Top 5 Richest Musicians In East Africa (2021)

In this article, we’ve come up with the names of the Richest Musicians in East Africa, these artists have carved out great paths for themselves in the music industry.

Africans show intense passion towards music and this contributes to the significant rate at which African musicians make waves with their talents. In this regard, East Africa is not exempted from the African regions with a considerable number of successful musicians.

Top 5 Richest Musician In East Africa

1. Jose Chameleone

Net Worth: $6 Million
Country: Uganda

Jose Chameleone is not only a vibrant artiste but the richest superstar who currently dominates East Africa’s music industry. Jose Chameleone is stark wealthy and his hit songs have been acclaimed within and beyond his country.

As he boasts of great wealth, Jose Chameleone fancy high-end assets among which is his Mercedes Benz ML 200 –the automobile he currently drives. Besides that, he has several other assets ranging from his recording studio (based in the Ugandan region of Leo Island) to his Kampala-based residence. Meanwhile, Jose Chameleone’s wealth continually surges as a result of the constant local and international shows the Ugandan artiste performs. At the moment, Chameleone’s net worth is estimated at $6 million.

2. Diamond Platnumz

Net Worth: $5 Million
Country: Tanzania

With his net worth valued at $5 million, Diamond Platnumz takes the second spot just behind Uganda’s Jose Chameleone. Besides his remarkable musical performances which make him release songs continually, Diamond Platnumz owns a recording studio from which he earns $5,000 on a daily basis.

Apart from his dignified appearance on this list, Diamond Platnumz makes great waves in Tanzania’s music industry and for this reason, he is the country’s richest musician as it stands.

3. Akothee

Net Worth: $3.5 Million
Country: Kenya

Akothee is a Kenyan musician and the only female musician on this exclusive list. With her net worth valued at $3.5 million, Akothee is distinguished as the third richest East African musician. Although Akothee made her first significant sums through her divorced husband, the female singer has managed to increase her wealth through music.

Currently Akothee –who has a Swiss husband –boasts of several notable assets such as houses and cars. Amongst these assets are a Ferrari car, a Rongo-based mansion, and Akothee Safaris –a Nairobi-based company concerned with travels and tours. Apart from the assets she owns and her presence on the music scene, Akothee makes money through Akothee & Properties –a real estate company she established in order to render services pertaining to residential land and property.

4. Jaguar

Net Worth: $3 Million
Country: Kenya

Jaguar is a notable personality who doubles up his musical presence with entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, the Kenyan superstar maintains his dignified stance as one of the board members of Nacada. Likewise, Jaguar boasts of several assets including a fleet of cars and a well-known garage in Kenya’s capital –Nairobi. Also notable is that Jaguar is believed to have acquired some other assets which are yet to be disclosed. Currently, the remarkable Kenyan singer is worth $3 million.

5. Emmanuel Jal

Net Worth: $2 Million
Country: Sudan

Although Southern Sudan is devastating for its nightmare of wars and political disaster, the embattled country boasts of Emmanuel Jal –the fifth wealthiest musician in East Africa. Meanwhile, Emmanuel Jal’s net worth currently swirls around $2 million.

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