List of worst paying jobs in Kenay presently. Kenya is one of the countries with the fastest-developing economies in East Africa. Due to this meaningful level of economic growth coupled with other favourable factors, one can substantiate that there are a number of high-paying jobs in Kenya.

Getting a high-paying job is usually the top priority for everyone and that is why we see many Kenyan students aspiring for diplomas and degrees in marketable courses. However as poor circumstances are meant to surface, Kenya still has a number of worst-paying jobs and many of the professionals in these jobs claim they get peanuts in return for their vigorous efforts. A good instance is the protest staged by Kenyan teachers demanding that the government should increase their salaries.


In reality, it is a burning issue that Kenya’s worst-paying jobs seem to be the most popular jobs in the country because they occupy thousands of Kenyans. Finally, below is a list of the Worst-Paying Jobs in Kenya.


  • 1. Police

In Kenya, the job of a policeman is quite tedious because he serves his country by getting hold of criminals and restoring order to a devastated area. If policemen/women decided to embark on industrial action, there wouldn’t be anyone to provide internal security for the populace. In as much as their work requires the risk of fighting out with criminals and bringing them to their knees, policemen/women deserve to be remunerated substantially.

However, in Kenya, police officers seem to have been afflicted with meagre salaries which can hardly keep them at reasonable living standards. With the minimum monthly income of Ksh 20,000, an average Kenyan police officer finds himself amongst the lowest-paid professionals in the country. In consequence of this unfair treatment, many police officers have made bribery a priority and alternative option for making money.

  • 2. Teaching

It isn’t strange to find teaching on this list but it is very unfortunate that teachers fall into the category of low salary earners. Considering the significant knowledge teachers impart to others, one could suggest that they appear amongst the highest-paid professionals in any country.

Kenyan teachers working in public schools are poorly rewarded and in many cases, their salaries come with specified deductions. This has made teaching one of the worst-paying jobs in Kenya but on a reasonable note, Kenyan teachers in the private sector are remunerated better than their public counterparts. If you’re a high-level teacher employed in one of Kenya’s top private schools, you have a concrete reason to maintain better living conditions than the public school teachers who often demonstrate across streets, requesting the government for a pay increase.

  • 3. Customer Care

If you introduce yourself as a customer care agent, some Kenyans readily believe you’re getting peanuts as salaries. However, this is only true to some extent because there are mega Kenyan companies –such as Safaricom –which reward customer care agents beautifully.

In Kenya, companies recruit people who are meant to receive customers’ complaints and handle them effectively. This job is very tedious because customers maintain certain rights even when they seem annoying. As of now, customer care is still one of the worst-paying jobs in Kenya since there are a lot of low-class companies paying customer care agents the monthly salary of Ksh 20,000.

  • 4. Security Jobs

Everyone values being protected and that is why people are frequently employed to serve as security guards. Without any doubts, working as a security guard is one of the most dangerous professions people take on in Kenya. In spite of the risks associated with their profession, some security guards are rewarded with as low as Ksh 10,000 on a monthly basis. The only interesting thing about security jobs is that they are always available because big companies can’t afford being unprotected. If you don’t mind the poor remuneration and the dangers involved, it is very easy to secure employment as a security guard in Kenya.

  • 5. Sales

Salespersons usually have a lot of work to do in order to bring in profit for a company. However, this personnel gets peanuts as the reward for their vigorous effort of maximizing sales. In Kenya, sales personnel don’t have a fixed salary structure and at times, their salaries may depend on the sales level of their company. In another case, the earnings of some salespersons are based on commission. This could mean that such salespersons wouldn’t be paid if they failed to sell the items or commodities given to them.

In Kenya, the job of a salesperson is regarded with low esteem and the salary it attracts can be as low as Ksh 10,000. Irrespective of that, we still have many people doing the job due to limited employment opportunities. Speaking generally, sales personnel are remunerated poorly in Kenya but this still doesn’t mean there are no companies which pay sales personnel beautifully in the country.

  • 6. Hospitality, Hotel & Tourism

Hospitality staff members get underpaid in Kenya but many people barely realize this. On normal grounds, you would expect somebody working –probably as a receptionist –in a mega hotel to be paid beautifully but in reality, hotel personnel falls under the class of low-income earners in Kenya.

Despite the prestige supposedly associated with the job of hospitality, some hotel staff has the salary range of Ksh 10,000 – 25,000. Over and above this insubstantial salary, these staff may have to dispose of themselves with great care lest they lose their positions. Seriously speaking, a hotel receptionist should know that he/she could be dismissed for disrespecting hotel guests even when they do silly things.

  • 7. Nursing

Like teachers, nurses are poorly rewarded in Kenya. However, on a factual note, nurses should be found among the highest-paid medical professionals in any country. Nursing is not an easy task as it demands to be hospitable, caring and attentive. Just like doctors, nurses devote time to saving people’s lives but as sad as it is, some Kenyan nurses are paid below Ksh 40,000 per month. For the fact that nurses are qualified health professionals, they deserve to be paid substantially. Due to the poor remuneration, some Kenyans are not showing interest in the medical field whereas the country [Kenya] is short of health practitioners including doctors.

At times, Kenyan nurses and doctors take to the streets, requesting the government to increase their salaries. This is always an unfortunate scene and it depicts nursing as one of the worst-paying jobs in Kenya.

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