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The biggest companies In South Africa are very popular one. Did you know that Shoprite is amongst the top 10 big boys companies?

That South Africa is Africa’s second-largest economy is no longer news. This beautiful African country is doing well for itself in several areas. It is one of the fastest developing countries in Africa and a leader in several ways on the African continent.

The country has a population of well over 53 million people and that ranks it within the top ten most populated countries in Africa. South Africa without a doubt is a beautiful country with breathtaking landscapes as well as man-made structures. Found within this great country are some of the most beautiful cities in Africa.

Biggest Companies In South Africa 2018

There are plenty of opportunities for those who are interested in setting up business in the country. The country is quite rich in natural resources and the mining sector of South Africa is thriving and ranks as one of the best in Africa. Also, in the technology sector, South Africa ranks very high in Africa as well as several top technology companies operating in several countries on the continent have South African roots. We will be examining the top ten most valuable companies in South Africa.

biggest companies In South Africa

  • 1. Naspers, $75.4bn

Top of this list is Naspers. The company is well ahead of any other company on this list with a market value of $75.4bn, leaving Sasol a distant second. The value of Naspers is nearly four times that of Sasol in second place. Naspers Ltd. currently holds the highest market value of any company in all of South Africa.

The company is operating in the broadcasting and cable industry, providing a television platform, print media, internet services, technology products and also book publishing services. It is currently operating in over 120 countries of the world. Naspers runs some of the leading internet, video, media and entertainment platforms in the world.

  • 2. Sasol, $19.8bn

Second company on this list is Sasol Ltd. It is the only Chemical company on this list. Sasol engages in the manufacture of industrial chemicals. The company also specializes in the development of technologies to improve the production of liquid fuels, chemicals, low-carbon electricity, and others.

The company currently has over 30,000 employees on its payroll spread across 33 countries. The headquarters of Sasol is in Johannesburg, South Africa. The market value of Sasol Ltd. Is put at $19.8 billion.

  • 3. Firstrand, $18,2bn

Third on the list is FirstRand. The company has a market value of $18.2bn. It is registered as a bank controlling company in South Africa. Since being founded in the year 1970, FirstRand has grown through its portfolio of leading financial services franchises that provide a universal set of transactional lending, investment and also insurance services. The FirstRand group’s portfolio includes FNB, RMB, WesBank and Ashburton Investment.

  • 4. Mtn Group, $16.6BN

Number 4 on this list belongs to the popular network information technology service provider, MTN Group Ltd. The company aims to deliver local, national and international telecommunications services, broadband, mobile, and other internet products and services in developing markets of the world. The company is currently operating in several countries on the African continent including Nigeria. The company makes lots of investments in the industry through its several subsidiary companies, joint ventures, and associates. The market value of MTN Group stands at $16.6 billion.

  • 5. Standard Bank Group, $15.9bn                       

The Standard Bank Group is currently the largest African banking group by assets. The company engages in the business of banking and also financial services. The company is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and offers a multitude of services including transactional banking, saving, borrowing, lending, investment, insurance, risk management, wealth management and also advisory services. Standard Bank has one of the most substantial heritages of all companies on the list have been founded in the year 1862. The company is currently valued at $15.9 billion.

  • 6. Sanlam, $9.5bn

6th on this list is Sanlam Ltd. Sanlam much like MMI Holdings, operates as an insurance specialist, providing financial solutions to the individual as well as institutional clients. Some of the solutions that the company currently offers include personal financial services such as estate planning, wills, personal loans, health management, savings, and several others. Sanlam oversees five segments of operation which are: Sanlam Personal Finance, Sanlam Emerging Markets, Sanlam Investments, Sanlam and Corporate & Others. The market value of Sanlam currently stands at $9.5 billion.

  • 7. Remgro, $8.4bn

Remegro is the next company to feature on this list. It is an Investment Holdings company and places in seventh with a market value of $8.4bn. The company makes investments across a wide range of sectors including food, liquor, home care, banking, healthcare, insurance, industrial, infrastructure, media, and sport, among several others.

  • 8. Shoprite Holdings, $7.9bn

Africa’s largest food retailer, Shoprite Holdings makes the list in 8th place. The company boasts of about 2,689 outlets spread across 15 African countries and Indian Ocean Islands, with over 144,000 employees on its payroll. The Shoprite Group consists of 14 retail brands including Shoprite, Usave, and Checkers, to meet the wide range of needs of consumers across all the retail market segments, anywhere from food to furniture.

  • 9. Bid corp., $6.7bn

The penultimate company on this list is Bid Corp. The company’s headquarters is located in the beautiful city of Johannesburg, South Africa. The market value of the Bid Corp. more than doubles the market value of MMI Holdings, the last company on this list at $6.7bn.

Bid Corp. is a broad-line food service group that is listed on the JSE South Africa, with a presence in all continents of the world other than North America. The company acts as an investor and looks to realize existing potential in current foodservice operations, and also buying into acquisitive growth opportunities.

  • 10. Mmi Holdings, $2.5bn

Rounding up this list is MMI Holdings. The Value of the company is currently put at US$2.5bn. MMI Holdings can lay claim to being one of only two insurance companies to make this list. The company was set up less than 8 years ago, sometime in the month of December 2010 following the merger of financial insurance players Metropolitan and Momentum.

The company has since made its way up the South African ladder to become one of the country’s top multibillion-dollar companies.

MMI Holdings currently specialize in the provision of long and also short-term insurance, savings, investment, and healthcare, asset and also property management services.


Conclusion on the Biggest Companies In South Africa

These are the top ten biggest companies in South Africa as of today. Their operations cut across several sectors from telecommunications to foodservice, to retail services and also banking and insurance services. Some of them are also operating in several other countries mostly in Africa.

Top South African cities such as Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban are also some of the top tourist’s destinations on the continent due to their beautiful landscapes, cleanliness and also well-crafted man-made structures. South Africa is bounded on the south by the South Africa coastline that stretches for 2,798 kilometers along the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

In the north, the country shares a border with Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe, and in the east, the border is shared with Mozambique, Swaziland, and Lesotho. Generally, the citizens of South Africa are naturally friendly and living and doing business in South Africa is quite easy because of the friendly nature of the people. In terms of racial diversity, South Africa ranks high in the world as the country is racially diverse with all races present in the country.

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