Do you have any complaints or suggestions, or maybe you wish to buy LG Mobiles, Tablets or any of its Electronic Products and you reside in Lagos state and its environs? So, we’ve listed the full list of LG service centers in Lagos, Nigeria. This write up will do justice to these questions and other things to know about the LG Corporation.


LG corporation has four major service centers located inside Lagos State, Nigeria. And the locations of those four service centers are:

  1. No. 4 Adepele street computer village, Ikeja, Lagos State Nigeria.    
  2. No. 22 Burma Road, Apapa 106101, Lagos state, Nigeria.
  3. Off Ayangburen street, Benson Bus stop, 1 Owolowo street, Ikorodu, Lagos state, Nigeria.
  4. No. 86 Awolowo Road, Victoria Island, Lagos State.


In Nigeria, the LG customer care toll-free contact number is 0800 9811 5454.


Lucky-Goldstar which is the previous name of “LG” and “Life’s Good” Corporation is a Corporation that is owned and coordinates by Conglomerate of South Korean Multinational. In South Korea, Life’s Good Corporation stand out to be the fourth biggest chaebol.  

This big Corporation has its Head Office located in Yeouido-dong inside Yeongdeunpo District, Seoul, and the building of the LG Corporation is in the LG Twin Towers building.

In over eighty countries today, LG Corporation produces chemicals, electronics, and the products of telecommunication and also runs subsidiaries like Zenith, LG Uplus, LG Electronics, LG Display, LG Chem and LG Innotek.

LG Service Center In Lagos

The LG Corporation former name “Lucky-Goldstar” was been in existence within the period of 1958-1995. This Corporation is a public enterprise and it is traded as KRX: 003550; it is also a conglomerate industry. This company is founded by a Korean man by name Koo In-Hwoi and it has these key people who aid in the smooth running of the business, Koo Kwang-Mo stands out as the nominated chairman when the incumbent Koo Bon-Moo passed out. The vice chairman of the company is Koo Bon-Joon; the president and the Coo are Cho Jun-ho and Kang Yu-sig is the vice chairman and Co-CEO.

As of the year 2012, the total revenue of this LG Corporation is the US $143 billion and 222,000 as the total number of employees. The LG Corporation was established on January 5th, 1947 which implies that it has been in existence for over seventy-one years now and the company has been serving the whole globe in general. Telecommunication, Power Generation, Electronics Engineering Information Technology and the Chemicals are the products of LG Electronics. Its subsidiaries are LG Life Sciences, LG Electronics, LG Chem, Health Care, LG Uplus, LG Solar Energy, LG Display, LG Life Sciences, and LG Household.

In the year 2010, the LG’s Corporation ad campaigns make use of some of the South Korean celebrities called the “Girls’ Generation” in their “LG Cookie” cell phone.


In the year 1947, Rark-Hui founded LG Corporation Chemical Industrial Corporation. “Lucky” currently called LG Chem was first pronounced by Rark-Hui as the premier South Africa Korean Industry to ever be part of the plastic industry in the year 1952. Goldstar Company LTD currently called LG Electronics was established due to the expansion of the company’s Plastic Industry.  Lucky Goldstar was formed due to the merger of Goldstar and Lucky companies in the year 1958.

Radio which is the South Korean’s premier Electronics was produced by Goldstar company which almost all the consumer electronics were marketed on its names  but Lucky brand company is the household products company’s name due to its formality for some hygienic products like HiTi and soaps laundry detergents; but mostly, Lucky brands deal with its Perioe and Lucky toothpaste. LG has continued to produce some of the products like the laundry detergent for the South Korean market as of today.

In order to compete perfectly well in the western market in the year 1995, “LG” became the brand name of the Lucky-Goldstar Corporation. “Life’s Good” is the company’s tagline that the company has associated LG letters. is the domain name that LG Corporation has owned since the year 2009.


LG Philips LCD and LG Philips Display are the two joint ventures LG corporation had with Royal Philips Electronics since the year 2001. But in late 2008, Philips got rid of its part of shares to the general public. Nortel Networks is the name of the company that LG corporation had a joint venture within the year 2005 which made it possible to create LG Nortel Co.Ltd.


ComScore made public the report of US Mobile market of October 2012 on November 30th, 2012 in which it was found out that the LG corporation had stepped down as the United States Mobile market second largest company to Apple Inc.

The LG Corporation on January 20th, 2013 returned back to its second position overtaking Apple Inc. in the United States Mobile Market Share.

LG corporation took the fifth position in the market subsidiary share of United States mobile as released by comStore US Smartphone report of the month of June in the year 2013 on August 7th, 2013.


The LG corporation has three brand Ambassadors by name: David Warner (Cricketer), Arshay Kumar (2000) and BTS (band) 2018.


Lejel Group, GS Group, SPC Group, LIG Group, Heesung Group, LS Group are the names of the six associated companies of LG Corporation.


I believe very strongly that those questions regarding where to find LG service centers in Lagos State, Nigeria where one can complain and make order from any of the LG’s products such as its mobile phones and electronics; and also, some vital things to know about this corporation has been attended to in this write up as LG corporation is the recognized brand name in the world today.

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  1. I am disappointed with your after sales service regarding guarantee and warranty. I sent a faulty washing machine back to one of your outlets in Oshogbo Osun state over a month ago and no action taken yet. The appliance in question was purchased and paid for, in full,.bit broke down less than six months. Please address this issue urgently.

  2. Good day all, I bought washing machine from one of your show room at awolowo road ikoyi, last year but the machine is faulty now please where can I take it to for repair. Pls.

    1. Good morning Sir,
      My name is Nurudeen, I am living in Ikorodu
      The colour of my LG plasma Tv is not bright.
      I searched for LG service centre in Ikorodu but I couldn’t find it. Please give me real address and phone number of LG office in Ikorodu

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