50 List Of Funding Opportunities For NGOs In Africa (2024)

List of funding opportunities for NGOs in Africa. Non-Government Organizations can be described as an intervention by the people, who have decided to step up and take charge of their destinies rather than wait for the government to provide what they need. Sometimes, governments are riddled with corruption, burdened with visionless leaderships, or just crippled by a lack of the available funds.

NGOs are started by concerned people, who can be citizens of a country, or sometimes, citizens from foreign countries who just have the mind to help other human beings who are in need, even if they live in countries where there are peace and prosperity. As one can expect, NGOs need funding in order to keep providing the lifesaving services that they render.

If you are an NGO in Africa that is looking for funds in order to continue your work, then you have come to the right place. In this post we have done the research for you, all you have to do is pick up your phone or get to a computer, and so contact the donor organizations using any of the contact information provided below. In some cases, we also put additional information to guide you. 

List Of Funding Opportunities For NGOs In Africa


UNESCO seeks to partner with Organizations all over the world in order to raise awareness on how to reduce the spread of COVID 19. If you are an NGO working in the area of public health, then please contact them immediately.

Website: https://en.unesco.org>covid-19

  • Commonwealth Youth Council COVID-19 RESPONSE

The British Commonwealth Youth Council is offering to help NGOs working in commonwealth countries whose finances have been affected by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Website: www.commonwealthyouthcouncil.com 

  • The International Development Law Organization (IDLO)

The IDLO is seeking to fund NGOs around the world that are working to cater to the needs of local populations in poor areas. Primary targets of this grant scheme are civil society organizations, NGOs working to protect the rights of the poor, and Organizations providing legal defense to the poor and vulnerable. For more information please contact them with the information below.

Website: https://www.idlo.int

  • Embassy Of Denmark In Kenya Grants To Help Reproductive Health

The Danish Government, through its Embassy in Kenya, is offering grants to NGOs that help the people in the area of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR). This offer is only available in Kenya, and intending NGOs must present notes, showing what they intend to do in order to advance Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights. For more information please contact them through the information below:

Website: www.kenya.um.dk

  • World Vision, Canada- Agricultural Innovation Challenge

World Vision is challenging persons, Organizations, and Schools around the world to provide innovative ideas to boost agricultural production, and thus food security. Crop production, Animal Farming, Aquatics, irrigation, and such are the subcategories in which applicants may file under. Selected ideas will be funded with the understanding that the processes and results will be made available to the organizers of the challenge. For more information please contact them with the information below.

https://challenge.worldvision.ca >challenge

  • RELX Environmental Challenge

The Annual RELX Environmental Challenge is open for individuals, schools, and organizations that have ideas that can lead to improvement of the environment. The organizers are mostly interested in ideas and actions that can provide sustainable access to safe drinking water, or that can improve sanitation. Selected ideas are funded, with the understanding that winners will share their notes with the organizers so that they can help others as well. For more details contact them with the info below.

Website: https://www.relx.com >engaging-others

Funding Opportunities For NGOs In Africa

  •  Antler Grants to Startup Fighting COVID 19

Venture Capitalists; Antler Inc. is funding five startups that have interesting ideas that can help fight the spread of COVID 19. These may be web or phone applications, and other tech solutions which are the usual field of the organizers. For more information please contact them with the information below.

Website: https://www.antler.co > program

  • USAID Grants in Nigeria

USAID is offering grants to NGOs working in Nigeria. The grants are broken into four main categories, addressing four key areas of need. They are as follows:

Community Initiatives to Promote Peace

  • Small Town Wash

Key Population Community HIV services and response

USAID/ Nigeria Orphans and Vulnerable Children Social Services Activities (OSSA)

Please note that NGOs are only allowed to apply for one category. Multiple entries will be disqualified.

