The lives of the richest people in the world have always been objects of fascination; for purposes of motivation and more, their lives, and everything about them have been thoroughly scrutinized. Hardly any billionaire in the world is a full and year round citizen of any country; as they make money and become more successful, they set their sights to other markets; thereby taking their brands and businesses abroad.

In order to sustain these ridiculous figures, they need to transform their companies into multinational conglomerates; boosting sales and brand recognition.

With investments across various sectors; and in several countries, these men and women can then enjoy the recognition and 5 star lifestyle that comes with being ultra rich.

Top 50 Richest People In The World

Name Net worth Industry Country
1.  Bernard Arnault $185B LVMH France
2. Elon Musk $179B Tesla, SpaceX United States
3.  Jeff Bezos $121B Amazon United States
4.  Bill Gates $116B Microsoft United States
5.  Warren Buffett $109B Berkshire Hathaway United States
6.  Larry Ellison $101B Software United States
7.  Steve Ballmer $93.7 B Software United States
8.  Larry Page $88.8 B Google United States
9.  Sergey Brin $85.0 B Google United States
10. Carlos Slim $82.4 B Diversified Mexico
11.  Mukesh Ambani $80.3 B Diversified India
12.  Francoise Bettencourt Meyer $80.0 B Cosmetics France
13.  Charles Koch $67.8 B Diversified United States
14.  Julia Flesher Koch & family $67.8 B Diversified United States
15.  Zhong Shanshan $66.7 B beverages China
16.  Jim Walton $66.0 B Walmart United States
17.  Rob Walton $65.3 B Walmart United States
18.  Mark Zuckerberg $64.7 B Facebook United States
19.  Alice Walton $63.6 B Walmart United States
20.  Amancio Ortega $60.5 B Inditex, Zara Spain
21.  Gautam Adani $55.8 B Diversified India
22.  Jacqueline Badger Mars $55.2 B Confectioneries United States
23. John Mars $55.2 B Confectioneries United States
24.  Michael Dell $50.6 B Dell computers United States
25.  Zhang Yiming $54.9 B TikTok China
26.  Michael Dell $49.3 B Dell Computers United States
27.  Alain Wertheimer $$48.1 B Clothing France
28.  Gerard Wertheimer $48.1 B Clothing France
29.  Jacqueline Mars $37.6 B candy United States
30.  Phil Knight & family $46.9 B Diversified United States
31.  Giovanni Ferrero & family $43.9 B Confectionary Italy
32.  Ma Huaten $42.5 B Technology China
33.  Francois Pinault $40.8 B diversified France
34.  Klaus-Michael Kuehne $39.6 B Shipping Germany
35.  Zeng Yuqun $37.6 B Technology China
36.  Len Blavatnik $37.1 B Chemicals United States
37.  Miriam Adelson $36.0 B Diversified United States
38.  Jack Ma $34.7 B Technology China
39.  Jeff Yass $33.9 B Trading United States
40.  Colin Huang $32.6 B E Commerce China
41.  Abigail Johnson $32.5 B Hedge Fund France
42.  Tadashi Yanai $32.2 B Retail Japan
43.  Stephen Schwarzman $31.6 B Hedge Fund United States
44. Ken Griffin $30.2 B Hedge Fund United States
45. Shapoor Mistry $30.0 B Engineering India
46. Li Ka-shing $29.9 B Diversified Honk Kong
47. Vladimir Potanin $29.5 B Diversified Russia
48.  German Larrea $27.3 B Diversified Mexico
49.  Leonard Lauder $27.1 B Cosmetics United States
50.  William Ding $26.9 B Online Gaming China

1. Bernard Arnault

Country: France

Net Worth: $185B

Company: Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey (LVMH)

Industry: Luxury Goods

French billionaire Bernard Arnault has seen his wealth increase significantly over the past 20 months; this is with strong earnings of his company, and the subsequent rise in value of its stocks. Interesting that this should happen at a time when much of the world is in financial turmoil; demand for luxury goods has not waned- in fact, people seem to continue to want high quality products rather than settle for cheaper items.

Bernard Arnault has built a solid empire; the company’ outlook is quite positive, and it looks like we are going to be seeing him at the top for some time to come.

2. Elon Musk

Country: United States

Net Worth: $179B

Company: Tesla, Twitter

Industry: Technology

The bursting of the Tesla bubble has seen Elon Musk’s wealth deflate quite considerably. Tesla stock prices were outrageously high- around 6000 percent of its fair value by some estimates. Mr. Musk himself tweeted several times that there was no rational reason for such astronomic prices.

It was a bubble and was bound to pop at some point; and now that it has, analysts have been going around looking for someone to blame.

Some have blamed lower demand for Tesla cars, more competition, and Mr. Musks’ behavior; purchasing Twitter has been interpreted as a lack of faith in the long term viability of Tesla, and it has certainly been a distraction because he seems to have committed a lot of time and energy there.

To worsen the whole issue; Mr. Musk has repeated sold off some of his stake- worth several billion. This has caused many to think “if the CEO is selling, then I should be selling.” Elon Musk’s wealth may continue to decline in the short term.

3. Jeff Bezos

Country: United States

Net Worth: $121B

Company: Amazon

Industry: Technology, E Commerce

Jeff Bezos is a very astute investor even if he does not announce it. He has seen his wealth increase in value over the last few years; and has remained near the top of the world’s rich list. Jeff Bezos recently stepped down from the day to day running of his flagship company Amazon, which employs nearly 1 million people in the US alone.

