Latest update on the list of richest comedians in Nigeria, net worth, and their real names. We love them for their creative abilities that make us crack our ribs time over time and they have mastered their art to the tune that fans and jokes/comedy lovers are willing to pay up to the tune of million Nairas just to have them perform at their events. When comedy is brought to the mind, some people assume it is only a mere cause for us to laugh heartily and kill boredom. However, these people fail to realize how comedy could turn out as a great source of income.

Top 10 Richest Comedians in Nigeria, Estimated Net Worth, and Their Real Names

1. Alibaba

Real Name: Atunyota Alleluya Akporobomerere
Stage Name: Alibaba
Net worth: up to N3 Billion

Alibaba is tagged as the “father of Nigeria’s modern-day comedian” with huge respect from all corners of the comedy industry. He is one of the Nigerian comedians who has made comedy a great source of income. He is well known for having organized comedies for reputable Nigerians –particularly some politicians. He has a lot of assets and among his notable assets is his residence –a mansion based in the Lagos region of Lekki. The mansion is a high-end asset estimated in excess of N300 million.

Extending outside his primary profession as a comedian, Ali Baba happens to be an inspirational speaker who also runs various businesses in Lagos State. As a dignified comedian who hosts comedies for VIPs, the go-to comedian for the big boys and politicians, favourite of past Nigerian presidents. he charges around N4 Million to N5 Million per event with his per annum earnings running up to N400 Million. He. Ali Baba charges an estimated sum of N4-4.5 million for each show he performs.

2. AY

Real Name: Ayodeji Richard Makun
Stage Name: AY
Net worth: N2.5 Billion

Our fifth richest comedian in Nigeria, is the most loved comedian of the moment, with endorsement, yearly events with massive turnouts and movie acting performance. Ay is talented, one of Nigeria’s reputable comedians and through him, several comedians have carved out great paths for themselves. It is apparently surprising to imagine how AY became a prominent figure within a very short time. Annually, the star comedian bags a total of N280 million and for every comedy show he hosts, he charges around N1 – N2 million.

Through his popular AY live shows, has one of the highest yearly turnouts for a comedy event in Nigeria, he bags an annual sum estimated at N160 million. Besides his earnings, AY happens to be the owner of an MVP club and a company that organizes events.

3. Basket Mouth

Real Name: Bright Okpocha
Stage Name: Basket Mouth
Net worth: N2 Billion

“There have to be two things involve” {All his fans know that line … lol}

As funny as his name seems, Basketmouth is one of the funniest and hottest Nigerian comedians. Despite how funny comedy seems, Baskemouth takes his comedy profession with utter seriousness. Besides being an entertainer, Basketmouth makes lots of money through his endorsement deals with top Nigerian brands such as Amstel Malta and Globacom Ltd.

Basketmouth is admired by many ardent lovers of comedy both in Nigeria and outside the country. Significantly, he stages important comedy shows in foreign countries such as South Africa, the U.S.A, and the U.K.

Without doubts, Basketmouth remains one of Nigeria’s wealthiest comedians and this is proven through his several endorsement deals (with an annual estimate of N120 million), his yearly earnings (estimated at N192 million) and his net worth valued at N2 billion.

So, guys, the two things involved are; it’s either he is a talented comedian or a smart businessman.

4. I Go Die

Real Name: Francis Agoda
Stage Name: I go dye
Net worth: N1.8 Billion

I Go Dye is not only one of the richest comedians in Nigeria, but also one of the comedians with the funniest names. I Go Dye takes comedy as a serious career since he realizes the need to entertain his audience. Besides comedy, I Go Dye makes money as the CEO of Revamp Construction Company –a firm that specializes in road construction and real estate.

Like some other Nigerian comedians, I Go Dye has an endorsement deal through which he performs an ambassadorial role for the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations.

With his net worth estimated in excess of N1 billion, I Go Dye has a sumptuous annual income worth around N350-500 million.

5. Julius Agwu

Stage Name & Real Name: Julius Agwu
Net worth: N1.5 Billion

Julius Agwu is another hilarious character in Nigeria’s entertainment industry. He is one of the Nigerian comedians who host popular events in order to entertain their audience. With respect to this, Julius Agwu is well known for two popular comedy shows which are Laugh for Christ Sake and Crack Your Ribs. He claims a spot among Nigeria’s richest comedians through the millions of naira he has earned. For every comedy shows, he hosts, Julius Agwu charges around N2 – N3 million.

Meanwhile, Julius Agwu buttresses his presence on the entertainment scene as the CEO of Real Laff Entertainment and besides this, he has expensive assets in several Nigerian States. On a yearly basis, Julius Agwu earns around N180 million and currently, his net worth is valued at N1 billion.

6. Gbenga Adeyinka

Real Name: Gbenga Adeyinka
Stage Name: Gbenga Adeyinka The First

Gbenga Adeyinka is remarkable for having hosted comedy shows for reputable personalities including politicians. He is usually occupied with events and this classifies him as one of the prominent figures in the entertainment industry. Moreover, he usually organizes Laffmattaz –one of Nigeria’s popular comedy shows. On a yearly basis, Laffmattaz records approximately 5,000 attendants and its tickets are usually available to interested buyers.

Besides his profession as a serious comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka has many assets and occupies himself with a number of businesses.

7. Okey Bakassi

Real Name: Okechukwu Anthony Onyegbule
Stage Name: Okey Bakassi

Okey Bakassi has organized comedy shows for several politicians and through this, he is known as one of Nigeria’s richest comedians. Besides his profession as a comedian, Okey Bakassi plays an important role as the Imo State’s Senior Special Assistant on entertainment. At the same time, he is a busy personality who performs in many high-profile events.

8. Tee-A

Real Name: Babatunde Adewale
Stage Name: Tee-A

Tee-A is the owner of a popular company that hosts events for dignitaries. Besides that, he hosts wedding events where he performs as an MC. He is undoubtedly one of the prominent Nigerian entertainers who charge high rates per event hosted. Like several other entertainers, Tee-A is endowed with assets that include the personal businesses he runs.

9. Bovi

Real Name: Abovi Ugboma
Stage Name: Bovi

At the moment, Bovi is apparently one of the best comedians the entertainment industry boasts of. Significantly, the star comedian has earned lots of money from hosting regular shows, concerts, and tour adverts. Whenever he plans to host a show, many people are always eager to secure their own tickets.

10. Yaw

Real Name: Steve Onu
Stage Name: Yaw

Yaw is another remarkable comedian to watch out for. He is associated with a number of shows from which he earns income. Amongst the shows are radio presentations and MTN adverts. Besides his constant shows, Yaw doubles up his wealth by owning several businesses and engaging in equipment leasing.

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