Over the years, as this Singer is known by his stage name ‘Davido’, has explored and dug deep into the hearts of so many Nigerians and even foreigners, so many people have wondered and asked questions about how he rose to fame and how he started. In other words, so many people want to know his history, where he comes from and what he identifies with.

Davido has been one to set a score and a mark for his fellow Nigerians using his music as a tool to reach out to people, to the extent that even when the lyrics are not sound, the feeling of listening to Davido’s songs alone, is enough to give so many people goosebumps and make them feel very high and feel very good.

  • Real Name: David Adedeji Adeleke
  • Davido Net Worth: $10 Million {Estimated}
  • Date Of Birth: November 21, 1992
  • Country Of Origin: Nigerian
  • State Of Origin: Lagos State
  • Occupation: Entertainer / Musician
  • Record Label: DMW Worldwide

His music shows that a Nigerian can build talent from the scratch and make it into something very beautiful and worthwhile, and it is not news, that this same music has opened so many doors for the singer, irrespective of what people might think of his background, Davido, has somewhat shown how passionate and enthusiastic he is towards his music, and we can only pray for many more of him who is ready to build talent from the scratch and birth something beautiful out of it.

Aside from being a very talented singer Davido also takes under his wings what he likes to call rare talent, he spots for the least noticed, and bring them into the spotlight, and within the short years which Davido has established his music career, there are a number of people, whom through Davido’s record label has gained stardom and are now associated with bigger things than they were before.

This article would strive to explain and read out in detail the lifestyle of Davido, just before and after all the spotlight and paparazzi. Before a baby sees the moonlight, it must definitely have gone through some processes in the womb of its mother. The same goes for Davido, as there were a number of ordeals he had to encounter before settling into music as a career, and you would be quite shocked at the things you would read about in this article.


Davido is world knew and award-winning singer whose full name is David Adedeji Adeleke, and he was born on November 21, 1992, to Mr. Adedeji Adeleke, who is a known business tycoon and Mrs. Veronica Adeleke, who was known as a University lecturer till the time of her death.

Davido, aside from being a talented singer, is known also as a songwriter and he owns his own record label, where he brings in new talent who works for him and also improves themselves. He became s record producer shortly after he made his mark in the Nigerian music industry. Note that Davido began his career in 2011, and started building himself up to the very position where he is now.

Davido is Nigerian by ethnicity, but he was born in Atlanta Georgia, where he attended a school known as Oakwood University where he studied Business Administration. Atlanta Georgia did not seem to harbor enough for the singer’s dreams, therefore, he decided to move to Nigeria where his father was originally based, and settle there doing his music.

He had once revealed that a year before 2011, he had begun his music, but he was not serious about the lyrics he wrote down and just pictured it as a way of him passing time with what he knew how to do best. In 2011, he finally got his interest in music and moved down to Nigeria to begin work on it, staying in Lagos state precisely with his dad Adedeji Adeleke.

It is not news that Davido comes from a very wealthy family and though he is the kind of man who would rather have his own things and materials rather than depend on his father who is already an established man. Davido has a knack for appreciating his father for all the things he has done for him, but he also makes sure that he is known to the world as his own man, and not as a man who was helped to see the light by his father.

Davido has always been very angry and hurtful in the past whenever anyone said he got everything he had and has now through the influence of his father, This has never sat well with the artist and that was mainly what led to him singing an original debut album titled ‘Omo Baba Olowo’ which was put into action in 2011, and he also released a song which talked about how much he wanted to have more money than his dad and how much he wanted to be his own man.

Prior to his time at Oakwood University in Atlanta Georgia, United States of America, David had a keen interest in music and decided to work on it no matter what. He began by writing down his personal lyrics, and he did not stop there, he went ahead to create beats for his lyrics, and made several recordings of himself singing and rhyming to the songs. He would use his personal money to get every instrument that had to do with music, and he would make his own music, with his own beats and they would always come out lovely.

Music had somewhat taken control of him, and he could not go anywhere without humming or singing out loud, what he had written down. This he had a price to pay for as his first ambition in the school began to diminish, and soon enough, Davido was no longer interested in attending Oakwood University. His grades began to hit the rocks and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it; he made his way out of the school as a college dropout, as he would rather chase his dream which is music and nothing else.

He picked up his music and relocated to London to focus more on it, and build something worthwhile out of it. Just like any other father, Adedeji Adeleke was very hurt at Davido’s choice of career and he was even more hurt that he had dropped out of the University without informing anyone. Davido soon relocated again for the second time to Nigeria this time around where his father was based to settle in, and his goal was to continue with his music at all cost, no matter what.

His coming to Nigeria was in 2011, but he was in for the shock of his life as his father had other plans for him aside from his music. Davido was torn between disobeying his father and going back to the University to finish what he had started back in the USA. He decided to put his music on hold for the time being and registered as a full student at Babcock University, which was used as an honor to his father for being his day, one supporter.

