In accordance with the statistics released by GFP (The Global Firepower), this article clearly reviews the Top 10 Strongest Military in Africa for 2019. Meanwhile, GFP is notable as an organization that evaluates the annual military potentials of various countries and draws a significant comparison between these countries based on their respective power indexes.

Therefore, this article presents you the list of top 10 strongest countries that dominate the military sphere of the African continent. At the same time, this list conforms to the current estimates released.


  • #1. Egypt

In terms of military strength, Egypt is regarded as Africa’s strongest nation. In accordance with several estimates about Africa’s military, it has been observed that Egypt dominates Africa with its tremendous military strength which makes up the largest armed force in Africa.

With regard to military strength, African nations are compared based on the number of people found in the military sector. Likewise, Egypt maintains this spot with the help of its solid military equipment which includes 1,100 aircraft coupled with 4,767 tanks. Egypt buttresses its military sector with sophisticated and strong soldiers and with respect to this, the country’s entire naval strength is rated at 237.

Though Egypt is Africa’s largest producer of well-equipped military personnel, the country is still not on a par with Israeli military especially in terms of sophisticated training and possession of armaments.
Besides being Africa’s major military powerhouse, Egypt is undoubtedly one of the world’s strongest producers of military personnel. This estimate stems from the fact that Egypt has a reserve of 800,000 personnel coupled with a total of 438,500 active personnel. Above that, Egypt has a voluminous paramilitary which occupies 400,000 personnel. In the aspect of the defense budget, Egypt also ranks well globally with an estimated $7.85 billion.

Egyptian Military Force
  • #2. Algeria

Behind Egypt, Algeria takes the second spot with a total of 120,000 personnel who occupy the active military. Algeria possesses a massive total of 1,500 armored vehicles and this makes it one of the African countries with the most sophisticated armed forces.

Other than Egypt, Algeria’s military power surpasses those of other African countries. Likewise, the government of Algeria has spent heavily on the military sector. For this reason, Algeria has a whopping sum of $10.57 billion set aside for its defense budget.

  • #3. Ethiopia

Ethiopia is Africa’s third strongest nation in terms of military. It has one of the most sophisticated military personnel the African continent can boast of. In the aspect of military armaments, the country’s military sector is buttressed with 81 aircraft coupled with 560 tanks.

Ethiopia’s military sector is further strengthened with a total of 3,000 personnel who make up its air force. Likewise, the country has a total of 138,000 active personnel who make up its ground force.

  • #4. South Africa

South Africa possesses the 4th strongest military in Africa. The country has a total of 62,082 active personnel and a modernized military technology reinforced with effective naval vessels and aircraft. Besides its active military, South Africa boasts of 17,000 personnel who make up its military reserve. As regards naval strength, South Africa is rated at 30 while the military armaments consist of 213 aircraft and 191 tanks. Likewise, South Africa ranks well in the aspect of the defense budget. Currently, the South African government has a sum of $4.96 billion set aside as defense budget.

  • #5. Nigeria

Although Nigeria has experienced a series of rebellious attacks, the country has one of the most powerful military forces in Africa. In this regard, Nigeria takes the fifth spot on our list of Africa’s strongest military forces.
Had it not been for its recurring nightmare of corruption, political disorder and absence of modern armaments, Nigeria could have ranked higher than the fifth position on Africa’s list of strongest military forces for the current year. Nevertheless, Nigeria maintains enormous weaponry which consists of 6,000 logistical vehicles, 360 tanks coupled with 1400 armoured vehicles.

As regards its air force, Nigeria is strengthened with 25 sophisticated naval vessels alongside 300 aircraft. Furthermore, the Nigerian government sets aside a total of $2.33 billion as the country’s defense budget.

  • #6. Kenya

With a total of 24,120 personnel who make up its active front-line military, Kenya claims the sixth spot on the list of Africa’s strongest military forces. Significantly, Kenya’s military sector is buttressed with a massive population of military personnel. Out of the country’s entire population, about 12, 168, 138 people make up the military sector. As regards the defense budget, the government of Kenya sets aside a considerable sum of $595 million.

  • #7. Morocco

Morocco claims the seventh spot on the list of Africa’s strongest military forces. The overall population of Morocco is estimated at 32, 649, 130 people and from this estimate, a fair number of personnel make up the country’s military.

According to the figures obtained about African military, a total of 195, 800 personnel make up Morocco’s active frontline military. In the aspect of weaponry, Morocco’s air force is strengthened with 323 aircraft while its arsenal consists of 1, 348 tanks.

Furthermore, the Moroccan government strengthens the country’s military with an estimated sum of $3.4 billion set aside as defense budget.

  • #8. Tunisia

Tunisia is one of the countries located in the Northern region of Africa. It is ranked as the eighth strongest African country in terms of military. Out of Tunisia’s overall population, about 35, 800 personnel make up the active military frontline. In terms of weaponry, Tunisia’s air force is bulwarked with 139 aircraft while the country’s arsenal houses 350 tanks.

Moreover, the government of Tunisia strengthens the country’s military sector with a considerable sum of $550,000,000 set aside as defense budget.

  • #9. Angola

Angola is one of the African countries that boast of military potential and consequently, the country claims the ninth spot among Africa’s strongest military forces. From Angola’s overall population, a considerable amount of 3,039,080 people are considered eligible for military service. As regards its active military, Angola is buttressed with 107,000 personnel while its military armaments comprise 270 aircraft coupled with 140 tanks.

  • #10. Libya

Libya is the tenth most powerful African country in terms of military strength. With an estimated sum of $3 billion set aside as defense budget, Libya is considered one of the African countries that spend massively on the military. Out of Libya’s overall population of 6, 244, 174 people, about 76,000 people make up the country’s active military personnel. With regard to weaponry, Libya is reinforced with 46 aircraft alongside 400 tanks.

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