Top 10 Richest People In Canada 2020

Are you in search of the top 10 richest Canadians in the World? Then, this article is meant for you as it clearly listed the top 10 richest people in Canada 2020, according to the latest Forbes List ranking of wealthiest people.

Canada, being a country in the Northern part of North America, is well endowed with rich Individuals that not only make the country a rich one but also compete with the World’s richest men. However, because of its nature, people are not well conspicuous of the enormous riches embedded in the country.

After Russia, Canada is the second-largest country in North America and this makes it one of the industrialized and developed countries in the World. The country is known to have individuals of different professions and personalities, thereby improving the economic situation of the country on a daily basis.

Therefore, in order to expose to you the wealthiest in the country, this article aims at providing for you the list of the top 10 richest Canadians, couples with pieces of information about them. Enjoy the read!!!!

Top 10 Richest People In Canada 2020

 Rank No.   Name   Net Worth 
 1.  David Thomson  $39 Billion
 2.  Joseph Tsai  $10.2 Billion
 3.  Galen Weston  $9 Billion
 4.  James Irving  $6.3 Billion
 5.  David Cheriton  $6.4 Billion
 6.  Jim Pattison  $5.7 Billion
 7.  Emanuele (Lino) Saputo  $5.1 Billion
 8.  Mark Scheinberg  $4.5 Billion
 9.  Alain Bouchard  $4.1 Billion
 10.  Garrett Camp  $2.7 Billion

Top 10 Richest People In Canada 2020

David Thomson
  • 1. David Thomson

    • Net Worth of $36.7 Billion
    • Date Of Birth: 12 June 1957

The richest man in Canada is David Kenneth Roy Thomson. Presently. He is the third Baron Thomson of Fleet and was given birth to on the 12th of June, 1957. Being a Canadian hereditary peer and media magnate, Thomson became the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Thompson Incorporation and inherited the title “Baron Thompson of Fleet” after his father’s demise in 2006.

In 2008, Thompson Incorporation acquired Reiterate to become Thomson Reuter and since then, David Thomson has been giving the directing commands in the merged company. He is one of the many individuals that inherited their father’s fortunes thereby turning them into one of the richest individuals in the World.

In 1978, Thomson got his Bachelor of Arts (afterward, he moved up to an MA (Cantab)) at Selwyn College, Cambridge where he studied history. As a youngster, he went to both Upper Canada College and the Hall School. He was additionally a piece of New England.

Joseph Tsai
  • 2. Joseph C. Tsai

    • Net Worth of $9.5 Billion
    • Date Of Birth: January 1964

And here comes one of the owners of the giant retailer, Ali Baba occupying the second position of the richest men in Canada. Joseph Tsai ( also known as Tsai Chung-Hsin was conceived in January 1964. He is a rich Taiwanese-Canadian businessperson. Also, he is the founder and executive vice president of Alibaba Group.

Tsai is hitched to Clara Ming-Hua Wu, a granddaughter of Wu San-Lien, the first chosen mayor of Taipei City. Clara went to Stanford University, where she earned a degree in International relations. Also, she has an MBA degree from Harvard Business School. She is a counselor for Taobao. Tsai and Wu have three children. Joseph Tsai and his wife have been known to be a good philanthropist looking at the vast number of donations they have offered.

Galen Weston
  • 3. Galen Weston

    • Net Worth of $8.7 Billion
    • Date Of Birth: 29th October 1940

On the third position in our list is Galen Weston who is one of the entrepreneurs in Canada. Willard Gordon Galen Weston who was conceived on the 29th of October, 1940 is a British-Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is also the Executive Chairman of George Weston Limited, the main food processing, and distribution organization. Weston and his family, with expected total assets of $US 13.9 billion, are recorded as the second richest in Canada and 147th on the planet by Forbes magazine according to March 2014 listing.

In addition to being one of the nation’s driving pastry specialists through entirely claimed backup Weston Foods, Weston is likewise an accomplished store retailer who keeps up controlling enthusiasm for Loblaw Companies, Canada’s biggest nourishment retailer, through a family holding organization.

James Irving
  • 4. James Irving

    • Net Worth of $6.1 Billion
    • Date Of Birth: 20th March 1928

James K. Irving, who was given birth to on the twentieth of March, 1928, is a Canadian billionaire, businessperson and the oldest child of the industrialist K.C. Irving. With expected total assets of US$6.9 billion (starting at 2019), Irving was positioned by Forbes as the fourth richest individual in Canada.

After his dad’s demise in 1992, Jame’s ownership and obligation regarding the Irving organizations becomes Ownership of and duty regarding Brunswick News (publishing); and J. D. Irving, Limited, a combination with interests in several industries including forestry, pulp and paper, tissue, lumber, building supplies, frozen food, transportation, shipping lines, and shipbuilding.

