Among the top Nigerian artistes, two have always had conflicts- Wizkid and Davido. These artists are most compared by their fans on Davido And Wizkid, who is the richest, who can sing better or looks cuter  among other comparison factors

Nigeria’s music industry has recently been overwhelmed with great artist both expert and the upcoming filled up with series of creativities and outstanding and burning passions for music. A large number of music artists has been produced by the music industry of Nigeria, as some can virtually be strictly outstanding and selected, chosen or picked out from the mass due to the added values and highly rated talents that outshines other normal talents and can do just more than music.

Wizkid and Davido Who Is The Richest

In Nigeria today, the youngest and richest hip-hop music artists are undoubted with no other than the two duos; Wizkid and Davido. These two, have on the grounds of the possessed property, music productions, wealth, lifestyle and even handsomeness repeatedly and frequently been compared.

Davido And Wizkid Who Is The Richest

In every manner possible has their songs both reached hit that high sales point mark in the music market. Several Multimillion naira contract and accrediting companies have through mega-deals of MTN introduced these two greatest musicians in Nigeria where one of the expensive several brands have signed and endorsed each of them as their brand ambassador earning them enough money for their lifetime.

Countless nominations and awards for these two great artists of the present time in Nigeria, Davido, and Wizkid which indigenously increase their fame or popularity and also providing and serving as an additional income source for them. However, their recognition, popularity, and fame are not limited only to their home country of Nigeria but also well-known in almost all countries across the world that is there are known both nationally and internationally.

To mention few amongst the topper of Nigeria’s greatest artists are D’banj, Psquare, Tuface and a whole lot of them, who managed and struggled to acquire and possess wealth to themselves and as well build for themselves passion filled fans of great population more than one’s imagination through their songs and individual lifestyles.

As a result of this, it has always been a culture or norms right from time among fans to in all ways compare and contrast their favorite artists in terms of lifestyle, wealth, production, fans population and so on.

It is quite fascinating how wizkid and Davido through their relentless effort and passion for music have got to achieve the phase of being recognized and ranked internationally.

Davido who has been featured and in collaboration with several international artistes like meek mill, Akon, jay-cee and so on which has greatly upgraded his career template, while Wizkid on the other side at equal level has further boosted his career by finding his way through by partnering with and featuring some top music pop artiste in the world such as the likes of Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Drake, Eminem and so on.

Not to mention, a lot of international pop stars have loved to work with them as the upcoming artistes here in Nigeria too are finding all means to work, connect and collaborate the duo Davido and Wizkid.

There have always been battles between Wizkid and Davido on who is richer or probably who have the most cash stacked up somewhere.

Davido And Wizkid Who Is Richer

The Richest among Wizkid and Davido cannot be deduced without knowing all about them, their asset, liabilities and most importantly, their net worth. Below is their history and net worth;

Although both artists has been pals for a long time, the past years have witnessed clashes between them.

Davido Net Worth 2018 & Biography

It is well known in Nigeria that one of the leading music stars with endless popularity for versatile performance is Davido. He is also proficient in writing songs and producing a record with outstanding beats.

He has spent a good period of time in the music sector in Nigeria, adding more to his presence is the number of music and conspicuous artistes he has related with both here in Nigeria and abroad. Furthermore, countless numbers of single music or songs he wrote and sang by himself have this renowned music artiste promoted and released into his gallery of music.

As expected by nature, Davido stepped up into the greatness of his lifetime invariably in the year 2011 when he starts to blow and glow by him storming the whole industry of music in Nigeria with one of his first hottest single titled – Dami Duro.

This strong single hit within a little period saw the pop artiste been crowned with one of top-rated Africa’s award as the single was widely accepted by a very large population of the audience here in Nigeria and abroad. Davido has grossly increased the number of singles and albums in his gallery of music just as an aid to enlarge his ambition for music and add strength to his presence in the music world.

Quick Summary Of Davido’s Biography

  • Davido Net Worth in Dollars: $16 Million
  • State Of Origin: Lagos State
  • Place of Birth: Atlanta Georgia, United States
  • Profession: Musician / Entertainer
  • Charges Per Show: Varies
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Age / Date of Birth: November 21, 1992
  • Private Phone Number: Not Available
  • Record Label: Sony, RCA, DMW, HKN Music
  • Instagram / Twitter: @DavidoOfficial / @iam_davido
Wizkid And Davido Who Is Richer
  • Early Life And Family Background

David Adedeji Adeleke popularly called Davido was born in the year 1992, precisely in Atlanta Georgia, US into a South West region of Nigeria ethnicity group called Yorubas which means both of his parents his father Mr. Deji Adeleke and his late mother Mrs vero Adeleke hails from Yorubaland.

Dr. Deji Adeleke, his father is a wealthy man who from drastic business transactions secured his wealth. One of his sad days was during his teen’s age which was vividly linked with the great loss of professor Vero Adeleke his mother.

Davido successfully ended his secondary school education in his native country precisely in British international school before he decided to travel abroad for his tertiary education.

Apparently, Davido as a student at Oakwood University where he studied Business Administration and intentionally pulled out himself from the institution and arrived back to his native country.

  • Music Career

Davido has startup already with his intense passion for music while he was in Oakwood US-based university which disturbed Jim from concentrating in school. His passion and great devotion towards music, made him get

musical instruments for himself choosing to spend enough time to make and record songs and beats. He then fully concentrated on his music ambition and career when he got an unsatisfactory outcome from his US educational career.

Although after his musical training period in London, he flew back to Nigeria to give a second try to his educational career by studying music ad a course in Babcock University. He released a song titled- back when – which earned him a little fame in school then.

