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Top 100 Poorest Countries in the World 2018

Top 100 Poorest Countries in the World 2018

Here is the updated list of the top 100 poorest countries in the world at the moment. This ranking is based on the Gross domestic product (GDP) purchasing-power-parity (PPP) per capita of each of this countries. This way we would be able to tell the actual standard of living of people in most of this countries.

Actually in some of these poorest countries in the world today, there are rich people who can even be regarded as billionaires but the population of those living in poverty beats those who are living large. Though it is not easy to define what it actually means to be poor, economists have set standards based on where you live, income and time to define if a person is actually poor. So an income threshold is set and those who fall below it are regarded as poor.

Poorest Countries in the World

Poorest Countries in the World

It is disheartening to note that 17 of the top 20 countries in these world poorest countries are from Africa. Though there have been efforts to reduce the poverty level on the continent various factors like corruption, epidemics, famine, conflicts and lots more have not helped to improve the living standard of people on the continent. Below are the top 100 poorest countries in the world;


Rank No. Country Name GDP Per Capita
1 South Sudan $228
2 Burundi $312
3 Malawi $324
4 Central African Republic $387
5 Mozambique $429
6 Niger $440
7 Madagascar $448
8 Democratic Republic Of Congo $478
9 The Gambia $480
10 Sierra Leone $491
11 Yemen $551
12 Afghanistan $588
13 Togo $611
14 Burkina Faso $664
15 Uganda $699
16 Liberia $729
17 Guinea $749
18 Rwanda $772
19 Haiti $784
20 Comoros $788
21 Guinea-Bissau $794
22 Chad $810
23 Mali $811
24 Tajikistan $824
25 Benin $830
26 Nepal $834
27 Ethiopia $873
28 Eritrea $980
29 Tanzania $1,034
30 Senegal $1,038
31 Kyrgystan $1,144
32 Zimbabwe $1,176
33 Myanmar $1,264
34 Mauritania $1,318
35 Cambodia $1,390
36 Cameroon $1,401
37 Lesotho $1,425
38 Sudan $1,428
39 Zambia $1,480
40 Uzbekistan $1,491
41 Pakistan $1,541
42 Bangladesh $1,602
43 Ivory Coast $1,617
44 Ghana $1663
45 Kenya $1,702
46 Kiribati $1,721
47 Sao Tome and Principe $1,785
48 Congo Rep. $1,958
49 India $1,983
50 Djibouti $1,989
51 Nigeria $1,994
52 Solomon Islands $2,081
53 East Timor $2,104
54 Nicaragua $2,207
55 Moldova $2,280
56 Vietnam $2,354
57 Egypt $2.501
58 Laos $2,542
59 Ukraine $2,583
60 Honduras $766
61 Papua New Guinea $2,861
62 Bhutan $2,903
63 Philipines 2,976
64 Vanuatu 3,094
65 Morocco $3,151
66 Micronesia $3,200
67 Cape Verde $3,238
68 Bolivia $3,353
69 Tunisia $3,496
70 Marshall Islands $3,625
71 Tuvalu $3,638
72 Mongolia $3,640
73 Armenia $3,861
74 Indonesia $3,876
75 Kosovo $3,880
76 Swaziland $3,915
77 Sri Lanka $2,085
78 Georgia $4,099
79 Azerbaijan $4,141
80 Tonga $4,177
81 Samoa $4,253
82 Paraguay $4,260
83 Algeria $4,292
84 El Salvador $4,400
85 Angola $4,408
86 Guatemala $4,472
87 Albania $4,583
88 Guyana $4,710
89 Belize $4,806
90 Libya $4,859
91 Jamaica $5,048
92 Iraq $5,088
93 Bosnia & Herzegovina $5,149
94 Iran $5,305
95 Namibia $5,413
96 Macedonia $5,474
97 Jordan $5,678
98 Fiji $5,740
99 Belarus $5,760
100 Serbia $5,899

Top 20 Poorest Countries In The World

1. Democratic Republic of Congo: This is the second largest country in Africa in terms of land mass but has been beset with violence over the years. This country suffers from a high rate of malnutrition and mortality and is number 1 on the list of top 20 Poorest countries in the world, with a GDP PPP of $394.25.