Website: https://www.usaid.gov >Nigeria

  • World Bank/ Strategic Impact Evaluation Fund (SIEF)

The World Bank Strategic Impact Fund is calling NGOs around the world to come forward with ideas detailing how to use technology to improve learning in children. The challenge is titled: Can Technology Accelerate Learning and Skills? For more information please view the information below:

Website: https://www.worldbank.org

  • Embassy of Finland in Kenya (Fund for Local Cooperation)

The government of Finland, through its embassy in Kenya, has set aside a fund to support local NGOs working in the field of youths and women’s rights. Please note that this fund is not intended as core funding for said groups, but just a financial boost to the organizations in these hard times. Learn more with the information below.

Website: https://finlandabroad.fi >ken> content

EMBASSY OF JAPAN IN KENYA: Grants in Kenya for Grassroots Projects

The government of Japan, through its embassy in Kenya, is proving funding for NGOs in Kenya that are involved in Grassroots Human Security Projects. For more information, please see below.

Website: https://www.ke.emb-japan.go.jp 

  • Urgent Action Fund- Africa: Rapid Response Grants

The urgent action fund is offering to fund NGOs in Africa that are working to advance women’s human rights. This fund is only for times when urgent action is necessary as a result of some high impact event. COVID 19 presents such an opportunity, and therefore any NGO that can prove that it works to defend women’s rights which may be threatened as a result of COVID 19 are welcome to do so.

Website: https://www.uaf-africa.org

  • Self Help Program: U.S Embassy in Nigeria

The Self Help Program is an initiative of the U.S Government in Ghana to help small development activities in grassroots rural areas. Local Communities in need of this kind of intervention can petition the U.S Ambassador directly. This is also aimed at showing that the US Government is a friend to the local population.

  Website: https://ng.usembassy.gov

  • Public Diplomacy Grants: US Embassy in Sierra Leone

This grants program is open to Organizations that are involved in projects that can result in a better relationship between Sierra Leone and The United States of America. 

Website: https://sl.usembassy.gov

  • Special Self Help Fund: U.S Embassy in Guinea

The United States Embassy in Guinea, at the discretion of the Ambassador, provides financial assistance to groups, organizations, and community associations whose work directly impacts the communities they are located in. for information please follow the link below.

Website: https://gn.usembassy.gov

  •  The African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF)

The African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) is an African organization, and so they have a passion for the development of women. They are offering grants to community associations, and NGOs working to help downtrodden women. For more information please follow the link below’

Website: https://awdf.com

  • US Embassy in Tanzania Public Diplomacy Grants in Tanzania

The United States Government through its embassy in Tanzania is giving out small funds to groups and community associations in rural communities in Tanzania. This is to show that the United States is a friend to the people. For more information please follow the link below 

Website: https://tz.usembassy.gov

  • Feminist Review Trust Fund Grants

Feminist Review is giving out small amounts of money to women empowerment groups all over the world. For further information please contact them with the information below.

Website: https://www.feminist-review-trust.com

  • The Foundation Suez Grants

The foundation SUEZ is giving out small amounts of money to groups that are working to improve the living conditions of poor people all over the world. For information on how to apply please follow the information below. 

Website: https://www.suez.com >who-we-are

  • Grofin Funding For Entrepreneurs in Africa

Grofin is calling on small businesses in Africa that are in need of financing. Interested applicants need to provide a detailed explanation of their business operations. Please be advised that this funding is a loan and repayable. It is not offered to people with business ideas, but rather already established businesses. For information on how to apply please follow the link. 

Website: www.grofin.com> language>apply

  • Minor Foundation for Major Change

The Minor Foundation For Major Change is giving out small grants to organizations whose work revolve s around the preservation of the natural environment. For details on how to apply please follow the information below:

Website: www.minor-foundation.no >apply-for-a-grant


Closing On The List Of Funding Opportunities For NGOs In Africa: 

As you can observe in most economies around the world, COVID 19 is the main subject of focus in politics and commerce. Same is true with the financing of NGOs in Africa and everywhere else. Major funding bodies have turned their attention towards this deadly disease, and most of their funding is going there as well. Hopefully, this disease can be defeated soon, and so life for other NGOs can continue as normal.  


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