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Across the world, many business magnates continually increase in wealth and this has created a strong competition on the global wealth ladder. Statistics are provided regularly about the richest people in the world and the magnitude of wealth each of them currently boasts of. In this regard, the list of world’s richest people is subject to change and billionaires are bound to overtake each other.

Only in the recent past, Jeff Bezos (Amazon’s CEO) saw a whopping increase of nearly $40 billion in his net worth and this has made him the world’s richest person ahead of Bill Gates and other billionaires.

In this article, we have compiled a well-researched list on The Top 100 Richest People in the World 2018 based on Forbes’ rankings. First, let’s take a look in details at the top 10 before listing out the complete top 100 of the world wealthiest men and women.


  • 1. Jeff Bezos

    • Net Worth: $124.1 Billion

Jeff Bezos is currently the world’s richest person with the whopping net worth of $112 billion. Only in the recent past, his net worth experienced the mouthwatering increase of $39.2 billion, giving him the edge to rise above Bill Gates and become the world’s first centi-billionaire.

On several lists of the world’s richest people (including Forbes’ list of richest billionaires), Jeff Bezos has emerged on the top spot and the magnificent boost in his net worth makes him the only centi-billionaire in the world.

Though Jeff Bezos has interests in a number of colossal business outfits, the multi-billionaire is best known for his ownership of Amazon -a voluminous e-commerce outfit. Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos’ stake accounts for 16% of the e-commerce outfit.

Richest People In The World

Jeff Bezos

Established by Jeff Bezos in 1994, Amazon has become one of the world’s biggest e-commerce outfits where book sales are peaking massively.

Prior to his involvement in the online sale of books, Jeff Bezos served as an employee at a hedge fund. Besides Amazon, Jeff Bezos has an unbending taste for space travel and the fortunate American is committed to improving space technology.  As regards that, Jeff Bezos claims Blue Origin (the aerospace outfit he owns) will convey passengers through a reusable rocket.

54-year-old Jeff Bezos is a self-made billionaire and resident of Seattle, Washington in the United States. A citizen of the United States, Jeff Bezos is a married man blessed with four children. In 2013, Jeff Bezos sacrificed the sumptuous sum of $250 million to acquire the ownership of the Washington Post.


  • 2. Bill Gates

    • Net Worth: $89.9 Billion

Bill Gates is the world’s second richest person with the net worth of $89.9 billion. He served as the world’s richest person for years until Jeff Bezos’ massive net worth increase withdrew him to the second position. Bill Gates’ net worth is believed to have increased over the years, but it still lags behind Jeff Bezos’ net worth estimated in excess of $100 billion.

Bill Gates’ wealth largely stems from technology. Together with Melinda (Bill Gates’ spouse), Bill Gates serves as the chairperson of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation -a charitable organization which has come to be regarded as the largest in the world.

Top 10 Richest People In The World

Bill Gates Among The Top 10 Richest People in the World

By virtue of its purpose, the Bill & Melinda Foundation helps in facilitating health globally and strives vibrantly to save people’s lives. In conjunction with Rotary International, the charitable organization aims to eradicate polio.

Although Bill Gates has investments in a number of assets and stocks, the 62-year-old American is best known for his shareholding in Microsoft. At the moment, his share in Microsoft is fairly above 1% since he has given away the largest part of it.  

Like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates is a self-made billionaire and citizen of the United States. A resident of Medina, Washington in the US, Bill Gates is a married man blessed with 3 children.


  • 3. Warren Buffett

    • Net Worth: $84.2 Billion

Warren Buffett -often dubbed the ”Oracle of Omaha” -is the third richest person in the world and his current net worth stands at $84.2 billion. Regarding his massive fortune in the field of investment, Warren Buffett has been named one of the all-time successful investors in the world.

87-year-old Warren Buffett is a child of a U.S congressman and he is said to have started investing at the age of 11 when he purchased his first stock.

Warren Buffett, who is widely seen as a philanthropist, controls Berkshire Hathaway -a voluminous company with over 60 sub-companies among which are Dairy Queen (a restaurant chain), Duracell (a battery manufacturer) and Geico (an insurance company).

Who is The Richest Person In The World

Warren Buffet Among The Top 10 Richest People in the World


With intense devotion towards charity, Warren Buffett has pledged to donate over 99% of his wealth and as regards this, the American philanthropist has donated almost $32 billion. In 2010, Warren Buffett joined hands with his fellow billionaire Bill Gates in setting up the Giving Pledge. Meanwhile, the Omaha-based man has implored otherworldly billionaires to contribute 50% of their wealth to charity. Without any doubts, Warren Buffett has struck a significant landmark as one of the most influential philanthropists in the world.


