Welcome here, I have for you free FRSC past questions and answers pdf. The Federal Road Safety Corps is an agency of the Federal government charged with the responsibility of maintaining road safety on all Nigerian roads. It ensures the roads are safe for use by both motorists and pedestrians. Each year, the agency recruits young Nigerians who are qualified to further improve the efficiency of the agency in the discharge of its duties. For this year, the agency is currently recruiting.



1) Choose the word most similar in meaning to – nullify

  • A. aggravate
  • B. establish
  • C. transform
  • D. invalidate
    Answer: D2) Choose the word most similar in meaning to – rebuke
  • A. censure
  • B. implore
  • C. disparage
  • D. denigrate
    Answer: A

3) Choose the word most similar in meaning to – unpretentious

  • A. realistic
  • B. problematic
  • C. pragmatic
  • D. modest

4) Choose the word most similar in meaning to – applause

  • A. evocation
    B. citation
    C. commendation
    D. acclaim
    Answer: Option D

5) Choose the word most similar in meaning to -striated

  • A. forgiving
  • B. friendly
  • C. lined
  • D. urgent
    Answer: OptionC

6) Which word means- hard work; intense pain; toil

  • A. acrimony
  • B. rancour
  • C. troth
  • D. travail
    Answer : OptionD

7) Which word means- to merge; to combine; to unite

  • A. amalgamate
  • B.solidify
  • C. exonerate
  • D. evaporate
    Answer: Option A

8) Which word means- disaster

  • A. calumny
  • B. calamity
  • C. autocracy
  • D. blow
    Answer : OptionB

9) Which word means- person who spends money extravagantly

  • A. archetype
  • B. wastrel
  • C. miser
  • D. epitome
    Answer: Option B

10) Which word means- effect; final act or result; consequence

  • A. upshot
  • B. paradox
  • C. closure
  • D. hindsight

FRSC Past Questions And Answers ENGLISH CONTINUES

11) Which word means- official paper; deed; certificate

  • A. act
  • B. action
  • C. document
  • D. patron
    Answer : OptionC

12) Which word means-shackle; hindrance

  • A. fetter
  • B. closure
  • C. knot
  • D. tie
    Answer: Option A

13) Which word means- nobility; fairness; generosity

  • A. abstinence
  • B. magnanimity
  • C. parody
  • D. affluence
    Answer: Option B

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49) Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune

  • A. moon
  • B.sun
  • C. planet
  • D. earth
    Answer:D – Explanations: These are all planets of the solar system.

50) magazine, armoury, barracks

  • A. garrison
  • B. military
  • C. arsenal
  • D.soldier
    Answer :C
    Explanation: These are all military buildings.

FRSC Recruitment Past Questions And Answers MATHEMATICS Excerpts

4) Anna bought $4,000 of company stock. She sold 75% of it when the value
doubled, and the remainder at four times the purchase price. What was her total

  • A.$4,000
  • B. $6,750
  • C. $6,000
  • D. $6,500
  • E. $5,000
  • Answer: C
    • Explanation: Anna sold 75% of her stock when it was worth $8000. So she took $6000 cash, leaving her with $2000 worth of stock, which she had purchased for $1000.When this stock increased in value to $4000 she sold it and added this to the first$6000giving her$10,000in cash. Subtracting the initial $4000 coat of the stock, Anna has made $6,000.

5) A total of 1600 copies of a CD were sold. 30% were sold at a 55% discount, 10%
were sold at 30%discount and the remainder were sold at the full price of $7.95.
What was the approximate total revenue in dollars?

  • A.10,369
  • B. 10,569
  • C. 10,569
  • D.10,234
  • E. 10,669
  • Answer: D
    • Explanation: Of the 1600 CDs sold:
      60% or 960 were sold at $7.95 = $7632
      10% or 160 were sold at $5.56 = $889
      {{{{{30% or 480 were sold at $3.57 = $1713}}}}
      Therefore the total revenue was $10,234

Free FRSC Past Questions And Answers PDF Download

6) Anna and John both receive stock as part of their remuneration. Anna
20%. What is the difference between the values of the two bonuses?

