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Globally, many people believe U.S.A, Russia, and China are the leading nations in terms of military strength. In point of fact, these nations maintain their immense military powers with the help of numerous armaments such as fighter jets, nuclear devices, and armoured vehicles. So one tends to ask which country holds the spot for the best airforce in Africa 2018.

  • Which Country Has The Best Airforce In Africa 2018?

The world’s military powers are well known, but in Africa, many people hardly know the countries with the military powers that dominate the black continent. Undoubtedly, military encompasses several units among which are ground forces, air force, and navy. But in this article, you will be familiarized with the Top 10 Best Air Forces in Africa (2018).


  • #1. Egypt

Undoubtedly, Egypt is the frontline of Africa’s air forces. With regard to a report issued by Yuval Steinitz –who previously served as the chairman of Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee –the air force of Egpyt is apparently on a par with the Israeli Air Force in terms of modern warplanes. He added that the Egyptian Air Force possesses more artillery, warships, anti-aircraft batteries and western tanks than the defense forces of Israel.

Egypt equips its armed forces with modern military supplies from various global countries. Egypt perfectly builds some armaments by itself (a good instance being the M1 Abrams tank) but the country still receives more military supplies from across the world.

The Egyptian AirForce is undoubtedly the best airforce in Africa and it currently has almost 1,100 aircraft.

Which Country Has The Best Airforce In Africa Stongest

Which Country Has The Best Airforce In Africa Stongest

  • #2. Algeria

Alongside Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia, Algeria can be found in the Northern region of Africa. Impressively, Algeria is one of the few African countries that pump large sums of money into their military sectors. Currently and in accordance with the estimates of military spending, Algeria is the African country with the highest military budget. Coupled with several other factors such as well-equipped military personnel and sophisticated weaponry, Algeria is the country that possesses the second best air force in Africa 2018.

To substantiate the massive sums the Algerian government has spent on its military so far, the air force of Algeria –in 2007 –endorsed an arms deal with Russia. Meanwhile, the deal was agreed in an attempt to pay Russia an estimated sum of $1.9 billion in exchange for 6 MiG-29UBT and 49 MiG-29SMT.

  • #3. Ethiopia

In factual point, Ethiopia is one of the strongest countries which beautify the history of Africa. With its defense budget estimated at $340 million, the Ethiopian government is believed to have spent substantially on its military and this makes Ethiopian air force one of the best airforces in Africa 2018.

Regarded as the third strongest air force in Africa, the Ethiopian Air Force is strongly equipped with 81 aircraft while the country’s armoury is strengthened with 560 tanks. Moreover, about 3,000 personnel make up the Ethiopian Air Force and this largely contributes to the presence of Ethiopia among Africa’s strongest air forces.
South Africa

In the entirety of Africa, the South African Air Force is considered one of the fiercest military units. With a total of 213 aircraft alongside well-trained personnel, the South African Air Force merits a significant position among the best air forces on the African continent. The analysis on South Africa’s current spending shows that the country has an estimated sum of $4.96 billion set aside as military budget.

By recalling past events, South Africa once had 6 nuclear weapons under its military control. However, the country agreed to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in 1991 and this agreement resulted in the destruction of the nuclear weapons.

  • #3. Nigeria

It is always fascinating to find out the position Nigeria holds amongst Africa’s best air forces. Undoubtedly, Nigeria is the most dominant African country in terms of population and economic potential. However, the country has failed to claim the first spot among the best air forces in Africa.

On this list of Africa’s best air forces for 2017, Nigeria is kept within the fifth position and this is still a remarkable feat. But in reality, Nigeria could have ranked better than this if its military had been able to curb Boko Haram insurgency which is undoubtedly one of the current problems facing Nigeria.

Nevertheless, Nigeria’s air force is regarded as one of the strongest military units Africa boasts of. Although Nigeria has a high rate of corruption, its government has managed to spend some considerable amount on the military sector. As regards this, Nigeria’s air force is strongly equipped with 300 aircraft.

  • #4. Kenya

Over the years, the government of Kenya has remained vibrant in its mission to maintain peace and order. As regards this, Kenyan military personnel are found within and beyond the confines of the country in a bid to maintain the country’s peacekeeping mission.

As regards its military budget, the Kenyan government appropriates a considerable sum estimated at $595 million and undoubtedly, this has a great hand in the development of the country’s military sector. Besides, there is a significant number of Kenyans who constitute the country’s armed forces. Currently, over 12 million people make up Kenya’s military. Without doubts, this statistic has strengthened Kenya has one of the best airforce in Africa in 2018.

  • #5. Morocco

Morocco deserves the seventh position on this list for having strengthened its air force as one of the subsidiaries under its military. In detail, the Moroccan air force is buttressed with a total of 323 aircraft. Within and beyond North Africa, Morocco’s air force is considered one of the most influential military units charged with the responsibility of maintaining peace and order.

To signify that Morocco is one of the big-spending African countries in terms of military, the Moroccan government provides a substantial sum of $3.4 billion as the country’s military budget.

  • #6. Tunisia

Within and beyond North Africa, Tunisia possesses one of the best air forces. The country has strengthened its air force with a total of 4 UAVs and 154 aircraft. Besides that, the country has more sophisticated armaments in its arsenal. Tunisia’s air force is best known for its vibrant operations aimed at safeguarding the country’s internal and external territories.

  • #7. Angola

With a substantial defense budget estimated at $4 billion and a total of 270 aircraft, Angola certainly controls one of the best air forces in Africa. Moreover, Angola’s military is strongly equipped with other military armaments including 82 fighters along with 15 attack helicopters.

  • #8. Libya

Although Libya has been doing well in the aspect of the military, the country merits nothing other than the tenth spot among Africa’s strongest air forces. The reason for this is that the number of military personnel is considered little in relation to a number of military armaments under the control of Libya’s military.

Nevertheless, Libya’s air force maintains its ground with military resources ranging from 121 helicopters to 600 aircraft. In addition to that, the government of Libya strengthens the country’s military with a total of $880 million as defense budget.

The remaining two countries on the list of the top 10 best airforces in Africa 2018 will be added as soon as we are able to get more information on them. Thanks for reading


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