Top 10 Best Football Players In Africa 2020

Top 10 Best Football Players in Africa – As is the tradition in every corner of the globe, every year a list of the very best players in the region is made. Unfortunately, however, that is often tainted with commercial interests from sponsors of the events, and so poster boys, instead of the best performers are selected. Not here. Here we attempt to provide the real-life Top 10 Best Footballers in Africa currently in 2020, without any bias, or vested interests. We want an inclusive list; one that contains Strikers, Wingers, Midfielders, and defenders, and we base our rankings on figures- real stats garnered on the field of play, instead of sentiments.

We want to see players whose contributions to their teams are invaluable, and who spur their teams on to success. That is not all. Who does not like to see some exciting football? Who does not like to see dribbles, mad skills, and intricate passing?

This was once the home of such play? When Legends like Kalusha Bwalya, Abedi Pele, and the Great Jay-Jay Okocha represented the spirit of Africa abroad and held Europe to ransom. As the game of football develops in Africa, we may once again see such artistry in the Dark Continent.

A little Caveat: this list is made up of players who currently play in Europe- perhaps this has contributed to the downward regression of the League System in Africa.

Top 10 Best Football Players In Africa 2020

 Rank No.   Name   Club   Country 
 1.  Sadio Mane  Liverpool  Senegal
 2.  Mohammed Salah  Liverpool  Egypt
 3.  Pierre Aubameyang  Arsenal  Gabon
 4.  Khalidou Koulibaly  Napoli  Senegal
 5.  Thomas Partey  Atletico Madrid  Ghana
 6.  Riyadh Mahrez  Manchester City  Algeria
 7.  Wilfred Ndidi  Leicester City  Nigeria
 8.  Serge Aurier  Tottenham  Ivory Coast
 9.  Naby Keita  Liverpool  Guinea
 10.  Eric Bailly  Manchester United  Ivory Coast

That is our list in brief. Why don’t you take a moment to find out how they performed in detail, thus justifying their various positions on our list.

Top 10 Best Footballers In Africa 2020

Sadio Mane Among The Best Football Players In Africa
  • 1. Sadio Mane

    • Club: Liverpool
    • Date Of Birth: 10th April 1992

Sadio Mane is Mohammed Salah’s mate, in more ways that one. Not just do the two of them share a dressing room, they play side by side as forwards, tormenting defenders together, one from the right, and the other from the left. Furthermore, they both have the same number of goals in the English Premier League, and both shared the Golden Shoe Award with a third African.

Sadio Mane comes top because he has been consistent. He was nominated for the prestigious PFA Player of the Year Award, in obvious recognition of his tenacity and utter dedication to the Liverpool cause.

Sadio Mane was given less playing time than Mohammed Salah at Liverpool this season and yet managed to score level with the revered Egyptian, making him the more potent forward of the two. He comes second, however, because he has 2 assists in the League, which is 5 less than Mohammed Salah’s tally.

Mohamed Salah
  • 2. Mohammed Salah

    • Club: Liverpool
    • Date Of Birth: 15th June 1992

No surprises at all! This Egyptian danger man who just received his second consecutive Premier League Golden Shoe Award with 22 goals, tops our list for a number of reasons: Not only has scored the most goals by an African player in Europes’ Top Four Leagues, also has the most assists with 7 so far. He also has the supreme confidence of his management and teammates, therefore earning nearly 4000 minutes of League football this season.

Mohammed Salah is just as important for Egypt as he is for Liverpool Football Club, where he plays most of his football. Despite his recent shoulder injury, Mohammed Salah seems to have regained much of his strength and confidence and showed flashes of his speed, control, and deadliness in front of goal.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
  • 3. Pierre Emerick Aubameyang

    • Club: Arsenal
    • Date Of Birth: 18th June 1989

Completing the gold harvest for Africa in the English Premier League for the season is Pierre Emerick Aubameyang. He scored 22 goals to claim the Golden Shoe Award, alongside African compatriots Mohammed Salah and Sadio Mane.

Unfortunately, however, a string of inconsistent showings prevents Pierre Aubameyang and his Arsenal teammates from claiming a top 4 finish in the English Premier League season 2018/2019, and so despite proving without any doubt that he is world class, Aubameyang cannot claim to be the best on the continent.

Kalidou Koulibaly
  • 4. Kalidou Koulibaly

    • Club: Napoli
    • Date Of Birth: 20th June 1991

An absolute mountain of a man, Khalidou Koulibaly claims the spot number 4 in our rankings. The Best Defender in the Italian Serie A 2018/2019 (as awarded ) makes the list on pure merit, with his absolutely commanding performances for Napoli this season.
Khalidou Koulibaly has been the defensive pillar on which this high flying Napoli side is built.