  • A. $12.00
  • B.$10.00
  • C. $20.00
  • D. $14.00
  • E. $11.50
  • Answer: A
    • Explanation: Anna receives a bonus of ($400 * 0.12 =) $48.John receives a bonus of ($300 * 0.20 =) $60. The difference between their bonuses is, therefore, $12.

7) Components X, Y, and Z are ordered in the ratio 1:5:4. How many Z components
will be in an order for 8000 components?

  • A.3,200
  • B.1,600
  • C. 6,400
  • D. 4,600
  • E. 1,800
  • Answer: A
    • Explanation: The components are ordered in the ratio 1:5:4 and the total order is for 8,000.
      To work out the numbers of each add 1+5+4 = 10.
      Divide $8,000 by 10 = 800. You can then calculate that the number of Z
      components will be (800 * 4 =) 3,200.

8) A bank offers 10% per annum interest which is calculated and added at the end
of the year. {{{{{{Another bank offers 10% per annum which is calculated and added}}}}}
every six months. What is the difference on a deposit of $800 after one year?

  • A. $2.00
  • B. $2.60
  • C. $2.40
  • D. $2.20
  • E. $4.00
  • Answer: A
    • Explanation: At the bank paying 10% interest calculated each year, the amount will be $880 ($800 * 1.10) at the end of the first year. At the bank paying 10% per annum added every 6 months, the amount will be $840 ($800 * 1.05) at the end of the first six months and $882 ($840 * 1.05) at the end of the year. Therefore the difference will be$2.00.

9) It costs a manufacturer X dollars per component to make the first 500
components. All subsequent components cost X÷5 each. When X = $4.50 How much will it cost to manufacture 4,000components?

  • A. $5,600
  • B. $4,600
  • C. $5,400
  • D. $5,200
  • E. $5,450
  • Answer: C
    • Explanation: The first 500 components are $4.50 each which gives $2,250. The 3500 subsequent components cost $0.90 each which gives $3,150. Therefore the run of 4000 components will cost $5,400.

10) Identify the missing number.
2 6 44 8 10 15 19 ? 21 23

  • A. 72
  • B. 66
  • C. 73
  • D. 57
  • E. 55
  • Answer: D
    • Explanation: The numbers on the bottom row are 13 more than those on the top row. Therefore the missing number is 44 + 13 = 57.

11) Identify the missing number
3 17 6 14 10 5 5 25 ? 7

  • A. 13
  • B. 12
  • C. 25
  • D. 17
  • E. 3
    Answer: A
  • ……………………………………………………………….

FRSC Recruitment Past Questions And Answers CURRENT AFFAIRS Excerpts

1) Ceasarian section is a process of giving birth to a baby by a woman through

  • a. Labour
  • b. Medication
  • c. Oral therapy
  • d. Operation
    Answer: D

2) Urine contains urea, water and

  • a. hydrogen
  • b. soldium
  • c. H20
  • d. Salt

3) Parliamentary Filibusterstrategy is a method of delaying decision in the
parliament through

  • (a) adjournment
  • (b) long speech
  • (c) physical combat
  • (d) absenteeism
    Answer: B

4) HIV/AIDS can be contracted through

  • a. Sharing of clippers for barbing hair
  • b. Hand shake
  • c. Worshipping together
  • d. Using the same plate to eat
    Answer; A

5) Kerosene is a product refined from

  • a. Petrol
  • b. Petroleum Jelly
  • c. Crude oil
  • d. Plan oil


By now we already know that your FRSC computer-based test CBT is scheduled. I will be adviseable for you to practice with likely questions and answers. Let’s help out with your preparation.




