Latest update on Saheed Osupa Net worth and biography. Born with the full name Akorede Babatunde Okunola, the birth of renowned musician Saheed Osupa came about in 1969 in Ajegunle –a suburb in Lagos State, Nigeria. Amongst the best part of his fans, he is dubbed several names which he himself rightly acclaims. Ranging from Olufimo 1, Saridon P, Oba Nla 1, King of Fuji, the veteran Fuji expert has been called several nicknames for so long a time.

Saheed Osupa Net Worth 2020 & Biography

  • Name: Akorede Babatunde Okunola
  • Date of birth: 1969
  • State of Origin/Place of birth: Ajegunle, Lagos
  • Career:  Musician
  • Saheed Osupa Networth: Ngn 450 Million

Early Life and Academic Career

Though Ibadan was not the exact area in which King Osupa Saheed was born, he spent lots of years growing as a child over there. Relating his familial relationship to the late Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, it is widely believed that Saheed Osupa’s father was a cousin of the late Fuji musician. Following the footpath of Moshood Ajiwere Layeye –his father and a “Were” musician, Saheed Osupa could be regarded as having taken after his father by modernizing the Were musical phenomenon into what is currently called Fuji.

As part of his academic life, Saheed Osupa finished from Amuwo Odofin High School.  At the age of 18, he gained admission into The Polytechnic, Ibadan to attain his ND as a student of Business Administration, and while the veteran actor took his academic privilege further, he became a bona fide graduate of the American International College and thereupon, he completed an academic programme as a student of Networking Operations.

  • Music Career

48-year-old Saheed Osupa is undoubtedly famous for his blend of musical potentials regarding Hip-Hop and Fuji music genres. However, the widely-acclaimed musician is known to have devoted much of his time in favour of Fuji music over Hip-Hop.

Not later than 1983, Saheed commenced his professional career as a Fuji musician. Having added more than 28 studio albums to his music gallery, he is believed to have initiated his music career with the (first) official album entitled Fuji Fa Disco.

Over the years, Saheed Osupa has encountered a series of fortunes and in an appraisal of his distinguished and culturally-inclined music style, he was crowned the King of Fuji Music in 2008 by Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister whom he regards as his Fuji lord.

Net Worth and Biography

As part of his partial involvement in Nigerian Hip-Hop music, Saheed has churned out several Hip-Hop-related songs. Likewise, he has featured a number of famous Hip-Hop artists in his Hip-Hop releases. Among the Hip-Hop singles he has released so far, we can certainly point out “Womi’’, “African Beauty’’ and “Vanakula’’.

To brandish his stance in the Hip-Hop arena, Saheed Osupa finally emerged with his first Hip-Hop studio album with the title “Lord of Music’’. Meanwhile, his successful career is evidently known for his appearance on the NET’s chart of THE MOST SUCCESSFUL NIGERIAN MUSICIANS released in 2015.

  • Music Style

Saheed Osupa is highly revered for his skillful employment of Yoruba proverbs and cliches in imparting wisdom to listeners and sending deductive messages to his audience at large. In this regard, a multitude of traditional Yoruba has embraced his songs with much enthusiasm. Likewise, he has been praised for having preserved the Yoruba culture and stood vehemently on the sensitive music lineage of the late Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, late Ayinla Omowura, and several other reputable traditional musicians who reigned in the past.

  • SAHEED OSUPA Net Worth

From his thriving sale of albums and the continuous musical shows he partakes in, Saheed Osupa has been estimated to be currently worth N450 million.

Latest Cars and Houses

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  1. apart from imparting wisdom in the mind of we listeners,he always makes me happy any time I am listening to his a valued man & his always had value to us,Yoruba, Nigeria and Africa @l large.

  2. I like your music from my childhood,i dont y may bcuz we answer d same name,my name is saheed! My father name is akorede! Just keep on entertain us we are wt u lord of music dont give up…

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