Full list of Yaba postal code / zip code. Hello buddies, it might interest you to know that we have got you covered in aspect of various city postal code or zip codes for your use, in our today’s article; we would be talking about the postal code and zip codes of Yaba in Lagos state Nigeria.

Yaba State Postal Code


Yaba Local Government Area is merged with Ebute Meta Eastern part as a delivery area in Lagos and was given a zip code for every street located in both Yaba and Ebute Meta.

Area: Yaba/Ebute Meta East, Lagos state.

Associated Zip code: 101212

District data:

District address: Yaba/Ebute Meta East, Lagos state.

State: Lagos state

Yaba / Ebute Meta street zip codes are stated below:

Street    Zip codes / postal codes

Abule Nla Road    101212

Arowolo street    101212

Western Avenue African road    101212

Batula street    101212

Shonola street    101212

Ibadan East street    101212

Akintoye street    101212

Commercial Avenue street 101212

Yusuf street    101212

Sanusi street    101212

Ibrahim street    101212

Muritala Mohammed way    101212

Ijero road    101212

Apapa road street    101212

Barclay street    101212

Oyekan street    101212

Sawyer street    101212

Turton street    101212

ireti street    101212

Araoti street    101212

Ado Ibrahim street    101212

Raymond street    101212

Merbert street    101212

Chapel street    101212

Maye street    101212

Micheal street     101212

Agaro street    101212

Little road street    101212

Thurbon Avenue street    101212

Tailor drive street     101212

Harvey street    101212

Edmond crescent    101212

Coranc road street    101212

Merret road    101212

Medical compound    101212

Moor road    101212

Elmas road    101212

Ibikunle street    101212

Langaster street    101212

St. Agnes street    101212

Ayinde street    101212

Gray street    101212

Birrel avenue    101212

Oyadiran Estate    101212

Olonode street    101212

Micowen street    101212

Aje street    101212

Fanaye street    101212

Hughes street    101212

Adams Street    101212

Queens street    101212

Borno way     101212

Moleye street    101212

Adebisi street    101212

Tokunbo street    101212

Osanyin street    101212

Akinwunmi street    101212

Ishola street    101212

Shodipe street    101212

Noble street    101212

Odewale street    101212

Kupeji street    101212

Ikanre street    101212

Adegunwa street    101212

Makoko road     101212

Adebiyi street    101212

Dany Estate    101212

Akimbo street    101212

Ramotu street    101212

Church Street    101212

Erejuwa street    101212

Atilo street    101212

Abudu street    101212

Ajalekoko street    101212

Adetia street    101212

Igbehin Adun street    101212

Sariyu street    101212

Rafiu street    101212

Obalowo street    101212

Falodun street    101212

Alaafia street    101212

Oluwatoyin street    101212

Olayide street    101212

Alhaji Sule street    101212

Bale street     101212


  • What are postal codes / Zip Codes?

Postal codes are numerical six digits codes that are used in terms of delivery to a certain location or area, in other words, they are codes that are assigned to a particular area as a delivery code for individuals who wish to deliver a certain package to such areas to avoid misplacement of packages and wrong address. These codes are assigned to specific areas by The Nigerian Postal Service called NIPOST, this package delivery body sub-divided Nigeria into nine (9) regions of delivery for the ease of users, n this case the NIPOST sub-divided the six digit numeric codes into two (2), in which, the first three (3) codes are for the dispatch districts of the outgoing region and the last three (3) digits represents the location the package would be delivered to.

Zip code meaning (Zone improvement plan code) can as well be called postal codes which means that postal codes and Zip codes are the same in Nigeria and  are the same thing as Postal codes in all countries except the United States of America, which do not regard Postal codes as the same with Zip codes, but, they are both used for mailing purposes.

Yaba post codes

Yaba Postal codes are codes used for delivery into Yaba, meaning it is the codes used in terms of delivery, for instance, when an individual wants to deliver a package to another in Yaba, the sender has to make use of the locations postal code for the delivery to avoid misplace of package or delivering package into another region or another area or probably a wrong hand. Postal codes consists of six digits characters In which the first three digits are the district dispatch code for outgoing sorting while the last three digits indicate the delivery location, meanwhile, the delivery location can either be a post office in any State depending on the location postal code you provided or is required or a rural area having a delivery point or an urban area that is involved with deliveries.

The Nigerian Postal service NIPOST has divided the country (Nigeria) into nine regions for delivery in which the first three codes are the regional codes, in other words, the dispatch location. These dispatch locations are the locations that will be given a certain sub-regional code to locate each state or region.


Conclusion on Yaba State postal code / Zip code

Postal Code is also noted as Zip codes in Nigeria and some other countries except the United States of America that do not regard postal code as Zip code, Yaba Postal codes / Zip codes are mainly used for the Area of Yaba and also extended to Ebute Meta East, meaning, both Yaba and Ebute Meta share the same Zip codes or postal codes as you may wish to call it. For deliveries into in this area you have to make use of the postal code/Zip code 101212.

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