Entertainment has always been a very lucrative field; and there is no entertainment industry more profitable in the world right now than Hollywood. Hollywood actresses, therefore, are the richest actresses in the world, with the highest salaries, and the farthest reach.

It is for this reach- the incredible platform that Hollywood offers, that many budding actors and actresses flock to the industry, not just from America, but from every corner of the world. Of course, not everybody who lands in Hollywood becomes a success; such fame, wealth, and influence is reserved for a select few.

These successful screen actresses now become role models to whom others look for inspiration.

Top 10 Richest Actresses In The World

1.   Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Net Worth: $300 Million

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, called the “Olsen twins” are counted as one in terms of finance. They are former child actresses, who began acting when they were only 6 years old. They then continued their film careers into their teenage years, thus becoming successful actresses in movie projects as well as in television.

They have now founded a fashion empire with the proceeds of their acting, and they now have a combined net worth of at least 300 million, making them the richest actresses in the world.

2.  Mia Wasikowska

Net Worth: $275 Million

Mia Wasikowska is an Australian actress. She hit the big screen in 2004, in an Australian TV series called All Saints. Wasikowska then went on to star in Suburban Mayhem, in 2006, and then in the HBO series In Treatment, for which she was nominated for several awards, and for which she was promoted to another level of fame and recognition.

Hollywood came calling after that, and in 2010 she starred as Alice in the film Alice in Wonderland. From there she has gone on to star in several movies, even doing a follow-up movie of the Alice franchise called Alice Through The Looking Glass.

Mia Wasikowska owes her wealth and fame to her adaptability and versatility; she is able to interpret a wide diversity of roles, and to deliver her performances with a different kind of intensity which is not usually obtainable.

3.  Paget Brewster

Net Worth: $245 Million

Paget Brewster is an American actress, voice actress, and singer. She first hit the big screen in the popular sitcom Friends, but only nominally.

Her breakthrough role came as Special Agent Emily Prentiss on the CBS crime drama ‘Criminal Minds’. She really expressed her talents; appearing consistently from 2006 to 2012. She returned to the film again in 2016 for regular appearances.

That served as a launch pad; she has since starred in several long running TV series, earning good money in a career that has spanned about 30 years. She is one of the most successful actresses in Television, having the dynamism to interpret several different kinds of roles.

4.  Sasha Alexander

Net Worth: $215 Million

Sasha Alexander is an American actress, noted for her portrayal of Gretchen Witter on ‘Dawson’s Creek’. She also performed with Jim Carey in Yes Man in 2008, and has since then featured in several movies and television series.

Most actresses usually select a platform; maybe Movies or Television; but Sasha Alexander has successfully made a career with both.

Her real name is Suzana Drobnjakovic, and she was born in California, USA. She started going into acting from an early age, despite initially having interest in becoming an ice-skater.

5.  Victoria Principal

Net Worth: $200 Million

Victoria Principal is an American actress, entrepreneur, and author. She is one of the pioneers of the long running Television series which tend to run into several years. Many know her for her role as Pamela Barnes Ewing on the American television show ‘Dallas’. She spent nine years on that show, but left to open her own production company.

Victoria Principal Productions has produced several television shows, and then she has gone on to produce a line of skincare products, as well as to write several bestselling books. Victoria Principal is an example of a motivated woman; one that has braved all odds and that is clearly hungry for success.

6.  Jennifer Aniston

Net Worth: $200 Million

Jennifer Aniston is an American actress, film producer, and businessperson. She is one of the most successful actresses in the world; having achieved great success in Television and Movies. Aniston is best known for playing the role of Rachel Green on the television sitcom ‘Friends’.

Even now she earns about 1 million a year for her work in that sitcom, and it has become a launch-pad helping her to achieve greater things.

She has since then gone on to perform several roles in a host of movies such as Bruce Almighty, Friends With Money, Horrible Bosses, and so on. She has featured in movies that have grossed over $1.6 Billion worldwide.

7.   Julia Louis Dreyfus

Net Worth: $200 Million

Julia Louis Dreyfus is an American Television Goddess. She has received more awards than anyone else in American television history. She has worked as a show host, actress, comedian, and producer. She has performed in several popular television shows such as Saturday Night Live, Seinfeld, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and so many more.

She is one of the highest earning television actresses, and a true icon of the industry. Her awards and plaques are too many to mention, and she has had one of the longest careers in the business.

8.  Tracey Ullman

Net Worth: $199.56 Million

Tracey Ullman is an English actress, singer, dancer, and producer. She has a great career on stage, on television, and on screen. Tracey Ullman’s earliest appearances were on British television sketch comedy shows such as A Kick Up the Eighties. She then took to stage as a singer and dancer, before returning to television with Girls on Top.

She moved to the United States, and rather than appear in other shows, she started her own network comedy series; the Tracey Ullman Show. She then went on to become a producer; she has produced several works for big franchises such as HBO, and so on.

She went on to return to Britain with the Tracey Ullman Show, making her the first British woman to host a television show in both the United States and Britain.

9.  Cathrine Deneuve

Net Worth: $185 Million

Cathrine Deneuve is a French actress, who has also worked as a singer, model, and producer. Deneuve gained recognition for her excellent portrayal of ice, aloof and mysterious beauties in various television production and movies. She is the face of the French symbol of Liberty, and she has been nominated 14 times for the César Award.

She has performed in several movies such as Truffaut’s The Last Metro (1980), and Régis Wargnier’s Indochine (1992). For these movies she has won several awards, and received plenty of recognition.

10.   Krysten Ritter

Net Worth: $185 Million

Krysten Ritter is an American actress, model, and author. She became prominent for her role in Breaking Bad (2009-2010), but since then she has gained even more fame for her portrayal of the major character in the action comic series ‘Jessica Jones.’ She has also featured in several television series.

Krysten Ritter is already one of the richest actresses in the world, despite having many years ahead in her career. She has already proven herself in television and in movies where she has portrayed a diverse range of roles.

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The richest actresses in the world are women from all over the world who have proven their talent over the years and now belong to a special ‘A list’ category in Hollywood which enables them to command ridiculously high wages.

Many of these women have performed roles in blockbuster movies that will not be forgotten in a long time, while others have used their fame to build wealth by engaging in other pursuits.