  • 4. Bernard Arnault

    • Net Worth: $77.9 Billion

Bernard Arnault has the net worth of $77.9 billion, distinguishing him as the fourth richest person in the world. By and large, he is a globally recognized taste-maker who controls numerous brands among which are Sephora and Louis Vuitton.

Only in a single year, Bernard Arnault experienced a whopping $30.5 billion increase in net worth, placing him among the Top 10 Richest Men in the World. Meanwhile, the colossal increase is said to have stemmed from the record outcomes at LVMH plus the sumptuous deal to acquire the largest part of Christian Dior.

Who Is The Richest Man In The World

Bernard Arnault Among The Top 10 Richest People in the World

A 69-year-old resident of Paris, France, Bernard Arnault has LVMH as the mainstay of his wealth and the French magnate has appeared among the most powerful people in France. He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique de Paris with a Bachelor degree in Arts. Currently, he is a married man blessed with 5 children.

  • 5. Carlos Slim Helu

    • Net Worth: $70.4 Billion

Carlos Slim Helu comes seventh on Forbes’ list of World’s Billionaires. A telecom magnate considered the richest man in Mexico, Slim Helu has the massive net worth of $70.4 billion. Together with his family, Carlos Slim Helu oversees America Movil which is unarguably the biggest telecom company in Mexico.

In 1990, Carlos Slim Helu joined hands with foreign telecom tycoons and purchased a share in Telmex -the only Mexican company producing phones. Today, Telmex now operates as a subsidiary of America Movil.

Top 10 Richest Men In The World

Carlos Slim Helu Among The Top 10 Richest People in the World

Slim Helu’s stake accounts for 17% of the New York Times and besides telecommunications, the Mexican magnate has shares in other areas including real estate, construction, mining, consumer goods.

78-year-old Slim Helu is a self-made billionaire and resident of Mexico City, Mexico. Regarded as one of the most powerful Mexicans, Carlos Slim Helu is a widower with 6 children. He graduated from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico with a bachelor’s degree in Arts/Science.

Fernando Romero (a son-in-law to Slim Helu) built the Mexico-based Soumaya Museum which houses Slim Helu’s enormous art collection.

  • 6. Amancio Ortega

    • Net Worth: $69.2 Billion

Recorded as of March 27, 2018, Amancio Ortega’s net worth stands at $70 billion. In Europe, Amancio Ortega is considered one of the wealthiest people and his colossal net worth makes him the world’s richest retailer.

In 1963, Ortega started his business career as a member of a mini family-owned firm producing textiles. Together with Rosalia Mera (his wife), Amancio Ortega founded Inditex which is widely recognized for its Zara fashion group. Meanwhile, the establishment of this fashion outfit has made Ortega an innovator in fast fashion.

An 81-year-old Spaniard and resident of La Coruna, Spain, Amancio Ortega is a married man with three children. Annually, Ortega’s dividends are estimated in excess of $400 million. With much concentration on investments, the Spanish billionaire has channeled his dividends into real estate. Meanwhile, these investments span across popular regions including Miami, Madrid, New York, Chicago, London and Barcelona.

Ortega’s stake accounts for 60% of the overall shareholding in Inditex -a renowned company controlling 8 global brands among which are Pull & Bear and Massimo Dutti.


  • 7. Mark Zuckerberg

    • Net Worth: $ 61.3 Billion

Mark Zuckerberg is globally recognized as the CEO of Facebook and the massive net worth of $61.3 billion gives him the 5th position on Forbes’ list of the world’s richest billionaires.

Like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard University. While he was only a 19-years-old, he created Facebook in 2004 and today, the social network is arguably considered the biggest in the world.

A 33-year-old self-made billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook at Harvard University as a platform for his colleagues to measure up names to faces. At the moment, Zuckerberg’s stake accounts for approximately 17% of Facebook’s stock.

Zuckerberg’s emergence into this list is a clear indication that the young American billionaire has experienced a colossal net worth increase resulting from Facebook’s soaring stock.

A resident of California, US, Mark Zuckerberg is a married man with two children. Following the footsteps of several multi-billionaires, Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan (Zuckerberg’s spouse) are committed to charitable donations. With regard to that, they have promised to give out 99% of their Facebook stake in charity.


  • 8. Charles Koch

    • Net Worth: $60.1 Billion

Charles Koch is the CEO and chairman of Koch Industries and has been maintaining his position since 1967. He is currently worth $60.1 billion and his conglomerate (Koch Industries), is the second biggest private company in the United States.

Koch Industries maintains the revenue of $100 billion and this stems from diverse businesses of which are chemicals, pipelines, Stainmaster carpets, Brawny paper towels and Dixie cups.