He finally joined the league of the leading musicians such as Tuface, p-square, Don Jazzy and the likes in 2011 with his single rocky hit titled- Dami Duro which was widely and enthusiastically accepted by a large range of audience. He drastically boasts of his great success and achievements through the crucial effect of him and his brother owned record label- HKN music.

  • Awards And Nominations

Davido who loves to be called ‘Omo Baba Olowo’ has been linked with and nominated for quite some great musical awards which have earned him a good spot on the list of greatest hip-hop stars in Nigeria and Africa.

He had made the list of top musicians in Nigeria with ease competing with the likes of p square, D’banj, Tuface, Wizkid among other pop stars. whom he has featured with so many times within and outside the country

He has been selected in 74 nominees lists in total and has achieved 29awards out of all associated with great musical nominations. Davido had dreadfully occupied his music gallery with diverse awards as his fanbase home and abroad increases continually.

Some of the musical awards he possessed in his custody are listed below;

  • Kora Award (1)
  • Ghana Music Award (1)
  • Channel O Music Video Award (1)
  • Nigeria Entertainment Awards (7)
  • The Headies Awards (5)
  • BET Award (1)
  • Dynamix All Youth Awards (2)
  • MTV Africa Music Awards (2)
  • Nigeria Music Video Award (1)

Davido Net Worth 2018 Forbes: $16 Million

Davido the 26-year-old pop star musician current net worth is estimated to be around 16million US dollars as it keeps increasing due to the big and unending earnings he gets from Frequent concerts and musical shows he I’ll be attending home and abroad and the huge money he will get from his fast-selling records.

wizkid and Davido seem to have this in common.

Wizkid Net Worth 2018 & Biography

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun with stage name Wizkid is a Nigerian hip-hop star musician and as well a perfect sing writer who has been successful in all ramifications over the years irrespective of his age which no individual can tell where and how he will be in the next ten years if he continues in his current pace. Wizkid who started music right from a very tender age which many would have underrated and probably debased as an unachievable dream broke the jinx through thorough commitment, hard work, talent and right peer group which qualified him to break records.

Albeit he has decided not to increase in height, as his success, fame, and achievements have made him taller than New York’s world trade center. His rise to stardom was accelerated by the envious and noticeable talent that cannot be stolen from him. His voice stands as another accelerator, just too crispy clear, smoothly tuned to any beat and key of nature and lacking any vocal shortcomings.

Bank W who happens to be part of his mentorship crew at some point in time had to become envious of him as he has turned to be a success within a very short period that he even had to bid farewell to him to stand autonomously. He has made his native country proud of him in countless numbers of times as he is mostly nominated and has won plethora international awards.

He has reportedly in the States, work in hand and in collaboration with some outstanding recording artists, as he had signed a deal with an international record label- RCA records

He’s signed unto RCA records, His name appeared in the Guinness World Records as the first Afrobeats due to his chronic contribution to the hit song ‘one dance by Drake.

On the list of the 10 Richest/Bankable African Artists he was ranked 5th boh on channel O’s and Forbes 2013, he has been one of the biggest if not the biggest entertainment exports Nigeria and Africa has ever produced and he emerged first Nigerian to hit a million Twitter followers.

Quick Summary Of Wizkid’s Biography

  • Full Name: Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun (Wizkid)
  • Nationality: Nigeria (Lagos State)
  • Source of Wealth: Music and Record Label
  • Wizkid Net Worth: $11,500,000.00(11.5 million dollars)


  • Early Life And Career Onset

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun was born in Surulere, Lagos Nigeria, on 16, July 1990 in a diversified religious home as his mother happens to be a Christian while his father, on the other hand, a Muslim father. It was so glaring that he followed his mother’s religion as he was solely involved as a full church choir. He pulls out if a school, Lagos state university ad he desirably focused on his talent.

He gave a second try to boost hid educational career but the effort proved naught by him pulling out again in his second year in lead city university. The first music group he joined was called the ‘glorious five’ group where he was part of the five choir members, this group, however, record an album before their breakup.

Wizkid later on in 2009 signed a deal with Banky W’s Empire Mates Entertainment. Wizkid who recorded his first studio album titled- Superstar in late 2009 and furthermore add to his album by releasing the lead single off the album titled- Holla at your boy on 2nd of January 2010, he achieved all this under EME record. He has crowned the Next Rated award for his single lead album ‘Holla at your boy ‘ and as well nominated for a Best Single Pop award at The Headies show in 2011.

  • Awards And Nominations

Below is the list of awards in Wizkid music gallery,

  • 3 MOBO Awards
  • 1 Future Awards.
  • 6 Headies Awards
  • 2 BET awards
  • 4 MTV Africa Music Awards
  • 6 Nigerian Entertainment Awards
  • 2 Ghana Music Awards
  • Wizkid had 150 Nominations and bagged 44 Awards in cumulative.

Conclusion on Davido And Wizkid Who Is The Richest

It is too clear that on this issue of the richest between Wizkid and Davido, that Davido’s net worth of 16 million dollars is quite higher than Wizkid’s 11.5 million dollars with a basic reason that Davido had been rich right from birth and Wizkid on the other part had to build himself right from scratch. However, this net worth is due to change at any moment as the two greats are doing all they could to earn themselves more achievements.

A great feat plus impulse has been achieved and attained apparently in all ramifications by the music industry of Nigeria in the entire continent of Africa. As it stands presently, Nigerian music is undoubtedly the most influential of all throughout the continent and on a good rank in the world as well. As the whole of Africa is covered with Nigerian music, so also all over and across the globe is Nigerian songs heard.


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