2. Zimbabwe: This is a landlocked country in southern Africa and has been ruled by Robert Mugabe since the year 1980. Zimbabwe is second on this list with a GDP PPP of $588.46.

3. Burundi: This is a landlocked country in East Africa which has been plagued with constant warfare, widespread contamination of AIDS, corruption, and poor education, they have a GDP PPP of $648.58.

4. Liberia: This country has been ravaged by two civil wars which were started by a coup in the year 1980. The wars devastated the economy leaving the country with a GDP PPP of $716.04.

5. Eritrea: Currently spots Number five on the top 20 poorest  This country is located in the Horn of Africa and became independent in the year 1991. This country has a fast growing economy at 8.7 percent, but a GDP PPP of $792.13.

6. Central African Republic: This country has degenerated into practical anarchy after a coup in the year 2013. The Central African Republic also suffered from armed conflicts in the 2000’s which have left devastating effects on the economy they now have a GDP PPP of $827.93.

7. Niger: This country suffers from a lack of infrastructure, poor healthcare facilities, low educational standards, environmental degradation and has a GDP PPP of $853.43.

8. Malawi: This country has a low life expectancy, high infant mortality and high prevalence of AIDS all these factors have left Malawi with a GDP PPP of $893.84.

9. Madagascar: This Island is a beautiful place to be though over 90 percent of its population lives at less than two dollars per day and with a GDP PPP of $972.07.

10. Afghanistan: Currently number 10 poorest country in the world, This is largely considered one of the most dangerous places in the world and is the largest producer of refugees and asylum seekers with a GDP PPP of $1,072.19.

11. Mali: This is the third largest producer of gold in African though half of its population lives below the international poverty line and has a GDP PPP of $1,136.77.

12. Togo: Though Togo serves as a regional and trade center in its region, political instability has stalled growth in the country leaving it with a GDP PPP of $1,145.94.

13. Guinea: Guinea is the second largest producer of bauxite in the world and also has rich deposits of gold and diamonds though it has a GDP PPP of $1,163.18, which has left it at Number 13th on the list of top 20 poorest countries in the world.

14. Ethiopia: This is the most populous landlocked nation in the world, famines and civil wars have destabilized the country economy over the years and they currently have a GDP PPP of $1,258.60.

15. Mozambique: Though this counties GDP is actually high, life expectancy and human development is low. This makes us understand that the wealth in the country belongs to a few they have a GDP PPP of $1,262.96.

16. Guinea-Bissau: This West African country was once part of the Mali Empire and has been independent since the year 1973. The country suffers from political instability has no president has ever served the full five-year term, they have a GDP PPP of $1,268.46, leaving them at spot 16 among the poorest countries in the world.

17. Comoros: This is the third smallest nation in Africa in terms of landmass and has suffered from numerous coup attempts. Half of the people in this country live below the poverty line which has a GDP PPP of $1,296.77.

18. South Sudan: This is a new country which got her independence in 2011. South Sudan has inadequate infrastructure, the highest maternal mortality and female illiteracy rate in the word. It has a GDP PPP of $1,324.10.

19. Nepal: This is a country which is not supposed to be on this list based on how rich they are in term of tourist attractions. This country is home to eight of the 10 (which also includes Mt. Everest) and also the host to Lumbini which is the birthplace of Lord Buddha. This country is 19 on the list of top 20 poorest countries in the world with a GDP PPP of $1,347.62.

20. Haiti: This Caribbean country was the first independent nation of Latin America and second republic in the entire Americas. Haiti has been ravaged by political violence for years now and landed at number 20 spot on the list of poorest countries in the world with a GDP PPP of $1,358.10.

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