Koch Industries was established by Fred Koch (the father of Charles Koch) in the early 1940s. Fred Koch integrated a technique of processing heavy oil into gasoline. Currently, Charles Koch’s stake accounts for 42% of Koch Industries and this is the same amount of stake his brother (David) owns in the firm. In 1983, the duo joined hands and bought stakes for their two other brothers in Koch Industries.

82-year-old Charles Koch is a self-made billionaire and resident of Wichita, Kansas. He is currently a married man with two children. So far, Charles Koch has channeled funds into several think tanks among which are the American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and the libertarian Cato Institute.


  • 9. David Koch

    • Net Worth: $60.1 billion

Alongside his brother, Charles Koch, David Koch is the majority stakeholder of Koch Industries -the second biggest private firm in the US. His net worth currently hovers around $60.1 billion, making him one of the Top 10 Richest People in the World.

In revenue, Koch Industries has accumulated the sum of $100 billion and it controls several businesses including Quilted Northern toilet paper, Dixie cups, production of fertilizers and operation of pipelines.

A native of Kansas, 77-year-old David Koch is a self-made billionaire and resident of New York, United States. As one of the significant stakeholders of Koch Industries, David Koch controls the chemical technology group of the firm.

David Koch is a prominent American philanthropist and he has donated massively to Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre and Lincoln Centre (In New York).

  • 10. Larry Ellison

    • Net Worth: $58.9 Billion

Larry Ellison has the net worth of $58.9 billion recorded as of March 6, 2018. He is a software magnate and co-founder of Oracle -a software company established in 1977 with a view to providing management databases pertaining to the customer relationship.

Until 2014, Larry Ellison served as the CEO of Oracle and currently, he still serves authoritative roles as chief technology officer as well as the chairman of Oracle’s board.

In 2016, Oracle sacrificed the sum of $9.3 billion to acquire Netsuite -a firm concerned with cloud software. Meanwhile, this significant deal has integrated Oracle’s involvement in cloud computing.  Earlier on and precisely in 2010, Oracle had sacrificed the sum of $7.4 billion to acquire Sun Microsystems and this had integrated its involvement in hardware.

A 73-year-old citizen of the United States, Larry Ellison is a self-made billionaire and the tenth richest person on Forbes’ list of World’s Billionaires. Currently, the software magnate is a divorcee with two children.

As part of his charitable objectives, Larry Ellison made a pledge in 2016 implying that he would donate the sum of $200 million to the University of Southern California. Meanwhile, this was aimed at the establishment of a centre for cancer treatment.

That’s all about The Top 10 Richest People In The World 2018.


Ranking Name Country Of Origin Worths In Dollars Industries
1. Jeff Bezos USA $150Billion Technology
2. Bill Gates USA $91.1Billion Technology
4. Warren Buffett USA $81.3Billion Diversified
5. Benard Arnault France $74Billion Technology
3. Mark Zuckerberg USA $81.6Billion Retail
6. Amancio Ortega Spain $70Billion Diversified
7. Carlos Slim Helu Mexico $60Billion Consumer
8. Charles Koch USA $60Billion Koch Industries
9. David Koch USA $53.2Billion Koch Industries
10. Larry Ellison USA $58.5Billion Technology
11. Michael Bloomberg USA $50Billion Financial Services/Media
12. Larry Page USA $48.8Billion Technology
13. Sergy Brin USA $47.5Billion Technology
14. Jim Walton USA $46.4Billion Retail
15. Robson Walton USA $46.2Billion Retail
16. Alice Walton USA $46Billion Retail
17. Ma Huateng China $45.3Billion Tech / Media
18. Francoise Bettencourt Meyers France $42.2Billion Fashion
19. Mukesh Ambani India $40.1Billion Technology
20. Jack Ma Rep. Of China $39Billion Technology
21. Sheldon Adelson USA $38.5Billion Entertainment/Real Estate
22. Steve Ballmer USA $38.4Billion Technology
23. Li Ka-Shing Hong Kong $34.9Billion Real Estate
24. Hui Ka Yan USA $30.3Billion Real Estate
25. Lee Shau Kee Hong Kong $30.3Billion Real Estate
26. Wang Jianlin China $30Billion Real Estate
27. Beate Heister & Karl Albrecht Jr. German $29.8Billion Retail
28. Phil Knight USA $29.6Billion Technology
29. Jorge Paulo Lemann Brazil $27.4Billion Beer
30. Francois Pinault France $27Billion Luxury Goods
31. George Shaeffler USA $25.3Billion Auto
32. Susanne Klatten Germany $25Billion Diversified
32. David Thomson Canada $25 Billion Media
34.  John Mars USA $23.6Billion Retail
35.  Jacqueline Mars USA $23.6Billion Retail
36.  Joseph Safra USA $23.5Billion Banking and Finance
37. Giovanni Ferrero Italy $23Billion Retail
37. Dietrich Mateschitz Austria $23Billion Consumer
39. Michael Dell USA $22.7Billion Technology
39. Masayoshi Son Japan $22.7Billion Technology
41. Serge Dassault France $22.6Billion Diversified
42. Stefan Quandt Germany $22Billion Auto
43. Yang Huiyan Rep. Of China $21.9Billion Real Estates
44. Paul Allen USA $21.7Billion Technology
45. Leonardo Del Vecchio Spain $21.2Billion Eyeglasses
46. Dieter Schwarz Germany $20.9Billion Retail
47. Thomas Peterffy USA $20.3Billion Discount Brokerage
48. Theo Albrecht, Jr. Germany $20.2Billion Retail
48. Len Blavantnik United States $20.2Billion Diversified
50. He Xiangjian Rep. Of China $20.1Billion Home Appliances

