Updated information on  Ali Kiba Net Worth 2020. Ali Kiba is a very talented musician who hails from Tanzania in East Africa. Ali Kiba was born on the 29thof November 1986, putting his age currently at 31. He is currently signed to his record label, Rockstar4000 and Sony Music Entertainment.

Ali Kiba’s biography focuses on the life journey of this great young man so far. Ali Kiba focuses his energy on gaining fans in East African countries such as Uganda and Kenya. He is a musician who has become very famous over a period of 20 years. His music is well accepted by his countrymen as well as by fellow East Africans. He has done well for himself in his music career so far and his efforts have been recognized with numerous awards given to him. Let’s take a peep into the life of this young man by discussing Ali Kiba net worth in dollars and biography.

Ali Kiba Net Worth 2020 And Biography

  • Real Name: Ali Saleh Kiba
  • Age: 31 (Born 26th November 1986)
  • Occupation: Musician
  • Ali Kiba Net Worth 2018: $4 Million
  • Country Of Origin: Tanzania
  • Born: Ali Saleh Kiba
  • Date of birth: 29 November 1986 (age 31)
  • Place of birth: Iringa, Tanzania
  • Residence: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Other names: KingKiba, King Of Bongo Flava
  • Occupation: Actor singer-songwriter producer-director
  • Years active: 2006–present
  • Net worth: estimated to be about $4 million
  • Spouse(s): Amina Khalef (married 2018)
  • Children: Amaya Kiba, Sameer Kiba, Samira Kiba
  • Relatives: Abdu Kiba, ZabibuKiba, AbuuKiba
  • Ali Kiba Net Worth ($4 Million)

Ali Kiba is currently estimated to worth around $4 million as at the time of writing this article.

Ali Kiba Biography

Ali Saleh Kiba was born on the 26th of November 1986 in Iringa, Tanzania to the family of TombweNjere and Saleh Omari. He hails from a family of four. He attended Upanga Primary School located in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania where he developed his passion for entertainment. He would often dance, sing and entertain his fellow students during extracurricular activities and at school shows.

  • Music career

He began his musical career officially in 2004 after completing high school and wrote his first song which he titled Maria. While he was still trying to build his career in the year 2005 he received an offer from a Ugandan soccer team to play for them but he decided to turn down the offer and continued with his musical career. His first album titled Cinderella was released In the year 2007 and this brought him to the limelight. The album’s top single which was also titled Cinderella was an instant sensation and topped all music charts across East Africa. His sophomore album which he titled Ali k 4 Real’ was then released in the year 2009. It contains hit tracks such as ‘Nichuum’ and ‘Usiniseme’ which got him nominated for a couple of awards. Ali Kiba was part of the One8 team endorsed by Airtel, alongside R Kelly producing the hit single hands across the world. After a 3 year hiatus, he returned in the year 2015  releasing the singles ‘Mwana’ and ‘Chekecha’. which won him six awards at the 2015 Tanzania Music Awards and also earned him a record on Mkito.com for the most downloaded song of 2015. In the year 2016, Ali Kiba dropped the hit single Aje which won him the MTV Europe Music Awards as the Best African Act. Ali Kiba was the second African artist to sign a deal with Sony Music Entertainment after Davido from Nigeria.

  • Ali Kiba Awards

Ali Kiba’s net worth is currently put at $4 million but the young man has also earned a lot of plaudits for his work. Some of the awards he has won so far in his career are listed below:

  • 2012: Tanzania Music Awards, 2012 – Best Zouk /Rhumba Song – Dushelele
  • 2012: Tanzania Music Awards – Best Collaboration – NaiNai with OmmyDimpoz
  • 2015: Tanzania Music Awards – Best Male Artist
  • 2015: Tanzania Music Awards – Best Male Performer
  • 2015: Tanzania Music Awards – Song Writer of the year
  • 2015: Tanzania Music Awards – Song Of The Year – Mwana
  • 2015: Tanzania Music Awards – Afro Pop Song Of the year – Mwana
  • 2015: Tanzania Music Awards – Best Collaboration – KibokoYangu With Mwana FA
  • 2016: Watsup Music Awards – Best African Rnb Video – Aje
  • 2016: Watsup Music Awards – Best African Rnb Video – Aje
  • 2016: Watsup Music Awards – Best East African Video – Aje
  • 2016: BEFFTA Awards – Best African Act – Aje
  • 2016: BEFFTA Awards – Video Of The Year – Aje
  • 2016: MTV Europe Music Awards – Best International Act: Africa
  • 2016: Nafca – Favorite Artist Won
  • 2016: Nafca – Favorite Song – Mwana
  • 2016: East Africa TV Awards – Best Male Artist – Aje
  • 2016: East Africa TV Awards – Song of The Year – Aje
  • 2016: East Africa TV Awards – Video Of The Year – Aje
  • 2016: ASFA Awards (Uganda) – Most Stylish Artiste East Africa – Aje
  • 2016: ASFA Awards (Uganda) – Most Fashionable Music Video Africa – Aje
  • 2016: Soundcity Awards – Video Of The Year – Aje
  • 2016: TZ_INSTA_Awards – Top Trending Song – Aje
  • 2016: Best Celebrity Player Awards (Uganda) – Best Celebrity Player
  • 2016: WANNAMusic Awards 2016 (FRANCE) – People Choice – Aje
  • Ali Kiba Personal Life

Alikiba currently has 3 children from 3 women, 2 daughters named Amiya Kiba and ChamyKiba, and a son named Prince Sameer Kiba. He recently married Amina Khalef of Mombasa Kenya.

  • Ali Kiba Songs

Some of the popular songs released by Ali Kiba so far include Usiniseme, Cinderella, NakshiMrembo, Msiniseme, Dushelele, Njiwa, Mali Yangu, Wajua, Mwana, Zuu, Sikuoni, Single Boy ft. Lady Jd, NakshMrembo, Single Boy, Zaidi Yangu, Nichum, Single Boy ft. Lady JD, Msela, Single Boy ft. Lady JD, DuniaImemtupa, NakashiMrembo, My everything, NduguYangu, NtakuonaWapi, Nakshnaksh, Simzima We, Karimu, Far Away Ft. Chidi Benz, Zuzu, Hadithi, Nakupenda, NakshiNakshiMrembo, Mac Muga, Mapenzi Yana Run Dunia, UtamuWaMapenzift Berry Black, Nichum, Najua, and Yatima.

  • Ali Kiba Rivals

Ali Kiba is a top-rated music star in Tanzania no doubt but he has rivals who are constantly sharing the spotlight with one. His biggest rival is none other than Diamond Platnumz. Diamond Platnumz’s real name is Naseeb Abdul Juma. Attempts to make these two top music stars in Tanzania to become friends have failed. Naseeb Abdul Juma is actually about 3 years younger than Ali Kiba and he also started his music career earlier than Diamond Platnumz. The two young men are serial winners and both are set to continue to dominate the music scene in Tanzania for many years to come.


Conclusion On Ali Kiba Net Worth 2020 And Biography

Ali Kiba’s biography and Ali Kiba net worth shed some light on the life and achievements of one of Tanzania’s top-rated music artists so far. Ali Kiba is such a household name in Tanzania and also in other neighboring East African countries such as Uganda and Kenya. The young man has made a name for himself with his musical talent. He currently shares the spotlight of Tanzania music industry with Diamond Platnumz and both young men are helping to further grow the music industry of Tanzania. Expect more great music from this highly talented Tanzania musician named Ali Kiba.

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