Diamond Platnumz Net Worth 2020 And Biography

Quite a while when a different set of fans wanted to get to know about this Diamond Platnumz net worth, biography, his profile and much other necessary information you will be needing to know about this seasoned artist. however, not all artists can be described has been the best in their chosen profession, neither can you categorized all singers as the best, but this fast-rising star Diamond Platnumz is one of the best you can ever imagine not to be in the industry.

On the shore of most Africa countries, more artist that have international recognition even beyond the shore of Africa are more concentrated in West Africa, never the less Tanzania is coming up with set of artist on board that smoke hot in the industry and making the whole venue red whenever they are invited for a show, Diamond Platnumz is one of these artists, so sit back and read along the full profile of the talented artist.

Diamond Platnumz Net Worth 2020 And Biography 

  • Full Name: Naseeb Abdul Juma
  • Stage Name: Diamond Platnumz
  • Diamond Platnumz Net worth in Dollars:  $5million
  • State of origin: Tandale
  • Nationality: Tanzania
  • Place of Birth: Tandale Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Profession: Musical artist / stage performer / philanthropist / Entrepreneur / Model /investor / dancer
  • Charges per show: KSh370, 000 (within Tanzania), KSh2.3 million (outside Tanzania)
  • Marital status: Married
  • Age / Date of Birth: 28 years old / 2nd October 1989
  • Private phone number: Not Available
  • Record Label: Wasafi Record

Diamond Platnumz Biography

Naseeb Abdul Juma who popularly knows and called Diamond or Diamond Platnumz as his stage or performing name is a native of Tanzania in the eastern part of Africa; Diamond Platnumz is born on the 2nd of October 1989 which makes him 28 years of age, in a place called Tandale Dar es Salaam in Tanzania eastern of part, But as fate may take its place, he grew up in the western part of the country (Tanzania), where he resided with his mother and grandmother in his grandmother’s house, this is as a result of the misunderstanding and conflict between his father and mother, which is why nothing was recorded of his father, but he is originally from Tandale which is his father’s place of origination and residence.

Naseeb Abdul Juma (Diamond Platnumz) is a Muslim from birth, which makes his parents a Muslim religionist. Where he resided with his mother, in the western part of Tanzania, life was tough for his mother and the aged grandmother, in this case, they rented out two rooms from the apartment they reside in, this two rooms was noted to be the rooms of Naseeb Abdul and his mother, but due to the situation they find themselves in, they had no choice than to rent out the rooms and share the remaining one room with the aged woman so as to be able to pay up their outstanding bills.

Out of struggle, Naseeb Abdul Juma (Diamond Platnumz) was able to have a quality education of both primary and secondary school. Diamond Platinumz was noted to have attended a primary school in Tanzania called Tandale Magharib primary school where he was able to obtain his First primary leaving certificate in the year 2002, meanwhile, while he was in primary five (5), he started developing an interest in music, for this cause and reason he started going out to shows and sings imitated songs of both international and local musicians, and from there he started picking up.

In the year 2003, Naseeb Abdul Juma (Diamond Platnumz) started his secondary school education and managed to graduate at the year 2006 with a senior school certificate, however, during his secondary school education, his mother served as an encouraging mother for him, she did so by getting musical albums from a different local and international artist so as for him to listen and learn, his mother also assisted him in writing musical lyrics for him to be able to sing easily, more also, his mother takes him out for different talent hunt or shows so he could exhibit his talent and probably he would be nurture by anybody who sees the limelight in him and hoping he would get a slight chance to sing. At this point in time, some of his family members see his building musical career as a waste of time as they were against it and they all advised him to concentrate on his education. Then after his secondary education, he finally neglected all side talks and faced his musical career and he came up officially as a musician.

Diamond Platnumz Net Worth 2020 In Dollars

Talking about Diamond Platnumz Net Worth, Diamond platinum is one of the richest musicians in East Africa with a Net worth of $5 million.

Diamond Platnumz Net Worth

He was the first musical artist to own a television and radio station in Tanzania and was launched on the second month of the year 2018, which is February.

  • Music career

Diamond Platinumz started his music career immediately after his secondary education; he started making it big in the year 2010, he became a widely known, popular, famous, and a wealthy musical artist in Tanzania. He has released so many hit songs that made him popular and famous; one of his hit songs was featuring a very famous and wealthy Nigerian artist called “DAVIDO” which was titled “Number One”, ever since then he has been releasing hit songs that are mind-blowing, then in the year, march precisely he released his first musical album titled “A Boy from Tandale” which was released in the capital city of Kenya called Nairobi.

  • Awards and Nomination

Diamond Platnumz as a bright star has been awarded severally which includes:

  1. He won the award for the most gifted newcomer, most gifted Afro-pop musician, most gifted east, and most gifted video of the year at the Channel O music awards in the year 2014.
  2. Highest selling Tanzania musical artist of ringtones by mobile phone companies in the year 2013
  3. Performance at Big Brother Africa 7 eviction show in the year 2012 May precisely.
  4. He was nominated for twenty-eight awards (28) and was able to win twenty-two (22) both internationally and locally.
  5. East Africa Super hit awards at the Hip Hop Music Awards in the year 2015.
  6. In the year 2016, he won awards for the best African male video, East Africa best video, best Africa combo video, African video of the year, and East Africa super hit at the video and hip-hop music awards.
  7. In the year 2017, he won the award of the East African Best Video at the African Music Vanguard award and Hip Hop Music Awards.
  8. The Best male writer, best male artist, best male songwriter, and best male music entertainer of the year in Tanzania.

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Conclusion On Diamond Platinumz Net worth And Biography

Naseeb Abdul Juma known as Diamond or Diamond Platinumz is a record-breaking musical artist and songwriter that received seven (7) awards and has set a new record in Tanzania on the 3rd of May 2014, he is widely known in East Africa and he is growing fast to becoming known in the whole of Africa at large and soon the world as a whole, with a non-relenting spirit Diamond Platnumz Net Worth would grow rapidly.

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