Updated }

Continuation with the remaining Top 50 Richest People In The World 2018 In Dollars 

Ranking Name Country Of Origin Worths In Dollars Industries
51. Lui Che Woo USA $20.1Billion Entertainment
52. James Simons USA $20Billion Investments
52. Henry Sy USA $20Billion Diversified
54. Elon Musk USA $19.9Billion Tesla Auto
55. Hinduja Family UK $19.5Billion Diversified
55. Tadashi Yanai Japan $19.5Billion Fashion Retail
57. Vladimir Lisin Russia $19.1Billion Steel/Transportation
58. Laurene Powell Jobs USA $18.8Billion Technology/Media
58. Azim Premji India $18.8Billion Technology
60. Alexey Mordashov Russia $18.7Billion Steel/Investment
61. Lee Kun-Hee South Korea $18.6Billion Samsung
62. Lakshmi Mittal India $18.5Billion Steel
63. Wang Wei Rep. Of China $18.2Billion Package And Delivery
64. Leonid Mikhelson Russia $18Billion Gas/Chemicals
65. Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi Thailand $17.9Billion Drinks/Real Estate
66. Pallonji Mistry Ireland $17.8Billion Construction
67. Ray Dalio USA $17.7Billion Investment
68. Takemitsu Takizaki Japan $17.5Billion Sensors
69. William Ding Rep. Of China $17.4Billion Technology
69. R. Budi Hartono Indonesia $17.4Billion Banking/Tobacco
69. Gina Rinehart Australia $17.4Billion Minning
72. German Larrea Mota Velasco Mexico $17.3Billion Minning
73. Carl Icahn USA $16.8 Billion Investment
73. Stefan Persson Sweden $16.8Billion Retail
75. Michael Hartono Indonesia $16.7Billion Banking/Tobacco
75. Joseph Lau Hong Kong $16.7Billion Real Estate
77. Thomas & Raymond Kwok Hong Kong $16.5Billion Real Estate
78. Vagit Alekperov Russia $16.4Billion Oil
78. James Ratcliffe UK $16.4Billion Chemicals
80. Donald Bren USA $16.3Billion Real Estate
80. Iris Fontbona Chile $16.3Billion Minning
82. Gennady Timchenko Russia $16Billion Oil & Gas
83. Abigail Johnson USA $15.9Billion Finance
83.  Vladimir Potanin Russia $15.9Billion Metal
83.  Lukas Walton USA $15.9Billion Retail
86.  Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken Netherlands $15.8Billion Heineken (Beer)
87. Zhang Zhidong Rep. Of China $15.6Billion Technology
88. Petr Kellner Czech Republic $15.5Billion Banking
88. Andrey Melnichenko Russia $15.5Billion Coal/Fertilizer
88. David & Simon Reuben UK $15.5Billion Investment/Real Estate
91. Klaus-Michael Kuehne Germany $15.3Billion Shipping
91. Li Shufu Rep. Of China $15.3Billion Auto
93. Mikhail Fridman Russia $15.1Billion Oil, Banking, Telecom
94. Rupert Murdoch USA $15Billion Media
95. Dhanin Chearvanont Thailand $14.9Billion Diversified
96. Robert Kuok Malaysia $14.8Billion Diversified
97. Emmanuel Besnier France $14.7Billion Cheese
98. Shiv Nadar India $14.6Billion Technology
99. Viktor Vekselberg Russia $14.4Billion Metal/Energy
100. Aliko Dangote Rep. Of Nigeria $14.1Billion Diversified


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