Peter Obi Net Worth 2020, Wealth And Assets

Interested in knowing the Assets, wealth and Peter Obi Net Worth? Then you are at the right place to get full information about the current PDP vice-presidential position candidate for the last general election in Nigeria. As the usual saying that for every society there are always men who stood out to be extraordinary and for every extraordinary man, there are sacrifices they have paid, there are height and depth they have reached in life they made man point to them as one of the most successful men in any area or course they found themselves, the case goes for one of the nation’s statemen who was once the governor of Anambra state. 

Peter Obi Net Worth 2020, Asset And Wealth

  • Name: Peter Obi
  • Former Anambra State Governor
  • Date Of Birth/Age: 19th July 1961 / 57 Years Old
  • Estimated Net Worth/Wealth {Forbes}: $? Million
  • State Of Origin: Anambra State
  • Geopolitical Zone: South East
  • Occupation: Politician, Businessman, – PDP Vice Presidential Candidate


  • Bio

Peter Obi a Nigerian businessman come, politician, this man was born in the ancient city commercial center Onitsha on July 19, 1961, to Mr. and Mrs. Obi. This man was known to be one of the successful politicians in Anambra state. if not for anything but his landmark achievements and his good time he uses to plant his name on the platform of gold of the people of Anambra.

This political talisman that we will be writing about fully is also in the list of a most diplomatic politician in Nigeria, who knows when to play his cards in the arena of politics, whose leadership traits is one of the ones that can be used as a yardstick to judge other politicians of his generation.


As we have earlier stated, Peter Obi was born in the city of Onitsha which is in Anambra state in the year 1961 to his parents in this city. He started his secondary school education in the prestigious Christ the King College in Onitsha where he completed his secondary school education and obtained a secondary school leaving certificate there. He then further his academic career by opt-in for the University of Nigeria Nsukka in the year 1980 where he studies Philosophy and he obtained his Bachelor of Arts B.A(Hons) all these was in the year 1984. He was one of the bright students with a promising future while he was on campus then.


After his university education, he was made the chairman of the Nigeria Security and Exchange Commission. Shortly after that, he dabbled into the business after his first appointment which makes him the Chairman of Next International Nigeria Ltd. After this he moves on to break greater height as a business mogul he is and his love to work out the very best in his particular environment he found himself, he was made the chairman and the director of the Guardian Express Mortgage Bank Ltd one of the banks that involves in public financial transactions and other related financial services, he then was the chairman of Guardian Express Bank Plc which is also into banking and financial services to the general populace, from where he was made the chairman and director of Future View Securities, shortly after this he was made the director in Paymaster Nigeria Ltd another business environment he has worked with and also chaired are as follow, Data Corp Ltd, Chams Nigeria Ltd and Card Centre Ltd. Also, in the entire history of Fidelity Bank to date, he was known to be the youngest chairman of this bank.


As it is important for a man to at least have a wife and settle down to have kids, Peter Obi married to his current wife who then with her maiden name was Margret Brownson Usen in the year 1992. This marriage was a blissful marriage that gave birth to their first child who by name is Gabriella Nwamaka Frances Obi. After two years of their first child who happened to be a female, they gave birth to their first son who by name is Gregory Peter Oseloka Obi who is the first son of the family and of course pride of the parents.


This man even though was known to be resolute and politically incline from his tender age but his first election was under the platform of All Progressives Grand Alliance Party (APGA) then contested for the top seat in Anambra in the year 2003 with one of his strongest opponents Chris Nige who was contesting under the people’s democratic party (PDP) which the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) ruled his opponent as the winner of the election, this was a rude shock to Peter Obi and he approached the court to seek redress and litigation so as to claimed his mandate and also set the records straight, this took about 3 years before his mandate was given to him and he won in the court of Appeal in the year 2006. After his swearing-in as the Governor of Anambra state, after he has barely stayed 7 months in office a motion of impeachment was raised by the house of the Assembly of his state to relinquish him of power and as the number serving a member of the state in the same year 2006 on the 2 of November.

Immediately after his impeachment as a sitting Governor, another record was set as he was made to hand over to his Deputy who happened to be a female and also make her the first female Governor in the history of Anambra her name is Virginia Etiaba. As his usual he has a belief in the judicial system of the government, he approached a court of appeal to seek redress for his impeachment, and on February 19, 2007, he was reinstated by the Court as the sitting governor and his deputy handed over power back to him.

He ended his tenure after the general election where Andy defeated him as the Governor on May 29, 2007. Again, this legal believer returns back to court to play his card, he stood on the ground that his tenure started immediately after his election in the appeal court, this claimed was upheld by the supreme court and returned Peter Obi back as the Governor of Anambra state. this terminated his assumed successor tenure as a governor has he have to move out of the office for Peter Obi to spend his tenure till the year 2010 before any election could be conducted so as to leave office as a Governor of the state.


After his first tenure ended in the year 2010 which was the first mandate that was given to him by the appeal court, he contested again as the governor of the state for the second term and he came out victorious in this election by defeating professor Charles Soludo the governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, this election gave Peter Obi another ample 4 years opportunities to served his state till the year 2014 when he handed over to his successor Willie Obiano.

During his stay in office, he was recorded to have worked with transparency in terms of financial transactions and everything that has to relate with the budget and finances of the state. also, it was noted to have looked into the issues of unnecessary spending and many other factors that affect the state as a whole.


After bowing out of office as the governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi as given an appointment by the former head of the Federation President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as the Chairman of the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the year 2015. This was because he has decamped to the people’s democratic party and also was hoped to contest as a senator representing Anambra Central Senatorial.

The appointment given to this man was as a result of his expectancy in the area of finances and other monetary related issues.


As a businessman that became a politician, his assets and net worth were still placed under review, a vivid account of his net worth cannot be stipulated as at now. But it is visible to all that he is very rich and influential judging from the fleet of cars he has, his houses, and other things.



So far so good, all you need to know about Peter Obi who was once a business mogul but later delve into politics, all his achievements and all you need to know about him has been written so far.

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