Top 10 Richest Families in Nigeria 2022

The richest families in Nigeria are those who have managed to preserve their wealth. These great families now enjoy wealth and influence due to the hard work of their predecessors- a thing that is quite rare not only in Nigeria but all over the world. By uniting, and working together, they have been able to create enduring legacies not just for themselves but for their generations yet unborn.

Nigeria’s wealthiest families have invested their money all over the country; employing thousands of Nigerians in the process. They have been able to achieve great things outside the country as well; taking their family fame abroad, while flying the country’s flag at the same time.

Top 10 Richest Families in Nigeria 2022

1. Dantata Family

The Dantata Family is without any doubt the wealthiest clan in the whole of Nigeria. Aside from that, the family is in at least the fourth generation of wealth, and also has the richest black man in Africa and the world. The family was established by Alhassan Dantata who was a dealer in commodities such as Kola Nuts and Groundnuts, and also sold European goods to the local population.

Following his footsteps; his son Sanusi Dantata also engaged in the trading, and became very successful. Sanusi Dantata then gave seed money to his nephew Aliko Dangote to start his own trading business, which would become the Lagos branch of the Dantata trading family.

Unknown to him that seed money would grow into one of the biggest conglomerates in Africa; from humble beginnings as a trading business, it would expand into manufacturing, oil production, construction, and so on.

The Dantata Family is today led by Alhaji Aliko Dangote; Nigeria’s number one industrialist. Other members of the family are Alhaji Abdulkadir Dantata, Aminu Dantata, and many others.

2. Ibru Family

The Ibru Family is one of the richest and most influential in Nigeria; this is a family that was able to fight a long legal battle with top members of the government establishment. The family is one of the top contributors to the Nigerian economy; the family company; The Ibru Organization was established in 1956. It is a conglomerate with operations in publishing, shipping, agriculture, aviation, real estate, oil and gas, and also advertising.

The Ibru Organization has over 10,000 employees, and was founded by Michael Ibru. The company started as a trading company; it was the area of his expertise having worked with United Africa Company before establishing his own venture. One of the major areas of the business was the Ibru Sea Foods; a business with which he sold fish imported from Japan out of the back of a truck.

From there the business grew to other sectors mentioned above. Some members of the Ibru Family include; Cecilia Ibru (Former CEO of Oceanic Bank), Olorogun Oskar Ibru, Oboden Ibru, and many others.

3. Tinubu Family

The Tinubu Family is one of the richest families in Nigeria; it has achieved a fine balance between politics and business. The Tinubu Family recently lost its Matriach Abibatu Mogaji, but is ably led by Bola Ahmed Tinubu; the Jagaban of Africa. He is a former governor of Lagos state; and the most formidable politician in the South West.

Bola Tinubu is also Billionaire businessman with interests in Tax Collection, Media, Transportation, Advertising, Infrastructure, and Finance. He is the political godfather of Lagos; he endorses and appoints Governors for Lagos from a selection of capable hands, and he has built one of the most formidable political networks in the country.

Some prominent members of the Tinubu Family include; Oluremi Tinubu (Senator), Adewale Tinubu (OANDO), Mulikat Adeola Akande (Senator), Folashade Tinubu-Ojo (Iyaloja).

4. Briggs Family

The Briggs Family is a renown business and political family; one of the most influential names in the whole of South-South Nigeria. The family was founded by Chief Olu Benson Lulu-Briggs who died in 2018, but was buried in 2021. He left behind a huge oil company called Moni Pulo Limited (MPL), a private indigenous oil and gas exploration and production company. Chief Lulu-Briggs also left behind investments in the Hospitality industry, as well as other sundry investments.

The family is now led by his son; Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs. Other prominent members of the family include Mrs Seinye Lulu-Briggs; she is Chief O.B Lulu Briggs’ widow. Mrs. Seinye Lulu-Briggs is the Chief Executive Officer of Rachael Hotels Limited- a seasoned businesswoman.

There have been a series of legal battles since the demise of O.B Lulu Briggs; members of the Briggs Family have fought over the vast estates left behind by their Patriarch.

