LAGOS STATE TENANCY LAW 2020 – What You Need To Know

Lagos State Tenancy Law 2020 – Lagos is one of the busiest states in Nigeria, if not the busiest state, Lagos State is known for its business activities and lots of companies which are available, many graduates and job seekers tend to seek residence over there when looking for a job, starting up a business or even working for a company. There are several houses in Lagos, though you might find it hard to get one or it might be quite expensive, but this depends solely on the area you would love to stay or where it is close to your office. Lagosians like people do call them, are accustomed to huge traffic daily, as people leave early for the office, some still complain they get there late. As a resident in an apartment in Lagos State, you need to know your rights, many people just rest an apartment without knowing their rights, many people have been thrown out of apartments which they paid for without them knowing their right as a tenant, but this article is here to help you, as we will provide full details about the Lagos State Tenancy Law, as this will help you know the rights which you have as a tenant in a paid apartment.

Lagos State Tenancy Law – All You Need To Know

Everyone wants to live in a good apartment without the stress of a landlord and all that, most tenants complain about their landlords giving them a hard time after they have moved into the apartment which they paid for, many find it hard to be free in the house, there are times where even tenants and landlords fight. You should know that without Tenants there will not be landlords if everyone bought their own house or built their own house today who is going to be a tenant no one, trust me when I say everyone wants a house to their name even the young and the old. The economic situation of Nigeria is so bad that most individuals do not have a roof over their heads or many can’t even afford basic meals per day, those having a roof over their heads are termed lucky especially those in Lagos State. Before renting an apartment, many tenants don’t know that they have rights also as well as the landlords, most times when I see some tenants being evacuated from houses, I feel bad because they do not know their rights.

Many individuals move into apartments that need repairs they fail to notify the landlords and carry out all these processes themselves, spending some amount of money which is wrong. You should know as a tenant that you are not entitled to repairs of even faulty boreholes and pipes. You are only entitled to carry out internal repairs in the house, not external repairs, carrying out such repairs you are entitled to compensations. Many tenants do not know all these, many are even ignorant, many don’t even ask for receipts after paying their rent, some landlords do pursue their tenants out of the house due to failure of paying rent, some just for a month then have defaulted, what if I tell you that as a tenant you have the right to be in an apartment you paid for in the next few months even after failing to pay your rents without getting your things kicked out or your landlord embarrassing you in public.

I know you as a tenant in one of the suburb areas of Lagos, you might be wondering after reading this that you have been left behind or you don’t know about these things before. Above was just a tip of the iceberg we are ready to reveal more to you below bout the Lagos State tenancy law 2019, after reading this, you will be aware of your rights as a tenant in the apartment where you stay, but you should know apart from you having or knowing these rights you are not expected to misuse them or take advantage of your landlord.

The Lagos tenancy law was formerly known as Rent Control and Recovery of Residents Premises. The law defines the relationship between Landlords and Tenants and it is derived from both contract and property law.

The Law refuses landlord to issue rent payments to their tenants with respect to such payments which indicates the dates, names, address, description, the location of the premise, the name of the tenant and landlord, the amount which was paid, and the period which this amount was paid. Failure to comply with this rule attracts a fee of 100,000 nairas, this is section 5 of the law.

The Law gives a tenant the right to quiet and peaceful enjoyment of the environment in which their apartment is in. Tenants are to live quietly and enjoy their stay there with no one harassing them or starting up troubles. This is section 6 of the law.

Section 7 of the law states that tenants are to comply with the tenancy agreement which includes paying their rent on time to avoid problems, they are also expected to behave in the right manner, they are to take consent from the landlord before fixing up any structural damage on any part of the building, subletting and alterations.

The law does not allow some type of property in some locations. Properties which are allowed or exempted from this case are residential premises, these properties must be educational institutions, hospice faculties, public or private faculties, emergency wards, others which are included are mental facilities or Building’s that provide rehabilitative or even therapeutic treatment. Although there are some places exempted from this, places like Apapa, Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, and Ikeja GRA.

The law says that no landlord is allowed or to demand any rent in excess of one year from a yearly tenant or in excess of six months from a monthly tenant. It is also unlawful for a landlord to receive an excess amount of rent from a would-be tenant or a new tenant. If any landlord violates this rule, they are to pay a fine of 100,000 naira or face imprisonment for three months.

Another section of the law states that the tenancy agreement has to be deemed where premises are granted by the landlord either express or implied. These agreements are being oral or written, partly oral, or being written for a fixed period of time.

The law says that premises will be abandoned where the rental fee or tenancy has expired and the tenant has not given up lawful possession of the premises. The landlord shall issue a 7 days notice to the tenant before he reclaims back his possession. This process will be carried out by posting a notice on the abandoned property and a law order has to be issued for possession and force opening of the building.

  • The tenancy law states that where a person is licensed and upon expiration he/she refuses to give up possession of the properties he will be given seven days to move out his belongings for the landlord to reclaim possession.
  • Tenants should know that a reasonable amount of time must be given by tenants to quit, either weekly, monthly, yearly.
  • The tenancy law states that any party which requires the services of a professional must be the one to settle that professional either the landlord or even the tenant.
  • Landlords are expected to maintain business places in terms of securing lives and properties. They must also make sure the environment will not provide loss of clients to the tenants and profits, failure to agree to this the agreement will be deemed.

Lastly, the law states that the landlord or agent is required to issue a certain receipt for other fees that are being paid by the tenant to them and the tenant must make an update about this every six months.

In conclusion, we have given you the Lagos State tenancy laws and agreement, tenants should also know that reading this agreement does not mean that they have the right to misbehave or even treat their landlord badly, landlords also have their own rights.

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