Top 10 Best Beaches In Lagos 2020 (Private & Public)

Top 10 Best Public And Private Beaches In Lagos – Lagos is obviously one of the most popular and influential States in Nigeria, as it can boast of various important things which some other Nigerian States don’t have. One of the things Lagos can boast of is that it has a handful of beaches – both private and public beaches.

Lagos is a stressful place no doubt, but then, there are also lots of relaxation centers for Lagosians. The numerous beaches are utilized by Lagosians to relax with their loved ones and to enjoy quiet time without disturbance. These beaches are also cool for corporate retreats and team bonding stuff. Some people also visit the beaches for personal reflection and to keep them away from the constant noise of the city.

So, perhaps you are seeking a nice place to spend the weekend, or you desire to have some nice time to enjoy the fresh breeze from the ocean, you can head towards of the best beaches in Lagos.

Just as we have stated earlier, there are various beaches scattered around Lagos. Some are public, and some are actually private; so, it’s up to you to decide which to settle for.

Since there are quite many of them, then we have helped assembled some of the most popular ones that you can decide to settle for. Therefore, you can simply pick the ones you like (or the ones close to your locality), and head there to have some nice time.

Top 10 Best Beaches In Lagos 2020 Private And Public

  • 1. Oniru Beach

Oniru Beach is one of the best private beaches in Lagos, and it is one of the most famous ones in the State. A lot of people love going there for various reasons. We should also add that Oniru beach is owned by the Oniru Royal family.

So, if you are a big fan of a neatly kept beach, then this is for you. The beach gives a peaceful ambiance for a worthwhile time away from the tussles of city life.

It is actually located in Victoria Island, and so, you have more advantages if you stay within that vicinity. Even if you don’t stay around Victoria Island, you can still utilize the niceness of Oniru Beach.

Additionally, should in case you seek a nice and quiet place to hold special holiday events and parties, you can head towards the direction. Perhaps, you are a busy couple who desire a memorable holiday without disturbance, you can utilise Oniru beach too.

  • 2. Elegushi Beach

This is also private and one of the best beaches in Lagos, and it’s one of the most popular ones in the State. Many people head towards Elegushi beach for various reasons. It is also necessary to add that the Elegushi Royal family are the owners, and that one is expected to pay a thousand Naira from being granted access into the place.

If you come with a vehicle, you are to pay a token of 200 Naira as the parking fee.

Many people visit the place to catch fun, as there are various lounges and restaurants present there. It is a sought after place for social gathering and group events. If you want to have a nice time with your family and loved ones, you might want to head towards this beach.

  • 3. Eleko Beach

This beach, located in Lekki, is unique in different ways. First of all, it is not as rowdy as some others, and so offers more privacy compared to others.

Eleko Beach is also a private beach, and you can go there all by yourself, or with others. Some people value peaceful time for self-reflection – which is something difficult to get in the busy city of Lagos. And so, a place like Eleko beach is available for such persons to have their peace.

Also, if you have been looking for an amiable place to have a romantic outing with your husband or wife, you can consider Eleko for relaxation.

  • 4. Atican Beach Resort 

As stated earlier, there are various beaches in Lagos quite alright. However, not all of them are nearly kept and maintained. Nevertheless, one of those that fell in the category of the most neatly kept beaches in the State is the Atican Beach Resort.

You can go there to have some nice time alone, or with your family. It is a nice destination for couples and corporate events. There are superb facilities there, and it’s deserving to make our list of top beaches in Lagos.

  • 5. Tarkwa Bay Beach 

Tarkwa Bay Beach is located near Lagos Harbour and is one of the most popular beaches in Lagos State. You can go there to relax and enjoy some quiet time. One of the unique things about it is that water sports lovers gave it a priority above some others.

You can also utilised Tarkwa Bay Beach for your cooperate events and retreats.

  • 6. Suntan Beach 

Let’s now move towards the direction of the phenomenal Bagadry. Suntan Beach is one of the most popular ones in the region, and it is also a privately owned one.

It should be mentioned that the beach is also a well-kept one and is a reasonable environment. If you desire to enjoy a quiet holiday, Suntan Beach might be for you. It stands out for being located in a secluded part of town, and you can enjoy the cool breeze emanating from the ocean.

The owners also stationed a number of small huts that safeguards from the hot sunlight. If you are a fan of horse riding, there are a number of horses available for a token.

Individuals can come here to have a nice time alone, and you can also come with your family and loved ones for a group event.

  • 7. Coconut Beach Badagry 

Here is another beach in the famous Bagadry. Tourists and adventure lovers can choose to come over here for sightseeing. Nigerians are known for prioritising foreign destinations as far as tourism is concerned. However, instead of constantly splashing huge cash every now and then, one can actually save some money by looking within the country and exploring it to the fullest.

If you desire leisure without disturbance, plan to go to Coconut Beach. We should also add that Coconut beach is close to a number of restaurants where one can enjoy fresh coconut juice. It is a nice place to be.

  • 8. Whispering Palms Beach Resort 

This is quite popular, not only in Lagos but in Nigeria as a whole. It has various things that serve various needs and aims. It is a nice place for leisure lovers. You can go there alone to relax or swim. You can go there with your family and friends for corporate retreats. You can go there with your husband or wife for a romantic date.

Here, one can catch fun with different water sports like boat rides. If you visit with your friends, you guys can choose to play football and enjoy the game. There are also various court games there for sports lovers.

Whispering Palms Beach Resort is located in a secluded part of town, and so, you can enjoy peace and quietness. Also, if you desire to stay for some days, you can book a room there.

Then, we shouldn’t forget the exciting restaurant where you can enjoy delicious meals – both local and continental. If you desire to enjoy fresh coconut juice, there is a lot of it! You can also swim in the swimming pool as well as view some caged wide animals.

  • 9. Barracuda Beach Resort 

This is another popular one among the best beaches in Lagos State. It has nice stuff and also has its own uniqueness.

One of the interesting things about Baracuda Beach Resort is the white sand it has. If you are a lover of basketball, you can also enjoy the game during your visit to Baracuda Beach Resort.

It is also necessary to add that if you desire to stay for more than a day, you can get accommodation with superb facilities that will make your time there worthwhile.

  • 10. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

This is also situated in Lekki and is one of the most popular beaches in Lagos. It is a nice place with various nice stuff.

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort can boast of superb facilities. It has a nice swimming pool and fitness facilities. If you are a sports lover, you can enjoy games lIke volleyball there. So, an individual can decide to go there to catch fun, and can also choose to visit with friends and family. Either you visit alone or you visit there as a group, you will still enjoy yourself in the place.


In conclusion, Lagos State has a handful of beaches that are superb. However, the ones in this list fell in the category of the “best beaches in Lagos” for various reasons, including how they are being neatly kept. You can plan to visit any of them any time soon to relax with your family and loved ones. You know, one of the common things about Lagosians is their love for work. But let us know the importance of relaxing the body every now and then, to avoid breaking down unpleasantly.

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