of the slide to the pool. The park also has an in-pool bar where adults can sit and enjoy drinks while they watch their kids and wives playing in the water.

Funtopia Water Park, Lekki, is a well-designed place of fun; after playing in the water, families can enjoy the games arcade called ‘Cusco City,’ where they can play all kinds of board and electronic games. Fathers and kids can challenge one another to play games, and then you can also enjoy snacks, drinks, and other edibles in the arcade, and also in the restaurant.

One can also play billiards and table tennis in ‘The Shed,’ and there also other games that require mobility. The open field is also a nice attraction because it is a great place to enjoy a romantic stroll with the person you love, and even propose.

3. Omu Resort

Omu Resort is located along the Lekki-Epe road, Lagos, about a 10-minute drive from the Lagos Business school. It is a great place to watch your kids have fun in an environment that not allows them to enjoy themselves, but also stimulates them mentally, and urges them to ask questions.

Omu Resort has a modest water slide, swimming pool, pirate ship, and an aquarium. The resort gives kids the opportunity to swim with their mates, even challenging each other in swimming competitions. They can also slide down the water slide as many times as they like, or play volleyball in the water.

Aside from all the water activities, kids can also enjoy such activities as soccer and basketball at the designated areas for those sports. They can also ride quad bikes, and engage in kart racing.

Omu resort is remarkable because it also incorporates learning into its fun activities. Kids can have fun at the Archery stand (they will be fascinated to know how our ancestors depended on tools like these to hunt and defend themselves), Wax Museum (they will be fascinated to discover replicas of important artifacts), Space Simulator (they will get to learn about space and our galaxy), and even a mini-zoo where kids can encounter all kinds of aquatic and land animals, and ask questions.

It is therefore no surprise that Omu Resort is so busy; parents love to take their kids there so that they can enjoy the fun and learn at the same time.

4. Dream World Africana

Dream World Africana is located in Lekki; precisely at the First Right Turn After The 2nd Tollgate, KM 20 Lekki-Ajah Expressway, Lekki Penninsula II, Lekki. It is a great place to have fun with your kids, and to watch them run around with their mates.

It was once the top playground in the Lekki area, and it is still one of the best water parks in Lagos, although it has somewhat surrendered the lead to newer parks with more facilities.

Nevertheless, Dream World Africana still has one of the biggest water slides in Lagos; it is nearly three stories high at the top, and the journey down is considerably long, and lots of fun.

The swimming pool is also very large; there is a shallow end for kids and adults that do not know how to swim, and there is a deeper end for those that are quite proficient in the art of swimming.

Outside the water, there are several activities that one can enjoy such as swings, quad bike rides, and the usual ball sports that appeal to boys. There is also an area for board games, and also for meals and drinks, and all the fun that families would love to have.

5. Funderland Mall

Funderland Mall is an 1800 square meters facility located at 16-18 Lekki Epe Expressway, Lagos, which is somewhere between Victoria Garden City (VGC) and Chevron Corporation. This is a great location because residents of these two opulent estates, and all the other nearby estates love to hang out at this beautiful and well-designed park.

Funderland Mall has a nice water slide and a large swimming pool where kids can swim, and engage in water sports like volleyball, ball chasing, and just swimming competitions.

Outside the water, kids can take part in roller skating, rock climbing, quad bike riding, football, and so on. You can also take your kids to the mall, the shops, games arcades, and restaurants.

6. Federal Palace Hotel Pool Club

The Federal Palace Hotel Pool Club is a luxurious waterside resort inside the Federal Palace Hotel which is located at 6-8 Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island 101241, Lagos.

Before rushing off to this beautiful park; please note that it is not open to the public in the sense that you just go to the gate and buy a ticket. The Federal Palace Hotel Pool Club is designed to meet international standards; it is built for hotel guests, and for members of the public who are members of the Pool Club.

That means if you want to relax here with your kids you have to first become a member. The membership fee you pay will enable you to have access to the pool as many times as you like.

The Federal Palace Hotel Pool Club has a majestic pool, a lounging area, a water slide, sand slides, and a gym. There is also an outdoor exercise circuit with a tennis court and games room. You can also enjoy food and drinks at the restaurant.

Perhaps the most important thing that this place has to offer is the environment. It is very calm, very top-notch, and a great place to meet interesting people.

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The best water parks in Lagos Nigeria are mostly located in the Lagos Island part of the state; which is the more upscale part of the city. Contrary to what most people think; there is hardly a water park on this list that only offers aquatic activities. Most of them also offer lots of fun activities on the land as well, which shows that they are more like leisure parks than anything else.

Safety is a priority to the editors of this publication as well as to proprietors of these listed establishments. Therefore, please talk to the staff when you arrive at any of these water parks so as to know their safety protocols.