July 15, Davido was finally out of the University with a music degree, and this success was after Adedeji Adeleke who is Davido’s father, paid in full to the University, to make provision for a music department, in other to build up like minds with Davido, and help boost the economy of the country up with music as one of its main components.


May 7, 2011, to be very precise, David made a hit musical recording, which was titled ‘Back When’ and this was not only a major hit, it was the beginning of his success as a musician. The song was on the front row of his album which was a lead single, and various stations and networks in Nigeria and outside Nigeria played the song for viewers to listen to.

Although the video of the song was directed and shot by Clarence Peters in Nigeria here, David made it known to the world that the song titled ‘Back When’ was recorded first in London, just after he dropped out of Oakwood University and relocated. He soon became a producer of his own music with the help of other people, and that led to a lovely song titled ‘Dami Duro’ of which he was a co-producer in it.

The song hit the waves on January 8, 2012, with its video in Lagos, which was also directed by Clarence Peters. One significant reason why it is very hard to get over this particular song was that of the period in which it was released in, it was a perfectly timed period, and Davido no doubt outdid himself on this one. The video hit the streets during the ‘Occupy Nigeria’ protests which were going on, and many sang this song and sang Davido’s name unknowingly into the ears of each other.

Davido told an interviewer that the song titled ‘Dami Duro’ was first recorded in 2011, but he had sent it to some friends, which was no doubt a mistake as the song was leaked online. Another song titled

‘All Of You’ which was released by Gospelondebeatz hit the waves, and Davido revealed that he had only seen Gospelondebeatz at a mall and they decided to make music together as a team. In 2013, Davido began work on his second studio album which was no doubt going to be a hit, seeing the amount of work he put into it at the initial stage.

The song was titled ‘Gobe’ and it was produced by a producer named Shizzi. The video portrays a young David who is in love with a girl, and when he fights for her and wins her love, some thugs come on to him and beat him up mercilessly. The music video of the song was situated in the environs of South Africa, and it was produced by Godfather Productions.

The song shot up the board and was given the second slot, from ten top songs in Nigeria in 2013. He wrote, sang and produced many songs from 2013 till this present moment, and Davido is known for his originality and dedication towards his music.


His first endorsement deal was with MTN, a Nigerian mobile Network, based in South Africa, and it was reported that the deal was over #30million. The deal projected his face, as the face of MTN pulse, which is a bundle on the MTN network, and it was used as a campaign to advocate for youths in Nigeria.

Another deal came about in 2013, on October 24, with Guinness Nigeria, and Davido was the first option for them. The deal made Davido perform at an event known as ‘The Guinness World of More’ with other artists known as P-Square, D’banj, Wizkid, Olamide, Tiwa Savage, Chidinma, Waje, Ice Prince, Burna Boy, Phyno and a host of other musicians. 


  • Infinix Nigeria
  • Pepsi Nigeria

Two major endorsement deals came through for Davido in persons of Infinix Nigeria and Pepsi Nigeria, and he was soon listed on the multinational contracts.

With all these achievements, Davido has encountered some daring and fearful moments, where he was seen as a bad influence and role model to Nigerian youths. Davido has been known to not be a coolheaded person, and usually, this could be attributed to having anger issues.

Many have said in the past, that this was only due to the early death of his mother, and his time outside the country, but Davido has never openly spoken about himself in that way to the public. In May 2014, David was reported to have attacked a Nigerian Immigration Service, when he missed his flight to London. His complaints seemed valid and this was brought to the attention of the police soon enough.

Davido Net Worth And Musics

Davido mentioned that the NIS staff were holding him down for money or settlement before he was able to gain access to his flight, and this made him very angry, which resorted to him using his fists. The staff denied everything Davido had said, saying that he was not allowed to have access to his flight because his flight documents were not complete.

Shortly after in 2015, when Davido was now being addressed as Daddy Imade, a child which he had with a woman named Sophia Momodu. The duo had a nasty fight over the custody of their child Imade Adeleke, and Davido reportedly mentioned that his Baby Mama, Sophia Momodu was taking drugs and smoking as at the time she was breastfeeding and this led to the child falling sick shortly after birth.

Davido decided to take Imade his daughter out of the country for proper medical care, of which the flight documents did not include her mother Sophia. This caused a ruckus at the airport when Davido was stopped by police officers, as his Baby Mama reported him, that he was running out of the country with their child.

Davido had another child with another woman who stays in Atlanta Georgia, and though much news is not known about the mother and her child, Davido has often posted pictures of them together, and his daughter looks a lot like him.


Davido’s life is an example of the saying grass to grace. Although he had many things in his life, he had money, and influences, he decided to stick to what he knew how to do best which was music and grow it into an empire in a number of years.


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