Top 10 Richest Families in Canada 2021

Canada, which is located in North America, is a less revolutionary cousin of the United States. The country is still a political vestige of Britain and is more or less a free and balanced society where opportunities are present for everyone. So Who are the richest families in Canada presently?

The economy is also well balanced and diversified and is buoyed by oil and gas, finance, production, agriculture, education, and other sectors of the economy. The country is one of the most prosperous in the world, and so are the citizens.

In this article we want to present the most prosperous and wealthiest families of Canada’s citizens; the top 10 richest Families in Canada. We also want to know a little about them, their investments, and how much they are worth. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Top 10 Richest Families in Canada

1. Thomson Reuters and Family

Net Worth: 41 billion dollars

With 41 billion under his chair, Thomas Reuters and his family are the richest people in Canada. But how did he come to become so filthy rich? 

Selling information: Thomas Reuters is the man behind the international news service Reuters. His news company has become world-famous for providing reliable, timely, fair, and balanced reporting on social, political as well as economic activities around the world.

As of now, the company has over 25 thousand workers and yearly revenue in excess of 5 billion dollars. The company is traded on the floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange.

2. David Thomson and Family

Net Worth: 35 billion dollars

David Kenneth Roy Thomson is a Canadian billionaire businessman. He is a writer, a media magnate, and a member of the Queen of England’s private circle. {{With the death of his father, he became the 3rd Baron Thomson of Fleet}}. Upon the death of his father in 2006, David Thomson became the chairman of Thomson Corporation. As was his father, and his grandfather, he is now the Baron Thomson of Fleet.

His wealth is estimated at 35 billion dollars. His children are Thyra Nicole Thomson, Benjamin James Thomson Ludwick, Tessa Lys Thomson, Braelin Thomson. These are some of the most powerful people in the world.

3. Joseph Tsai and family

Net worth: 12 billion dollars

Sitting on a fortune of about 12 to 14 billion US Dollars, Joseph Tsai who is originally from Taiwan, but who is now a Canadian citizen comes next. He and his family are some of the richest people in the whole of Canada.

Joseph Tsai made his fortune by co-founding the e-commerce website Alibaba Group. As all wise investors do, he has now diversified his interests into sports; he owns the American basketball league team Brooklyn Nets, and other sports franchises.

Joseph Tsai has also known for his giving; in March and early April 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tsai and his wife, Clara Wu Tsai made donations of supplies including 2.6 million masks, 170,000 goggles, and 2000 ventilators to the state of New York. In addition to this, on April 20, 2020, they donated $1.6 million of medical supplies to hospitals in San Diego, USA.

4. Rogers Family 

Net Worth: 11 billion dollars

If you watch Omni Sports, or if you use Rogers communications, then take a minute to salute the family behind these companies. The Rogers Family is valued at somewhere around 11 billion dollars. The family was founded by Edward S. Rogers Sr. who in 1925 invented the world’s first alternating current (AC) heater filament cathode for a radio tube. This was a great technological feat and opened a lot of doors for him. Sadly, however, he died before he reached 40.

However, his son Ted Rogers and broadcaster friend Joel Aldred raised money to found Aldred-Rogers Broadcasting and then bought the CHFI FM radio station in Toronto. They then went on to establish a television station, a telephone company, and now they even have a bank.

The Rogers family control at least 6 companies and they have at least 6 family members sitting on the board of directors of the holding company. Edward S Rogers Sr. would be so proud of what his family has become.

5. Galen Weston Family

Net Worth: 8 billion dollars

Sitting on a fortune of about 8 to 13.55 billion dollars, Galen Weston and his family are the next on our list of the richest families in Canada. Galen Weston comes from Britain originally, but love (and money) can take a man anywhere.

Galen Weston is the chairman emeritus of George Weston Limited, which has become the leading Baking, as well as food processing and distribution conglomerate in Canada. As a matter of fact, the company is growing at a rapid pace; they recently acquired the Ogilvy department store in Montreal. 

