We would be listing the complete Surulere postal code/zip code local government area and districts. A postal code or postcode or Zip code is a series of letters or digits or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation that is included in a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail. Postal codes used in Nigeria are numeric and are made up of six digits. NIPOST, the Nigerian Postal Service has divided the country into nine regions which make up the very first digit of the code. The second and third digits of the code combined with the first digit are the dispatch district for outgoing sorting. The last three digits of the code represent the delivery location. A delivery location for a mail can be a post office facility, a rural area, or an urban area. Postcodes have made sending messages to our loved ones in areas that are far away from our location very easy. We look at the postal code in this article for those who are in need of it. Within every local government area in Nigeria, there are districts. This same scenario plays out in Surulere local government too. Postal codes are created in such are the way that they are unique for each local government within a State. However, there is usually a variation among the districts within a local government even though the variation lies only in the last digit of the postal code. The essence of what I’m saying is that districts within the same local government have similar postal codes with the difference lying only in the last digit of the code.


  • Surulere State Postal Code

Surulere state postal code is 210100 with the last digit varying depending on the exact district of the local government. In this article, we will be discussing the Surulere state zip code.

  • Gambari/baya District

    • Aba Kae 210105
    • Abewo 210105
    • Abogunde 210105
    • Abuduka 210105
    • Ajase 210105
    • Alate 210105
    • Aresejowi 210105
    • Asileke 210105
    • BayaOje 210105
    • Biro 210105
    • Egbeda 210105
    • Gbede 210105
    • Igbon 210105
    • Iyelu 210105
    • Jabata 210105
    • Kangi 210105
    • Mumuni 210105
    • Gambari 210105
    • Olooye 210105
    • Oloya 210105
    • Paasi 210105
    • PatikoOloya 210105
  • Iresadu / Arolu District

    • Adudu 210102
    • Alagbede 210102
    • Arolu 210102
    • Ayetoro 210102
    • Baasa 210102
    • Baba Egbe 210102
    • Elesinmeta 210102
    • Aganyan 210102
    • Fasina 210102
    • Gbena 210102
    • Idi Opele 210102
    • Idi oro 210102
    • Idi-ori 210102
    • Alayin-Elebekebe 210102
    • Igboile 210102
    • Ikunsin 210102
    • Ilosin 210102
    • Iranyin 210102
    • Iregba 210102
    • IregbaBankole 210102
    • Iresaapa 210102
    • Iresadu 210102
    • IkleOdu 210102
    • Kulodi 210102
    • Labanju 210102
    • Labode 210102
    • Lekewogbe 210102
    • Maya 210102
    • Ogala 210102
    • Ojo 210102
    • Okiti 210102
    • Olowosoke 210102
    • Olukosi 210102
    • Omonijuku 210102
    • Pooro 210102
    • Sadiwin 210102
    • Sapati 210102
    • Yakoyo 210102
  • Iwofin District

    • Aba Araoye 210104
    • Ajegunle 210104
    • Alayin 210104
    • Bagbaji 210104
    • Budo Oni Eran 210104
    • Igbo-Ile 210104
    • Iwofin 210104
    • Oke-Asaa 210104
    • Temidire 210104
    • Olorombo 210104
    • Onisa 210104
    • Oniyeya 210104
    • Opatoyin 210104
    • Owode 210104
  • Oko District 

    • Ajagunsi 210103
    • Aserawo 210103
    • Bale Oba 210103
    • Ebila-Temidire 210103
    • Ikolo 210103
    • Ilajue 210103
    • Ilogbo 210103
    • AagbaIjado 210103
    • Ipasa 210103
    • Iware 210103
    • Laege 210103
    • Mayin 210103
    • Mumi 210103
    • Odanbon-Adare 210103
    • Ogede 210103
    • Oko 210103
    • Okolo 210103
    • Onikeke 210103
    • Oosu            210103
    • Origi              210103
    • Owoaso 210103
    • Panda 210103

Those are the Surulere Zip code.

Surulere Postal Code

Top 10 Interesting Things To Know About The Surulere Local Government Of Lagos State

Located on the Mainland of Lagos state, Surulere is both a residential and commercial Local Government Area. The main focus of this article is Surulere Zip code but we will be supplying some additional information about surulere.

  • Do you know the total population of Surulere LGA? I bet you don’t. According to the 2006 national population census, the total population of surulere is put at about 503,975 inhabitants with 21, 864 inhabitants per square kilometer
  • Are you aware that this LGA is also known as the Sports city of Lagos? This is due to the location of two international sports venues in the area. These sports venues are the Teslim Balogun Stadium and the National Stadium
  • Also very famous for its streets which include Adeniran Ogunsanya, Adelabu, Ogunlana Drive, Bode-Thomas and Eric Moore
  • Do you also know that some of the suburbs in Surulere have inspired many themes in popular cultures? I guess you do not know that. A very good example of this is the chaotic bus station that was used by Femi Anikulapo Kuti to depict the theme of poor governance in Nigeria and many more.
  • The Nigerian Football Association Headquarters was formerly located in Ogunlana Drive, which is another area there.
  • Do you also know that Surulere is the home of the popular bus station that is called Ojuelegba? Yes, it is.
  • Do you know also that some of the historic events in Nigeria like Festac 77, U17 FIFA World Cup 2009, and Origin of Nollywood etc. all took place in Surulere, indeed a historic area.
  • Surulere is actually a Yoruba word that means Patience is a Virtue and has its reward
  • It is indeed both a commercial and residential Government Area of Lagos State.
  • Surulere Local Government area of Lagos State is one of the most famous Local Government areas in all of Lagos. This is due to its rich history and also the result of the many historic events that have taken place in the area over the years. Indeed, the real meaning of the Area-Patience has rewards- explains the great changes the area has experienced.
  1. Some of the popular people who were either born in, lived in or are current residents of, or are otherwise closely associated with or around the city of Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria are:
  2. Wizkid, an internationally recognized music recording artist.
  3. Waidi Akanni, a former national footballer and executive.
  4. Babatunde Fashola, a popular politician and former governor of Lagos State.
  5. Teslim Fatusi, an international footballer.
  6. Desmond Elliot, a popular actor and politician.
  7. Ade Olufeko, an award-winning technologist and entrepreneur.
  8. Ramsey Nouah, an internationally recognized film actor.
  9. Folashade Sherifat Jaji, a noteworthy chemist, and civil servant.
  10. Tade Ogidan, a film and television director.
  11. Damilola Adegbite a popular actress and television personality.
  12. Aliko Dangote a Nigerian billionaire and current richest man in Africa
  13. Linda Ejiofor, a Tinsel television actress.
  14. RilwanAkiolu, the traditional Oba of Lagos.
  15. Bose Kaffo, a professional table tennis player.
  16. Femi Gbajabiamila, a Lawyer and politician.
  17. IkennaAzuike, a British Nigerian lawyer and broadcaster.
  18. Simi, a soul singer, and songwriter.
  19. LanreTejuosho, a politician.
  20. Hakeem Olajuwon, a retired professional basketball player, and 2× NBA champion.
  21. Pepenazi, a Nigerian recording artist
  22. Bisi Ibidapo-Obe, a popular film Actress.


Conclusion On Surulere Postal Code / Zip Code

The importance of postal codes or zip codes in mail sorting and delivery cannot be overemphasized. This is why this article on Surulere state zip code was birthed to ensure that all those that are in need of Surulere state zip code have access to it.

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