Jeff Bezos has spent the last few years building a portfolio of top companies including The Washington Post, Atlos Labs, Blue Origin, and many more companies. This is the world’s first centibillionaire; and also the man with one of the most balanced and diversified portfolios in the world.

It is expected that Jeff Bezos wealth will continue to rise; he has several top companies in his portfolio; and some of them are industry leaders.

4. Bill Gates

Country: United States

Net Worth: $116B

Company: Microsoft, X Box

Industry: Technology, Gaming

For a long time Bill Gates topped the list of the richest men in the world. He is best known as the founder of the world’s largest software company Microsoft. Microsoft is still unchallenged as the world’s top supplier of computer programs; Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Powerpoint being some of the world’s most used computer programs.

His company presently employs around 221,000 people; and has several products under the brand, including Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Gaming, Search Engine, and more.

Bill Gates has also spent the last 15 years or so building an unassailable portfolio; some of his investments are in Hotels, Marketing, Medical Research, and on. Bill Gates is also an author, and he hosts a regular subscription blog called Gates Insider; through which he shares ideas and perspectives on a wide range of topics. He is one of the world’s most respected and influential persons.

5. Warren Buffett

Country: United States

Net Worth: $109B

Company: Berkshire Hathaway

Industry: Diversified Investments

Warren Buffett is an iconic figure when it comes to investing; he is known as the Oracle of Omaha. He developed a love and talent for investing in his youth, and since then it has become a part of him. Since 1965 he has been the Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, which is a holding company with which he invests in a wide range of companies; mostly through equities.

Some of his investments include areas like confectionery, retail, railroads, jewelry, clothing, furniture, machinery, electrical power and natural gas distribution. His company owns stocks in The Coca-Cola Company, Pilot Flying J, Kraft Heinz Company, American Express, Bank of America, and Apple.

When it comes to investing; it would be incredibly difficult to find someone who understands the markets better than this man.

6. Larry Ellison

Country: United States

Net Worth: $101B

Company: Oracle Corporation

Industry: Luxury Goods

Larry Ellison is one of America’s top technology billionaires. His wealth is tied to his company; the Oracle Corporation of which he is the co-founder, executive chairman, and chief technology officer (CTO). He has also previously been the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Larry Ellison is the definition of an eccentric rich guy; he spends his money on cars and yachts, owns the biggest island in Hawaii, and featured in the movie Iron Man.

Larry Ellison owns several aircraft, including at least 2 military planes. He has purchased at least two international tennis competitions.

7.  Steve Ballmer

Country: United States

Net Worth: $93.7B

Company: Microsoft

Industry: Technology

Steve Ballmer has been Bill Gates friend and confidant for decades; he served as the CEO of Microsoft from 2000 to 2014. Steve Ballmer oversaw the greatest period of Microsoft’s growth, but then he also missed out on the opportunity to corner the mobile phone market, which is now the domain of android.

Steve Ballmer is perhaps the biggest reason why Microsoft did not go underwater during early 2000’s he steered the company to make several investments thereby expanding market share and entering new markets; Steve Ballmer was at the helm when Microsoft bought Xbox, Skype and Nokia. He also released the Microsoft Windows Phone and Tablet.

8. Larry Page

Country: United States

Net Worth: $88.8B

Company: Alphabet, Google

Industry: Technology, Advertising

Larry Page is the business of technology; he is a billionaire businessman, and an internet entrepreneur. Most people know him as the co founder of Google; and the author of Pagerank.

Larry Page, and his friend Sergey started Google while they were at Stanford University. They built the company from scratch; starting out as a search engine, and then transitioning into the world’s largest digital advertising platform. He is still on the board of the parent company; Alphabet.

Larry Page has since stepped down from the day to day running of the company; but his wealth is tied to it. Some of Alphabet’s investments include Android (Powered by Google), Google Ads, and others. Some of the company’s products include; Artificial intelligence, Automation, Autonomous cars, Internet, Robotics, and so on.

9. Sergey Brin

Country: United States

Net Worth: $85.0B

Company: Alphabet, Google

Industry: Technology, Digital Adevertising

Sergey Brin is an American tech billionaire; he is the friend and partner with whom Larry Page started Google while at Stanford University. He was the President of the parent company Alphabet until 2019, when he stepped down. However, he is still the co founder, and one of the majority shareholders.

Alphabet has 192,400 employees, and is the third most valuable technology company in the world. Sergey Brin continues to guide the company from the board room, as it expands its horizon. Sergey Brin will probably rank higher in the coming years as Alphabet brings on more products into the market.

10. Carlos Slim

Country: Mexico

Net Worth: $82.4B

Company: Telmex, América Móvil, and Grupo Carso

Industry: Luxury Goods

Carlos Slim is the richest man in Mexico, and he is not a drug lord- raising doubts about the portrayal of that country in the movies.  Carlos Slim Helu is a billionaire businessman, as well as a philanthropist, and investor.

Slim owes his investing prowess to his father who taught him accounting and how to read and interpret companies’ financial statements. That knowledge has helped him become a master in the art of investing. He excelled as a stock trader in his early years, and then went on purchase companies, thus building diversified portfolio.


The lives of the richest people in the world have always been objects of fascination; for purposes of motivation and more, their lives, and everything about them have been thoroughly scrutinized. Hardly any billionaire in the world is a full and year round citizen of any country; as they make money and become more successful in growing their income generating assets, they set their sights to other markets; thereby taking their brands and businesses abroad.



The wealthiest people in the world only shuffle positions; it is rare to see them fall off the list completely. However stock market insiders know that when adversity comes it is tech companies that get hit the hardest. Therefore the world may soon see some significant tumbling of company valuations, and with that the deflation of the wealth of some of their CEOs.

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