5. Okoya-Thomas Family

The Okoya-Thomas Family is one of the most popular families within the social circles of Lagos. The family was established by Prince Molade Okoya-Thomas; a distinguished businessman. Prince Molade Okoya Thomas joined CFAO as an accountant, but rose to the position of Chairman. He served the company for 52 years.

Okoya-Thomas was also Director of Transcap Nigeria Limited, Gateway Bank Plc and Niger Motors Industries Limited, NFI Insurance Company Plc, and other companies. He was also the Chairman of Studio Press Nigeria Limited.

Some prominent members of the Okoya Thomas family include; Princess Olajumoke Abidemi Okoya-Thomas (House of Reps), Tosin Alobo Bakare, Olayinka Irene Taiwo, and Ayodeji Okoya-Thomas.

6. Bruce Family

The Murray-Bruce Family is another wealthy and illustrious family. The Bruce Family is also extremely well connected within business and political circles. The Family hails from Bayelsa State in South-South Nigeria; and was founded by Bessy Lee a Bayelsa woman, and James Lee from England.

The Murray Bruce Family has recently lost its Matriach who lived a fulfilled life, dying in 2022. Nevertheless, the family is led by Ben Murray Bruce a media and communications magnate who was Managing Director of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) for many years, and who has hosted the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) for many years.

He also established the Silverbird Group which has businesses such as Silverbird Television, Silverbird Galleria, and Silverbird Cinemas.

Prominent members of this family include Ben Murray Bruce, Guy Murray Bruce, Evelyn Murray Bruce, Cody Murray Bruce, and Jasmine Murray Bruce.

7. Tejuosho Family

The Tejuosho Family is very popular and influential in Lagos, the family was established by Bisoye Tejuoso, a prominent Nigerian businesswoman from Abeokuta whose father interestingly was a farmer. She is known to have established Teju Industries; makers of mattresses.

The Tejuosho Family has produced several important and influential people; His Royal Highness Oba Adedapo Adewale Tejuoso, the Osile of Oke Ona of Egbaland; Lanre Tejuosho (a Senator), Adefunmilayo Tejuosho; Prince Kayode Tejuosho; and Funmilayo Tejuosho.

8. Saraki Family

The Saraki Family is the most prominent family in Kwara State. The family used to have investments in banking, but the bank became liquidated, and so the family decided to focus on politics. The Saraki Family was established by Olusola Saraki; who was chairman of Societe General Bank. He was also a Senator, and then governor of Kwara State.

Olusola Saraki died in 2012, handing the baton over to his son Bukola Saraki who was also Governor, and then Senator. Another prominent member of the Saraki Family is Gbemi Saraki; a Politician, who is also a Senator.

9. Folawiyo Family

The Folawiyo Family is a popular family in Nigeria. It was established by the Late Chief Wahab Folawiyo. He was the founder of Yinka Folawiyo and sons, a commodities business that became the biggest supplier of cement in Nigeria. Using that as a springboard, the family ventured into other businesses; it is now the Yinka Folawiyo Group.

Yinka Folawiyo Group is a diversified conglomerate with investments in energy, agriculture, shipping, and real estate. The family is now led by Tunde Folawiyo, son of the late Patriach.

Other members of the Folawiyo family include; Yomi Folawiyo, Lanre Folawiyo, Bolaji Folawiyo, and Rene Folawiyo.

10. Igbinedion Family

The Igbinedion family was established by Chief Gabriel Igbinedion. He is the Esama of Benin, a title conferred on him by the Oba Akenzua II, but which was revoked for some time, before he was pardoned by the Oba Erediauwa II. The Igbenedion Family has various investments in Education, Aviation, Finance, Hotels, Advertising, Media, and so much more.

Members of the Igbenedion family include Chief Gabriel Igbinedion (Patriach), Lucky Igbinedion (Former Governor of Edo State), Omosede Igbinedion, Peter Igbinedion, and Charles Igbinedion.



The richest families in Nigeria are some of the most popular socialites in the country. Aside from their business empires many of them have ventured into politics with varying degrees of success. Nevertheless, they serve as sources of inspiration to other Nigerians as to what is possible with hard work and dedication.