Top 50 Richest Musicians In The World 2021 {Net Worth}

Full list of the top 50 richest musicians in the world and their net worth {Forbes}. Entertainers especially those in the music industry are no doubt some of the world’s highest earners. Most successful musicians sell more than ten million copies of their albums and one can easily see where the ridiculous net worth comes from apart from Endorsements deals, live concerts, TV presentations, and side business passions.

The world over is filled with lots of talented musicians with varying net worths. But it seems that America, Great Britain, and Canada have the largest number of musicians with a net worth that surpasses all others in the same music industry, they feature as the world’s richest and most successful musicians. In this article, we present to you a list of the top 50 Richest Musicians from around the world with their accompanying net worths and a little storyline about how they all began. You’ll find most to be individual musicians while a few are actually rock bands – a group consisting of more than one musician.

Top 50 Richest Musicians In The World And Their Net Worth 



Net Worth

1. Kanye West $1.3 Billion
2. Paul McCartney $1.28 Billion
3. Andrew Lloyd Webber $1.2 Billion
4. Jay Z $1 Billion
5. P. Diddy $880 Million
6. Herb Alpert $870 Million
7. Madonna $850 Million
8. Dr. Dre $800 Million
9. Celine Dion $800 Million
10. Bono $700 Million
11. Jimmy Buffett $550 Million
12. Emilio Estefan $500 Million
13. Elton John $500 Million
14. Bruce Springsteen $500 Million
15. Jon Bon Jovi $410 Million
16. Beyonce $400 Million
17. Sting $400 Million
18. Taylor Swift $360 Million
19. Mick Jagger $360 Million
20. Ringo Starr $350 Million
21. Lars Ulrich $350 Million
22. Gene Simmons $350 Million
23. Keith Richards $340 Million
24. Katy Perry $330 Million
25. Mariah Carey $320 Million
26. Dave Grohl $320 Million
27. Lady Gaga $320 Million
28. Roger Waters $310 Million
29. Eric Clapton $300 Million
30. L. A. Reid $300 Million
31. Dave Mattews $300 Million
32. Justin Beiber $285 Million
33. Dhani Harrison $275 Million
34. Phil Collins $260 Million
35. Tim Rice $250 Million
36. Tina Turner $250 Million
37. Diana Ross $250 Million
38. Rihanna $245 Million
39. Rod Stewart $235 Million
40. Justin Timberlake $230 Million
41. Eminem $230 Million
42. Billy Joel $225 Million
43. Ozzy Osbourne $220 Million
44. Brian May $210 Million
45. Don Henley $205 Million
46. Sean Lennon $200 Million
47. Master P $200 Million
48. Roger Taylor $200 Million
49. Tony Bennett $200 Million
50. Don Henley $200 Million
51. George Michael $200 Million
52. Janet Jackson $190 Million
53. Adele $185 Million
54. Usher $180 Million
55. Bob Dylan $180 Million
56. Robert Plant $170 Million
57. Jimmy Page $170 Million
58. Paul Stanley $170 Million
59. John Deacon $170 Million
60. Burt Bacharach $160 Million

Coldplay 475M

Details Of Some Of The Richest Musicians In The World And Their Net Worth

Paul McCartney Net Worth: $1.28 billion

Second richest musician in the world currently, Paul McCartney, there is absolutely no way a Beatles member would be off this list, speaking of Paul McCartney, he and John Lennon shared basically a writing credit for their whole run which guarantees both of them a nonstop flowing in riches. Paul being a multi-instrumentalist has written or co-written a total of thirty-two (32) songs to get to the number one (1) peak on the Billboard Hot 100, this great musical icon’s recent song is the most covered song of all time, this song of his, has been remade by not less than 2, 200 artists and bands altogether.

Speaking of royalties, Paul earned the right to a knighthood and was honored in various and diverse ways either musically or otherwise. According to reports, he holds not less than 25, 000 copyrights, meanwhile, Paul has been recognized twice in the Guinness book of records as the most honored music composer and performer as well as the ever most successful songwriter. Paul has always been noted to collaborate with a series of superstars which includes Michael Jackson, Kanye West, and other superstars.

Andrew Lloyd Webber Net Worth: $1.2 billion

Here we have got the king in the music industry popping up as the number one on the list, this great music superstar’s name may not be known to you but his music must have been heard by you. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s net worth is $1.28 billion. However, Broadway is nearly synonymous with Webber, this dude has made lots of hit songs of which 20 are the greatest which includes; the phantom of the Opera, Cats, Jesus Christ superstar, school of rock, Evita, Joseph, and the amazing Technicolor dream coat and lots more. Meanwhile, these shows are still happening all across the world nightly of which some have been running for over a decade now, earning him profit from everything associated with his products which include soundtracks, film adaptation, merchandise, and ticket sales. Andrew Lloyd Webber has earned or won knighthood and a noble title for his nonstop contributions to music, he is also a three (3) time Grammy award winner and lots more.