This FRSC’s past questions and answers have been prepared specifically to help those who are participating in the recruitment exercise of the agency perform well in the examination. These candidates will be tested in Math, English as well as General Knowledge. It is therefore important that a candidate prepares adequately before going for the screening so as to further boost his or her chances. The examination for the exercise will be conducted by The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). The examination will be a Computer Based Test (CBT) for shortlisted candidates. To this end, we have compiled Federal Road Safety Corp Past Questions and Answers is a PDF Version, for use by candidates partaking in the Aptitude Test/CBT Examination. This FRSC past questions and answers are divided into three parts,

  • English language
  • Mathematics
  • General knowledge/current affairs


The FRSC in May this year called for submission of applications for the recruitment of qualified individuals into the scheme. The application forms were submitted online via the agency’s portal which has since closed. The received applications have been reviewed and qualified one has been shortlisted to advance further in the recruitment process.  stage.

The screening stage of the recruitment will involve an examination as applicants will be tested in English, Maths, and General knowledge and also physical verification of credentials of applicants. This stage of the recruitment will commence across the nation on the 24th of Sept and is expected to be concluded on the 29th of the same month. The capital cities of all 36 states of the Federation, as well as the FCT, will play host to the screening exercise.

Applicants are expected to report at the capital of their state where they will be screened and examined. Those shortlisted have been sent emails and SMS to inform them of the items they are expected to bring along for the exercise as well as the information on venue, date, and time of screening. It is important that they come along for the screening exercise with the summary data page which they earlier received and the email notification slip which will be used to admit them to the screening venue. Without these two documents, candidates will not be admitted into the venue of the screening exercise. It is important to advise candidates against any form of inducement or gratification to anyone or organization who promises to help them secure employment in the agency in exchange for cash or other forms of payment. Don’t part with your hard-earned money for the purpose of influencing the recruitment exercise.


Candidates invited for the screening exercise are to report at their given venue on the supplied day and time with original copies and also photocopies of the following documents.

  • Educational Certificates
  • State of Origin Certificate
  • Duly completed Guarantor’s Form
  • Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age
  • One White-coloured Office Flat File Jacket
  • Two (2) recent Passports Photographs with the name of the candidate written at the back in capital letters.

The exercise as earlier stated will take place in all 36 state capitals as well as the FCT. Candidates are advised to be timely and not arrive late as the lateness of any form will not be tolerated and there will be no African time. Keep to your appointed time.


Selected Candidates are to report to their various state screening centers with the following items:

  • White vests.
  • Blue short.
  • White canvas.
  • White socks.
  • Original and photocopies of their credentials.
  • Scratch cards for online verification of result (WASSEC/GCE/NECO/NABTEB).
  • Writing materials (Biro and Pencil)
  • File Jacket
  • National Identity card/slip
  • Passports and full size 5 x 7 photographs.


Original copies of documents are to be submitted by shortlisted candidates at the recruitment centers and also during the final selection interview for physical verification. Applicants who advance to the zonal recruitment test will have to submit the following documents;

Two recent passport size photographs duly stamped and countersigned by an officer of appropriate rank specified, Local Government Chairmen/Secretaries and other specified officers.

Also, photocopies of the following:

  • Birth Certificate or Declaration of Age (Any declaration of age done less than 4 years ago will not be accepted)
  • Educational/Trade Certificates and
  • Certificate from the applicant’s State of Origin showing he/she is an indigene.

NOTE: Any applicant who is detected to have impersonated or submitted false document(s) during the screening exercise will automatically be disqualified from the selection exercise. Also, any declaration found later to have been falsified will automatically lead to the withdrawal of such individuals from training. Any of such applicants caught may even be handed over to the Police for proper prosecution. So, ensure your credentials and documents are original.

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  • General knowledge/current affairs
  • Mathematics
  • And English


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Candidates for the screening exercise should ensure they are adequately prepared by studying these FRSC past questions and answers. This will boost their confidence ahead of writing the actual test. Keep in mind that the test will be Computer-based.

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