Other investments are controlling interest in Loblaw Companies. Ownership of the world’s second-largest luxury goods retailer; Holt Renfrew. He is also the owner of the Selfridges Group, which operates the Selfridges in the United Kingdom, Brown Thomas in Ireland, and also the De Bijenkorf department store chain in the Netherlands. He has donated over 200 million to charity.

6. Irvin Family  

Net Worth: 7.3 billion dollars

The Irvin Family, which has been one of Canada’s wealthiest families for quite some time comes in next on our list. The family is worth around 7.38 billion dollars. Some of their business interests include Irvin Oil, a shipbuilding establishment, a lumber company, and a paper making company. They have expanded their business presence into America as well.

Some notable members of the family are Jim Irving, Sarah Irving, Robert Irving, Arthur Irving, and Leigh Irving.

7. James Pattison and Family

Net Worth: 6.41 billion dollars

With an estimated fortune of about 6.41 billion dollars, the Family of James Pattison is one of the richest and most powerful families in Canada.  92-year-old James Pattison is a seasoned investor, industrialist, and philanthropist. In fact, they call him Canada’s Warren Buffet.

His children are Mary Ann Pattison, Cynthia Pattison, Jim Pattison Jr. how blessed they are to learn money management from such a man!

8. Saputo Family

Net Worth: 5.2 billion dollars

All the way from Italy, Emanuele “Lino” Saputo, and his Family come in next on this prestigious list; his Saputo Corporation is a cheesemaker of giant proportions. Lino and his family sit on a fortune in excess of around 5.2 billion. 

Members of the Saputo family are Mirella Saputo, Elina Saputo, Frank Saputo, Maria Saputo, Antonina Saputo, Luigi Saputo, Rosalia Saputo, Joey Saputo, Nadia Saputo, and Lino Saputo Jr.

The Saputo Corporation has about 16,800 workers and declared ‎C$731.1 million in income for the year 2017. That makes them one of the biggest suppliers of dairy products in the world. 

9. Richardson Family

Net Worth: 6.55 billion dollars

 The Richardson Family sits on a fortune of about 6.55 billion dollars. They are the family behind James Richardson and Sons which is a holding company set up by their father. Through this company, they control several businesses.

They have interests in agriculture, food production, finance, oil and gas, and insurance. Some of their companies are Richardson International, Richardson GMP, Tundra Energy Marketing, Tundra Oil & Gas, Wynward Insurance, Richardson Financial Group, Richardson Centre Limited.

10. Desmarais Family

Net Worth: 5.5 billion dollars

The Desmarais Family which was established by Late Paul Guy Desmarais is one of the wealthiest, and most powerful families in Canada, and the World. their father Paul Desmarais built up the Power Corporation of Canada. The company originally dealt with power supply but branched out to finance, and asset management.

The Desmarais family is currently led by the brothers, Paul Jr. and Andre Desmarais. Together they control an empire estimated to be worth around 5.5 billion dollars.

11. Garreth Camp

Net Worth: 3.7 Billion Dollars

Next on this list is Garreth Camp the chairman of the company that has revolutionized the transport industry all around the world; Uber. Together with his family, he sits on a fortune of about 3.7 to 4 billion dollars. 

Gareth Camp is not just some lucky guy that struck gold with the creation of Uber, he has been working on new technology for several years. He is the founder of Expa and the founder and chairman of StumbleUpon which is a web recommendation service.

Garreth Camp is what we can call new money; he is 41 years old, and the first by the name of Camp to become significantly wealthy. He recently attracted criticism for buying a house worth 72 million dollars. 


Closing On The Canadian Wealthiest Families

After writing much about the richest people in different countries, we can say that something stands out about the richest families in Canada; the opportunities for wealth are so diverse and deep that it looks as if one could still strike gold if he emigrated there now. There are even up to 3 immigrant families on the list! Canada is one of the most welcoming, peaceful, and equitable countries in the world, and is just starting to get the recognition it deserves.

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