He has conceded only 0.8 goals every 90 minutes played, 14 out of the 35 matches he has played in have been clean sheets for his defense. He played 3134 minutes in Serie A this season and a total of 4304 minutes of club football.

He also towered above everyone else in his position this season, with 61 tackles completed, and 135 clearances. He completed 2229 passes in Serie A, making him the best passer of the ball in Serie a for the 2018/2019 season.

Thomas Partey
  • 5. Thomas Partey

    • Club: Atletico Madrid
    • Date Of Birth: 13th June 1993

He is a rock of Gibraltar and rightly so. This sometimes temperamental Ghanian international stands like a lion on patrol, preventing anyone from gaining assess to his backline at Athletico Madrid.
With a freshly sharpened tackling ability, his superb man-marking ability, excellent agility, aerial prowess, and brute power, Thomas Partey is a very mean customer indeed. He has played a total of 42 matches for Athletico Madrid this season, with 32 of those appearances coming in the La Liga. No wonder his 3 goals this season have come in the League. Thomas Partey has played 2066 minutes in La Liga for his club and got 4 assists.

With veteran defender Diego Godin departing, and the subsequent reshuffle meant ongoing in Athletico Madrid, Thomas Partey is set to play an even bigger role at Athletico Madrid, giving him even rankings on the African Best list.

  • 6. Riyadh Mahrez

    • Club: Manchester City
    • Date Of Birth: 21st February 1991

If dribbling was our criteria, Algerian Riyahd Mahrez would be in the number one spot on this list. A versatile midfield player who was an important contributor to Leicester City’ world shaking title win in 2015/2016, thus attracting the attention of Pep Guardiola, has continued his show of daring dribbles with new club Manchester City.

He has 7 league goals this season, and also got 4 assists, which is not bad for a Midfielder who only got 1339 minutes of football in the English Premier League this season. He was also a modest contributor to Manchester City in other competitions as well, playing 6 games in the Champions League, and 5 games in the FA Cup.

  • 7. Wilfred Ndidi

    • Club: Leicester City
    • Date Of Birth: 16th December 1996

Among the best football players in Africa so far is Wilfred Nididi, a very important and consistent performer for his Leicester City side indeed. A strong, flexible and resolute defensive midfielder, made of the same stock as Thomas Partey highlighted above, Wilfred Ndidi provided ample cover for the Leicester City backline, throwing in the tackles, and even tacking a yellow for the team where necessary.
He has played 3299 minutes in the English Premier League, with 3569 minutes of club football in total. While he has 2 goals to his name this season from the English Premier League, his only assist came in the League Cup.

Wilfred Ndidi hit 55 shots this term, but only 9 of them were on target. However, 80 percent of his passes were accurate.

  • 8. Serge Aurier

    • Club: Tottenham Hotspur
    • Date Of Birth: 24th December 1992

Tottenham Hotspur’s Serge Aurier is next on our list. The Ivorian International has flown with the Cranes of Tottenham Hotspurs this season. While he is not exactly the first pick for coach Mauricio Pocchetino at Tottenham.

Serge Aurier has just about 18 starts in all competitions, with 2132 minutes, he has managed 3 assists this season, and also scored 2 goals. He has hit 10 shots this season, with 3 of them being on target. Serge Aurier also has a passing accuracy of 77 percent.
A good showing in the English Premier League and Champions League put him on this list.

  • 9. Naby Keita

    • Club: Liverpool
    • Date Of Birth: 10th February 1995

With Liverpool in top form at the moment, it is hard not to look with appreciation at the unfolding potential that is Naby Keita. This midfielder who is obviously suffering the impact of Gini Wijnaldum’s exceptional form for Liverpool this season (thus restricting his number of appearances ), gets our nod for his consistent performances when called upon this season.
He has 1816 minutes in total so far, with a total of 33 matches he has been involved in. In the English Premier League, he also has 2 goals, and 1 assist.

  • 10. Eric Bailey

    • Club: Manchester United
    • Date Of Birth: 12 April 1994

Ivorian Eric Bailly concludes this list. He is sometimes a resolute defender, although not at all infallible, and has suffered from the stumbling, and unimpressive Manchester United side. Never-the-less, Eric Bailly can be a mountain on his day.

This season he has 2380 minutes of club football in all competitions this season, with 5 shots, 4 of which were wayward. Eric Baily has a passing accuracy of 87 percent. Eric Bailly could shine brighter if the Manchester United board make some important changes in the coming season.

That’s all about the Best Football Players in Africa 2020 So Far.


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