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Richest Families in The World 2018 Top 10

Top 10 Richest Families in The World 2018

Have you ever imagine being born into one of the richest families in the World? Then, all the comforts of life will be at your command. It sure looks like a world without any financial difficulties even though money cannot solve all problem. But, have you also ever wonder how such families were able to maintain such grounds? If your answer is no, let me tell you, these families have been faced with lots of troughs and crests- Many problems. These families do even more of the work that we do in order to maintain their status! Their finances will run down in no time if they should fail to maintain such status.

  • What Families Are The Richest Families In The World 2018?

In the World are the presence of families that have built their status for over a hundred years and as such become one of the richest in the World. Believe me, if you will start to count the number of zeros behind these families’ net worth, you will definitely get tired. Even though some say they are members of Illuminati and some said they all belong to a conspiracy organization, the good thing is that they are the richest families we have in the World as at present. Look, the fortune these families have gather is enough to cater for the needs of the family for the next five to six (5-6) upcoming generation!

In this article, we present to you the top 10 richest families in the World with the majority of the families coming from the United State of America while others are from other countries. On our compiled list, we have The Cox Family getting the last position and The Rothschild Family taking the first position with the net worth of $2 Trillion. Let take a look at the richest families in the World!

Top 10 Richest Families in The World 2018

  • 1. The Rothschild Family

    • Net Worth: $2 Trillion 
    • Country: Germany

On our list is the Rothschild family that is famous for international banking since the beginning of the eighteen century (18th Century). The founder member of the banking group in the person of Mayer Rothschild was the financial manager of the German Royal Family at that time. You will not hear much about this family as they naturally maintain a low profile, which is why it was hard to ascertain their exact net worth. However, reliable roots have it that they will definitely be within the range of $2-2.5 trillion making them the richest family in the World on our list.

Richest Families In The World

The Richest Families In The World 2018

What about the sons of these wonderful family? The sons have established a multi-century financial empire across the whole of the World including London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Naples. You can see that this family has actually gotten an everlasting glory for itself. To achieve success, one needs to work hard as everything has a price.

  • 2. The House of Saud

    • Net Worth: $1.4 Trillion
    • Country: Saudi Arabia

Following the Rothschild family is the Saud Family that ranked 2nd on our list. It is not just a business-oriented family that make our list, even the royal family are also making a fortune through royalty. For over a hundred years, around the eighteen century, the Al-Saud Family has ruled over Saudi Arabia without any compromise.

World Wealthiest Families

World Wealthiest Families

What do they do that fetch them money? Al-Saud family usually involve themselves in one of the richest business in the World Today-Oil Business. Having their head as King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the family controls a lot of oil reserves today making the second richest family in the World. In order to add more money to their account, Al Saud Family also involve themselves in political affairs.

  • 3. The Walton Family

    • Net Worth: $152 Billion
    • Country: United State of America
the richest family in the world

The Walton Family

You look everywhere; you see supermarkets all over the place. This would not have been possible if not because of the relentless effort of Sam Walton to open the first store of Walmart in the early 1960s. Today, all supermarkets in the World owes it existence to one of the largest supermarkets in the World, Walmart. This company was also the pioneer of the setting up of many franchise stores in many small towns and with that, it has given the industry a new face. In Walmart, the Warton Family holds a 54% share in the total share, thereby making them be the third (3rd) richest family in the World.

  • 4. The Koch Family

    • Net Worth: $89 Billion
    • Country: United States

Here comes the engineering family! Koch Industries, founded by an engineer called Fred Koch in 1940, is one of the largest privately owned company in the USA. The industry has diverse fields including commodity trading, chemicals, finance etc. even though the industry actually started out as an oil and refining company. It will be effortless to mention Koch Industries without mentioning Charles Koch and David Koch who are among the major pioneers of the company. The Koch Industries ranked 4th in our ranking.

  • 5. The Mars Family

    • Net Worth: $80 Billion
    • Country: United State

It will be rare to mention Mars Candy in the United State and still get a few responses. This is due to the popularity the company has built for itself over the years. As old as the company is (founded in 1911 by Franklin Mars), the company still came fifth in our ranking! The Mars Family is well known for their impressive role in establishing a lobby that request for the abolishment of estate taxing. The members of the family are as secretive as you will ever imagine!

  • 6. The Slim Family

    • Net Worth: $77.1 Billion
    • Country: Mexico

Do not judge by the name “slim” for most of the family members are actually fat. Moving to the Southern Part of the World is the number 6th richest family on our list. Even the Mexican GNP knows the role this family is playing as the combined worth of the family contribute 6% in its development. Grupo Carso Group, owned by Carlos Slim, also control more than 40% of the Mexican Stock Exchange! Not only that, the group has diversified in real time into education, arts, sports, downtown restoration and even health care. However, all these are being maintained by his four sons. They refer Carlos as The King of Mexico.

  • 7. The Cargill-MacMillan Family

    • Net Worth: $45 Billion

Here comes another United States Family coming 7th on our list. The family are known for two reasons: the 88% share they hold in Cargill Inc. and the 14 Billionaires that they have produced over the years. Today, Cargill Inc. is the largest private company in the US and focuses on crops, foods and other trade commodities. Do you know the company actually start as a grain storage company?!

  • 8. The Bettencourt Family

  • Net Worth: $42.7 Billion
  • Country: France

You know when it comes to fashion, Paris got that. In fact, they are the fashion capital of the World. This is what Bettencourt Family utilize to gain their ground. They venture in Cosmetic Business! I know the name L’Oreal S.A will not be new to you. This cosmetic giant company, founded in 1909 is actually headed by the Bettencourt Family. The honour of establishing this company actually goes to the French-German Chemist by the name Eugene Schueller. After a successful transformation, the company is currently headed by Jean-Victor, who is the Grandson of Lilliane Bettencourt. Lilliane Bettencourt was the daughter of the founder of the company. You what cosmetic business can lead to?

  • 9. The Arnault Family

    • Net Worth: $37.7 Billion
    • Country: France

France, the home of fashion and luxury goods, houses many luxury brands such as Moet, Louis Vuitton and Hennessy. These brands are companies come under the LVMH Group headed by Bernard Arnault who is the 10th richest man in the world. His son and daughter are the CEOs of Berluti and Vice President at LVMH respectively.

  • 10. The Cox Family
    • Net Worth: $34.5 Billion 
    • Country: United States of America

Have you ever heard of Cox Enterprises? The Cox Family are the founder. Under this enterprise are different three sections: Cox Media Group, Cox Automotive and Cox Communications. In 1920, an important icon of the family and also a Democratic Governor of Ohio ran for the chair of President of the United States but lost to Warren Harding. Today, the show is being managed by his daughter Anne Cox Chambers and two of the children of her late sister, James C Kennedy and Clair Parry Okeden.

Despite the current state of the World in term of poverty, some out of these families are dwelling in the river of fortune without even knowing what others are going through. Even though there are some within them that are actually more into philanthropic activity.

Those are the top 10 richest families in the World. Hope you find the article helpful?  


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