Top 10 Cloud Accounting Software In South Africa (2023)

Without proper accounting, it is near impossible to properly run a business. One may wonder why the headline talks specifically about the top accounting software in South Africa, rather than just the top accounting software available in the market. The answer is that this accounting software has seen acceptance and proficiency on different levels in different parts of the world. While any given accounting software may be a great product; it could be a disaster in the hands of a person with limited proficiency, or in an environment where it is not readily understood.

The top accounting software is therefore some of these products that have gained acceptance in the country, and that has been used with successful results. Some of these products are developed by international software development companies, and they are products with international recognition. Regardless of their origins, the end results are of priority importance; as long as the software better enables businesses to manage their accounts and plan their business, they have done exactly what they are supposed to do.

Top 10 Cloud Accounting Software In South Africa

1. Sage

Sage is an accounting platform; not just one of the most popular in South Africa, but the whole continent as well. Perhaps the thing that makes this accounting software so great is that you really do not need a lot of experience to use their cloud accounting software. They offer three plans; which have a combination of tools that vary depending on what each client needs. Some of the tools you get with this software include: invoicing, cash flow management, VAT tracking, online payments, and more. You can work with any device – PC, tablet or phone, and the company state that they give you bank-level security.

With Sage, there is also the option of purchasing the software outright, or you can use the cloud option, and you still have the chance to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time, depending on what you need.

2. SMEasy

SMEasy is a very popular accounting software in South Africa; it is largely agreed to be one of the best. SMEasy is an online accounting and business management platform that is specially designed for entrepreneurs who have little or no understanding of accounting. In fact, the whole idea behind this company is to help Small and Medium scale enterprises succeed without having to go through arduous pains to perform bookkeeping and accounting duties. SMEasy is a company is based in South Africa- they know the South African business terrain; they know what challenges South African businesses face, and what they need.

SMEasy can help you manage your employee payroll, VAT, invoicing, and many other resources online; using your laptop, computer or tablet. The services are quite affordable; starting at R150 per month, and the system is secure.

3. Xero

Xero is more like a well-packaged platform that does not only give you accounting solutions but also allows you access to other third-party applications with specific purposes and benefits. Xero is one of the best accounting software in South Africa. With Xero, you can connect with 800+ smart business apps, including third-party apps like Stripe and Vend. You can also get more value by downloading add-ons like Xero Expenses and Xero Projects.

If you have a hired accountant, or a third-party accounting party contracted to your business or company, you can also communicate with them directly through the application. With Xero, you can log in to multiple platforms and communicate in real-time; leaving comments remarks and generally working together on your accounts as a team.

Xero allows you to perform tasks like invoicing and reporting, payroll management, tax, and so on. Xero has several plans starting from 20 USD per month.

4. Intuit Quickbooks

Intuit Quickbooks is accounting software available in South Africa and has quite a good reputation locally. With this software, you can manage your expenses, track your profits and losses, make reports, and do all kinds of accounting work quite easily.

Intuit Quickbooks is available for use on mobile devices and is designed to help you perform simple accounting tasks on the go. This platform has several plans starting at ZAR 76 per month.

5. Freshbooks

Freshbooks is one of the best cloud accounting software in South Africa because it gives you the freedom to work on your accounts via your iOS and Android mobile devices, for very small monthly subscriptions. The software is used by businesses to monitor their employee payrolls; and because it is very flexible, it is very good for employees that work with contractors and freelancers.

Freshbooks offers unlimited invoices, expense tracking, creation of estimates, employee payroll management, and other such tools. You can access all these resources for subscriptions starting from R68 per month.

6. FNB Instant Free Accounting Software

From FNB- a leading business-friendly bank in South Africa, this software can help you manage you business expenses, as well as pay your necessary bills like your SARS bills; as well as PAYE, Skills Development Levy, and UIF for employees and directors.

7. WAVE Accounting Software

Wave Accounting can give you a wide range of tools; payroll, tax, and accounting entries are some of the things you can do with this software. This is one of the best account-keeping software in South Africa.

8. GnuCash Free Accounting Software

GnuCash Free Accounting Software is one of the easiest account software to use out there. It is great for keeping tabs on your stocks and bond investments, managing your small businesses, and so on.

 9. xTuple PostBooks

This software seems like it was designed for bigger businesses; it seems optimized for manufacturing companies so that they can manage sales, supplies, and volume allocated to various customers so that they enhance customer experience. For example with this software, you can better track discounts and bonuses to customers based on the volume of your product they consume.

 10. ZipBooks

ZipBooks is a more rounded account-keeping software; at first glance, one can say it has several levels of business; very small, small, and medium scale enterprises. However, one can say that they are tools that help you grow your business from very small to a big business with bigger accounting needs.



There are so many cloud accounting softwares in South Africa, and that is no surprise because the South African economy is developing at a rapid pace, and technology is an intricate part of this development. the best cloud accounting software as we have highlighted include those that help businesses grow, without having to spend too much time and labour to process the accounts in the first place. They therefore offer ease of use, for minimal costs and time.