Top 10 Biggest Power Stations In South Africa 2020

Enjoy this cool list of the best 10 biggest Power Stations In South Africa that takes care of its electricity for day to day activities.

South Africa is a well-known or famous and also one of the wealthiest countries that are located inside Africa continent which has constructed plenty of power stations around South Africa nation to take care of power electricity for industries, home, and government users, the public and private sectors that are operating of power plants which majority of them are being powered through coal filed. The ten lists of largest power stations in South Africa and where they are located are as follows;

Biggest Power Stations In South Africa

  • Kusile Power Station

The largest power station located in South Africa is the Kusile power station that manufactures around 4,800 MW of power electricity through coal. It is situated in the Mpumalanga city. The Kusile power station’s former name is Bravo Power Station.

Eskom that is the state electricity utility is the state that the Kusile Power station is under construction which is about fifteen kilometers by the north of the Kendal power station that has been existing close to Witbank, Mpumalanga city, South Africa. The main fuel of this power station is coal.

Expectedly, Kusile power station would make up a total of six-eight hundred megawatts that is coal-fired which produces units for a generating total capacity of four thousand (4,000) megawatts.

In the brief minutes of the stakeholder, it is clearly stated by Eskom that “will obtain most of the coal required for Kusile power station from Anglo Coal’s New  Largo Operations, South Africa east of the Kusile Power Station.

  • Medupi power station

Medupi power station is a coaled dry -cooled fired power station that is being constructed by Eskom close to Lephalale city in the province of Limpopo; South Africa. “Rain that soaks parched lands” is a Sepedi word chosen Medupi according to Eskom.

Coal is the primary fuel of the Medupi power station. This power station historically was given birth in the year 2007 as Project Alpha comprising of only three units to overall cost R32 billion and 2400WM. Medupi power station in South Africa’s second-largest or biggest power station.

  • Kendal power station

In the Mpumalanga city that is inside South Africa, Kendal Power Station that is the third biggest station in South Africa is a coal-filled type of power station. It is situated in a coal-mining region. AEMFC’s coal mine situated at Lafontaine close to Ogives is among the sources of Kendal Power Station. Its main fuel sources are coal. In the year 1988, which is thirty years now, was the exact year this power station was commissioned. It is owned by Eskom.

It is why it made our list of biggest Power Stations In South Africa.

  • Majuba Power Station

The Majuba power station that is across Amersfoort and Volksrust in the city of Mpumalanga, South Africa in the Africa continent is a power plant that is coal-filled and being operated by Eskom. This is the fourth biggest and largest power station that is existing in the South Africa nation. Unlike the other first three power stations that have been discussed earlier on in this work, the Majuba power station has its diverse stations it sources from, and also it is the only power station owned by Eskom which is linked to a particular mine.

  • Matimba Power Station

The Matiba Power Station on the list of ten biggest and largest power stations in South Africa country is the number five power station. It is operated and coordinated by the State government of Eskom.

This power station called Matimba power station which is nearer to the Limpopo and the Ellisras provinces inside South Africa is a power plant that is coal-filled.

  • Lethabo Power Station

This is the sixth biggest and largest power station on the list of the ten largest power stations in South Africa. It has an operational status and it is owned and coordinated by Eskom. This power station has a total number of six operational units only. This power station also was commissioned as a power station in the year 1985 implying that it has been into existence for thirty-three-year now. The Lethabo power station is situated in the Metsimaholo city that is a free state inside South Africa.

  • Tukuka Power Station

The Tukuka power station is commissioned in the year 1985 which means that Tukuka power station has been an operational presence for thirty-three years now. It has a status that is operational. There are only six operational units in this Tukuka power station. It is managed and operated by the Eskom state government. This power station is situated in the Mpumalanga city of South Africa.

  • Malta Power Station

The Power station known as Malta power station is among the Toppest power station that is located in South Africa. It is regarded as one of the peak power stations in this country due to its size and the quality of electricity is produced and shared.  It is one of the cool filled power stations as well with its own on the hands of the Eskom state government.

  • The Duvha Power Station

This power station called the Duvha power station is situated in the Witbank that is along the fifteen (15) km of the east road which is approximately or nearer to the city of Mpumalanga, South Africa. This power station has a total number of its staff to be approximately nine hundred workers only.

Historically, the Duvha power station’s construction work commenced fully in 1985 in the month of November. This simply implies that it has been into existence the past thirty- three years now. The Duvha power station became the pioneer station in the globe to be reckoned with the fabric plants’ pulse jet filter. The station is just twenty-two old in its southern hemisphere.

  • Kriel power station

The least on the ten biggest and largest power station in a country of South Africa is the Kriel power station. The station is located at the one hundred and fifty kilometers of the east Johannesburg. It is the biggest coal-filled power station that is around the southern hemisphere. Its construction work was completed in the year 1979. Due to South Africa’s static or constant growth, its demand for electricity has made this power station to be created in order to produce its improving supply of electricity which is demanded. This power station is sited in the Mpumalanga city of South Africa.


Conclusion on the biggest Power Stations In South Africa

It is important to note down that there are some relevant social and technical discrepancies between the fossil and the nuclear power stations. The discrepancy is that whereas the former serves as the plant’s main source of fuel, the later generates the electricity through the use of heat from atomic fission.

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