On Shatta Wale net worth and biography. You must have heard about Shatta Wale, maybe listened to his song or even watched him on video. You might be wondering who is this artist, even his style of music is different. Many say Shatta Wale acts crazy on his videos, well you are about to know all about the person you watched on TV. This article will give you information about Shatta Wale Net worth and Biography.

Shatta Wale Net Worth 2020 And Biography

  • Full Name: Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr.
  • Date Of Birth: October 17th, 1984
  • Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Sound Engineer
  • Country Of Origin: Ghana
  • Net Worth: $ 6.2 Million


Having achieved street fame in the country of Ghana, Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr Professionally known as Shatta Wale is an Artist, Songwriter, and Sound Engineer. Born October 17th, 1984, his father Charles Nii Armah Mensah Sr and mother Elsie Evelyn Avemegah. He was born at the Police Hospital in Accra, Ghana. His father who was a businessman, legal practitioner, and a politician. He grew up under the care of his father, brought up at Laterbiokorshie, Dansoman, then later Korle Gonno before he ended up in the streets. Shatta Wale who attended Seven Great Princes Academy at Dansoman, over there he loved art and music, and acted in a popular Akan drama series, By the Fireside, at the National Theatre of Ghana.

Shatta Wale Biography And History


Shatta Wale who listened to Jamaican and Reggae music while growing up, his father loved them, this also made him fall in love with that genre of music. During the holidays, his father always takes him to the United Kingdom to see their Jamaican relatives. This made him develop more interest in the Jamaican style of music. His love for music made him lose interest in his education, but his dad forced him because he wanted him to be a lawyer. During his high school, he attended the Winneba Secondary School, he learned how to play the keyboard and other instruments. Attending a high school, he received voice training at the school music department, where he was able to train his vocals and work more on his craft.


Shatta Wale had a passion for music but he was able to graduate from high school which he attended at the Volta Region of Ghana. Shatta Wale love for music and passion tore down the relationship he had with his father, this made him left the house and decided to stay in the streets. In Shatta Wale words he said There were many times I slept without food. I have been through all the hustle in life, {{{I mean hell.}}} I have lived with the people and became one of their own. {{{No wonder my music easily resonates with the people. I am thankful to God for making me see the daylight.}}} Streetlife was tough on him, as he was not able to adapt because he came from a good background. He had days when there was nothing to eat, he actually had to learn how to adapt and did jobs to survive and feed himself.

Shatta Wale travelled to Jamaica because of his passion and love for music. He went to learn more and work on his talent and style of music which is the Dancehall. They call him the King of Dancehall in Africa because he has mentored many upcoming who are now going viral in the music industry in Africa.

2004, was the beginning of a successful career for Shatta Wale. After graduating from secondary school he started up music professionally, he came with his music name as Bandana, this name he used which rose him to fame and prominence. Shatta Wale released a song that same year which he titled Moko Hoo, this song became a hit single, he was loved over after dropping this monster jam, this track which he featured Tinny a fellow Ghanaian artiste took him far and wide. The song also earned him a nomination at the Ghana Music Awards that same year.

Following the release of that hit single, Shatta Wale dropped other tracks like No Problem and Obaa Yaa. These songs were also hit songs and they helped in pushing him further, this made him the talk of the industry, his fan base grew wider. Every radio station in Ghana was playing his songs, with massive views and likes from the public. But despite his fame, he went MIA (Missing in Action) in the music industry.

2009, Shatta Wale came with full force into the Ghanaian Music Industry, he was re-branded from Bandan to Shatta Wale. Although he had to start up again from scratch with his Dancehall style of music. Dance hall music is a genre that has since been left abandoned in Ghana, so picking it up was a big step up and even the likes of Root Eye, General Marcus, Yoggy Doggy who also do that genre of music was finding it hard to cope.

Shatta Wale started the music again in the small streets of Nima in Ghana, a place that is filled up with Muslim youths and ghetto. Shatta Wale started performing at small bars and clubs, during that period he also worked in the studio where he learned Sound production, making of beats, and mixing of songs. In the streets of Nima, he was gaining popularity and fame among them over there, he would produce songs and release them for free on his social media handles for his fans to download. Shatta Wale gained attention by dropping songs every day like Telephone No” “Anastasia” “My Eyes Pon Di Money” and others. He said he respects and gives accolades to the likes of Terry Bonchaka and Yoggy Doggy for tutoring him when he first started. In an interview he was asked why he was absent in the music industry for some times, in his words he said A lot of people wan mi fi dead but mi dehya. {{{{I know my fans have missed me but mi naa dead. I was learning how to produce beats, mix and master and also perfecting my craft.}}}}} So basically that is what is keeping me away.

The year 2013, his career took on to another level, he produced songs like Havana”, “Shatta City”, “Enter the Net”, “Everybody Likes My Tin”, and “Dancehall King. His biggest song that year, that brought him far was called HIPLIFE. This song was a full dance hall and a touch of reggae. Releasing this song took Shatta Wale’s career forward. The year 2014 he was able to have a large fan base and he toured the United States and Canada. 2015 he released a song with one of Nigeria biggest artiste Davido they titled this track Wine Your Waist. This song is known as one of his most listened track in the world. He was able to cement his name in the music industry and won many awards and nominations. He toured Europe that same year and shared the stage with some of Nigeria’s biggest artiste P-Square, Flavor and others at the Wembley Arena in London.

2016, Shatta Wale became one of the most sought out artists in Ghana. His songs were used in political campaigns. That year two parties used two of his songs as their party campaign songs. Political parties like National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party used his hit songs; “Mahama Paper” and “Kakai” to run their campaign in the 2016 general election. Songs that were released from his Album After The Storm, were hits in Ghana. 2017 he traveled to the United States to promote After The Storm Album then went to Jamaica to shoot some music videos. In 2018 he signed to Zylofon Music in January 2018 and he released his third studio album which he titled REIGN. This album appeared on the Billboard Top World Albums Chart, placing sixth.


He got married to his wife Michy and they have two kids together. Funny enough though, because the artist said he is not settling down till 72 years of age. To everyone’s greatest surprise he has finally settled down. Amazing right.

Shatta Wale Net Worth 2020 ($ 6.2 Million)

Being the biggest Dance hall artiste in Ghana and not just that, he is also referred to as the biggest Dance Hall artiste in Africa too. Many say Shatta Wale does not earn much, because they have not been able to calculate his net worth. You should know that an artiste net worth is calculated by their endorsements deals, houses, cars, and other items.

Shatta Wale has gotten several endorsements deals like for Guinness Ghana Breweries and as the brand ambassador for Rush Energy Drink, Kasapreko Company, producers of several alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in Ghana, Boss Baker Beef Roll. In 2016, he bought a mansion at East Legon Ghana, aside from this he has lots of luxury cars and jewelry. Apart from having all these, he runs his own personal business and CEO of several companies. His Net worth has been estimated to be $6.2 million.


Success actually takes time to achieve. You don’t expect to get there overnight. Like Shatta Wale he was persistent and did not give up. So don’t give up on yours also.

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