Jay-Z Net Worth: $1 Billion

Are you surprised to see this famous superstar in the third position? Or have you been waiting to see him on the list of the top 10 richest musicians in the world? Now you got him right here, he is worth $900 million following up recent net worth, being the third richest musician in the world means a lot and usually happens only if you have hit 19 Grammy awards, sold over a hundred million records, and launches a booming record label ‘Roc-A-Fella Records’ and a clothing company with the tag name ‘Rocawear’. Jay-Z was reported to be once a Dem Jam Recordings President, he is also a licensed agent for sports, working with his own sports company “Roc Nation Sports’, so tell me why this superstar won’t make this list with such great achievements.

Sean Combs Net Worth: $880 million

Sean combs who is known for quite a numerous numbers of stage name or nicknames such as P.Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean Johns, Diddy, Puffy, and lots more runs or manages a record label of his own ‘Bad boy entertainment’, also launching the careers of guys such as the Mase and the Notorious B.I.G. his wealth apart from the music line flows in from his Sean John clothing company, perfume company line, and a hit TV show on MTV. Puff daddy like other top richest people in the world is a college dropout, and despite that fact, he has found himself in the list of the top 10 richest musicians in the world.

Herb Alpert Net Worth: $870 million

Hubert Alpert alongside the Tijuana brass band has reportedly released five (5) number one (1) albums on the Billboard chart and a total of 28 albums. Hubert Alpert is worth $850 million, he has received a total of nine (9) Grammy awards, fourteen (14) certified platinum albums, and a total of 15 gold albums. He has breached up to a total of over 72 million sales across the world.

In the A&M records, Alpert is the ‘A’ which implies he has a large number of shares in this record label which as well contributes immensely to his wealth. This said record label was said to be sold in the year 1987 for an amount of $500 million alongside Jerry Moss his partner in which they later called for a breach of contract which earned them an additional $200 million. Herb Alpert is reportedly the only musician to have hit the number one (1) on the Hot 100 billboard as a vocalist in the year 1968 and an instrumentalist (trumpeter) in the year 1979.

Madonna Net Worth: $850 million

Currently, the wealthiest female musician in the world, Madonna, this lady has been in the music industry for long now, playing her game wisely for a long time as early as the ’80s and forward, taking part in the ups and downs faced by the music industry over the years. In collaboration with her talent of music, she is also a golden globe winning actress, owner of the Maverick records, author of series of children books, and sole owner of various health clubs, meanwhile, her real wealth pops up from the series of shows she had performed in which made her the highest all-time grossing solo touring artist. She is probably the hardest working woman when it comes to showing business. However, this woman has been shortlisted by the Guinness book of record as the best selling female artist of all time, and also the RIAA (The recording industry association of America) listed her as the second-highest female certified musical artist in the United States.

Celine Dion Net Worth: $800 million

Celine Dion if noticed is the second richest female musician in the world with a net worth of $800 million and also on the top 10 list of the world’s richest musicians, she is also the top richest music artist in Canada of all time with a total sales of over 200 million records after her hit on the Titanic soundtrack, she wisely took the spotlight, launched the auto-tune popularity (for better or worse). Celine Dion has released albums both in French language and English, also won numerous contests and awards, and holds up the record for the all-time highest concert residency, where she can charge $500, 000 per show in Las Vegas, meanwhile, in the year 2016, she performed her 1000th show in Las Vegas.

Dr. Dre Net Worth: $800 million

Underestimating this rap artist is a big mistake, cause he is definitely on the list of the top 10 world’s richest musical artist, he was once a member of the N.W.A, later moved on to Death Row records and finally, he runs his own record label, he has reportedly launched several protégés which includes Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and 50 Cent. However, Dr. Dre has only released 2 albums in his name. Dr. Dre sold to the Apple Company or brands his word’s top headphones company beats in the year 2014, which gave him a great boost way up to the position he currently is on this list.

Bono Net Worth: $700 Million

Bono is a known lead singer of the U2, apart from his music line work as a singer and songwriter; he is also a philanthropist, a venture capitalist, and a general businessman. Speaking of royalty, Bono has been made a knight f which he is to be addressed as Paul David Hewson KBE OL. However, his multitalented works have earned him a place in the list of the top 10 world’s richest musician.

Mariah Carey Net Worth: $320 million

Here comes the third female artist on this list of the top 50 richest musicians in the world, I think we should give kudos to these women for making it up to this list. Mariah Carey tends to be the last on this list but not the least, though it is somewhat hard to believe that she made her way up to the top 10 list because she had rarely made any move later in the music industry, well she is into other businesses such as perfume business and also into the movie industry. Mariah Carey holds high the record of the longest-running number one (1) singles for sixteen (16) whole weeks and also the third best selling female musical artist in the United States. She is also noted to be the only artist that ever topped the Billboard Hot 100 Decade End chart, not once. She had been awarded 5 Grammys, 19 world’s music awards, and lots more.

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Conclusion On The Top 10 Richest Musicians In The World

Making up to the top 50 richest singers in the world is not a joke; there you have the updated list of the World’s wealthiest musicians, it usually fun to see changes on this list as an artist may fall in Net worth, you may likely see new names on the above list next year but as for this year there are no changes to the list above.