In Africa, it is believed that many countries lag behind in the aspect of military sophistication particularly in terms of ground forces. Meanwhile, this point remains factual because many African governments are not ready to equip their military sectors with the high-powered armaments needed to combat crises resulting from the insurgency, foreign attacks and other forms of violent invasions – { Best Ground Forces In Africa 2019}.

However, the ground forces of some African countries have been favoured by the influx of citizens into the military. Some African countries have substantial populations and through this, many personnel can be found in their armies. In this article, we’ve gathered a list of the best ground forces in Africa.


  • #1. South Africa

Currently, South Africa is associated with the best ground force Africa boasts of. With its enormous armaments such as aircraft and armoured vehicles, South Africa claims an unparalleled stance in the African country with the most powerful army. According to some previous reports, South Africa had once attempted to devise a nuclear weapon but couldn’t achieve the purpose as a result of US intervention.

Although South Africa cut down the budget spending on its army, the country is yet considered one of the African countries with huge defense budgets. South African army comprises intelligent and sophisticated soldiers who receive solid training from British and Israeli armies. With respect to this, the South African army maintains a solid stance as the best ground force in Africa.

Top 10 Best Ground Forces In Africa 2019
  • #2. Egypt

In point of fact and based on current estimates, Egypt is regarded as the strongest military force in Africa because it is the African country with the largest number of personnel who make up the military sector. Although South Africa is the best African country in terms of ground forces, Egypt remains Africa’s most powerful nation as regards its enormous overall military personnel which surpasses South Africa’s.
Besides, Egypt has fostered its military sector through the collaborative relationships with the world’s strongest military forces from nations like Italy, France, the UK, China, Russia, and the U.S.A. With respect to this, the African giant [Egypt] receives military supplies from each of the stated countries.

The Egyptian military sector mainly comprises the Egyptian Air Defense Command, Egyptian Air Force, Egyptian Navy, and the Egyptian Army. Significantly, Egypt constitutes the powerful African countries which spend heavily on their military sectors. Therefore, the Egyptian government has a budget worth of $5.85 billion usually set aside for the country’s armed forces. Although several reports claim that Egypt is afflicted with political instability, the North African country has maintained its military stance, hence, making it the second-best ground force in Africa.

  • #3. Libya

Although Libya has been encountering serious crisis since its former leader Gadaffi was dethroned, the country still fits well into the most powerful African countries in terms of ground forces. Out of Libya’s overall active military personnel, a considerable number of troops are found in the army and this marks the actual reason why Libya deserves the third spot on this list.

The government of Libya appropriates a sum worth $3 billion as the defense bill and as regards this, Libya is considered one of the African countries with substantial spending on the military. In an attempt to overcome the high incidence of regional conflicts and political instability, the Libyan government has been trying to strengthen its ground force with an increase in the number of troops.

  • #4. Morocco

Morocco claims the fourth spot among the most powerful African countries in terms of ground forces. However, in the aspect of strongest military forces in Africa, Morocco sits in the seventh position due to its defense budget and military supplies which might not be compared with those of other African countries such as Egypt, South Africa, and Nigeria.

Just behind Libya, Morocco has much personnel who occupy its army and this makes it one of the strongest North African countries.

  • #5. Nigeria

The fact that Nigeria is restricted to the fifth position could mean the country doesn’t rank well. Based on population statistics, Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation as well as the largest economy in Africa. Despite this, the country still lags behind South Africa, Egypt, Libya, and Morocco in terms of Africa’s best armies.

Meanwhile, this unsatisfactory position comes as a result of the recurring crisis of political instability and inadequate spending on armaments. Over the years, Nigeria has suffered brutal threats in the hands of Boko Haram insurgents simply because the government hardly spends on the modern armaments needed to curb insurgency. With the incidence of Boko Haram insurgency, some people have felt pessimistic and predicted that Nigeria’s military might become weaker in future moments.

  • #6. Tanzania

In East Africa, Tanzania is arguably the country with the strongest army and based on the past achievements of TPDF (Tanzania People’s Defence Force), the country’s army has long remained dominant across East Africa.

Within Tanzania’s military sector –also known as The Tanzania People’s Defence Force –there are divisions such as Military Intelligence, Air Force Command, Naval Command, and Land Forces Command.

  • #7. Ethiopia

In previous times, Ethiopia had the strongest military force in East Africa. However, the country gradually declined in military might as a result of the continual civil war. As regards the number of soldiers, Ethiopia is considered one of the most powerful countries in Africa. In East Africa, Ethiopia claims the third spot –just behind Kenya and Tanzania –among the countries with the largest military supplies.

Based on past reports gathered in 2011, it was revealed that about 2.4% of Ethiopia’s GDP served as the expenditure on the country’s military sector which combines Ethiopia Air Force and Ethiopia Army.

  • #8. Kenya

Kenya has one of the best economies in East Africa and for long, it has strengthened its military with reasonable spending. In accordance with some estimates gathered in 2012, Kenya spent about 5.3% of its overall GDP worth on the military sector. In the coming years, Kenya is expected to further reinforce its military with higher budgets. Meanwhile, the Kenyan military combines Kenya Air Force, Kenya Navy, and Kenya Army.

In East Africa, Kenya boasts of the second strongest military just behind Ethiopia, but as regards the most powerful ground forces in East Africa, the country takes the third spot just behind Tanzania and Ethiopia.

  • #9. Uganda

Uganda is one of the most powerful East African countries both economically and politically. For years, the country has been marked by significant improvements in the aspect of the military. Although Uganda doesn’t appear among the 10 most powerful military forces in Africa due to limited supplies and inconsiderable military spending, the country has tried to buttress its military with a high number of active personnel who constitute the ground force.


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