David Cheriton Among The Richest Persons in Canada
  • 5. David Cheriton

    • Net Worth of $6.1 Billion
    • Date Of Birth: 29th March 1951

David Ross Cheriton who was conceived on March 29, 1951) is a Canadian PC scientist, mathematician, businessman, philanthropist, and investor. He is a software engineering lecturer at Stanford University, where he established and drives the Distributed Systems Group. He is a distributed framework and networking guru or expert, with sharp insight into identifying huge market openings and building the structures expected to address these changes. He has established and invested in innovation organizations, including Google, where he was among the first investors; VMware, where he was an early angel investor; and Arista, where he was among the founders and a chief scientist. Cheriton supported at least 20 organizations.

Jim Pattison
  • 6. Jim Pattison

    • Net Worth of $5.4 Billion
    • Date Of Birth: October 1928

Jim Allen Pattison, who was given birth to on the first of October, 1928, is a Canadian business guru, investor, and philanthropist. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he holds the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Octo officer, executive and sole proprietor of the Jim Pattison Group which is Canada’s second-biggest private organization, with an excess of 45,000 representatives around the world, and yearly offers of $10.1 billion. The Group is dynamic in 25 divisions, according to Forbes, including packaging, food, forestry items.

In 2015, he was named Canada’s fourth-richest person. Pattison is regularly alluded to as “Canada’s Warren Buffett”. According to Forbes, Pattison’s total assets in late 2018 were $5.7 billion, which has increased significantly from the $2.1 billion revealed in March 2009. At the time, he was portrayed as Canada’s third-richest man by Bloomberg News.

  • 6. Emanuele (Lino) Saputo

    • Net Worth of $5.4 Billion
    • Date Of Birth: 10th June 1937

Emanuele “Lino” Saputo, (given birth to on June 10, 1937) is an Italian-Canadian billionaire businessman. He is the organizer and administrator of the Canadian cheese producer Saputo, Inc. According to Forbes, he is the eighth richest individual in Canada, and the 339th richest individual in the world, with expected total assets of US$5.5 billion. However, he suffers a successful upgrade as he occupies the 7th position in the Forbes List.

Saputo was conceived in Montelepre, Sicily, Italy, in 1937, to Giuseppe Saputo, a cheesemaker, and his wife Maria. He finished his secondary school in the mid-1950s, and presently the Saputo family moved to Montreal, Quebec.

  • 8. Mark Scheinberg

    • Net Worth of $4.5 Billion
    • Date Of Birth; 1973

Occupying the 9th position in our list of the top 10 richest Canadians is Mark Scheinberg who was given birth to in 1973, is an Israeli-Canadian businessman and investor with investments in different areas including real estate and luxury hospitality. He is the fellow founder and previous co-proprietor of the online gambling organization PokerStars, which was sold in 2014 to Amaya Gaming for $4.9 billion.

  • 9. Alain Bouchard

    • Net Worth of $4.1 Billion
    • Date Of Birth: 1949

Alain Bouchard (who was conceived in 1949) is a Canadian billionaire businessman. He is considered founder and administrator of Alimentation Couche-Tard and likewise serves on the top board of directors of Atrium Innovations. The two organizations are situated in Quebec.

Alain Bouchard was conceived in Chicoutimi, Quebec and was influenced by his dad, Jean-Paul Bouchard, who was bankrupted when Bouchard was a kid. Bouchard’s dad possessed and dealt with a street development business in Quebec. At the point when his dad’s organization went bankrupt, the family moved to a manufactured house in the town of Micoua.

  • 10. Garrett Camp

    • Net Worth of $3,9 Billion
    • Date Of Birth: 4th October 1978

Garrett Camp who was given birth to on the 4th of October, 1978 is a Canadian billionaire, businessman, products designer and investor. He has helped construct a progression of organizations, including founding Expa, a startup studio that works with originators to create and dispatch new products, helping to establish Uber, the transportation networking company, and founding StumbleUpon, a web-revelation platform. Garrett is executive of Mix, the successor to StumbleUpon, and is on the leading body of Uber.

Garrett was named to the TR35 List of Top Innovators younger than 35 at Technology Review’s Emerging Technologies Conference at MIT in 2007. In 2008 Garrett was named by Bloomberg Businessweek as a standout amongst Tech’s Best Young Entrepreneurs. Garrett was respected at the 2013 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards for his achievements at both StumbleUpon and Uber.

There are many wealthy countries in the World and Canada is one of them looking at the high number of rich individuals and the country’s fast-growing economy. Just like with many other countries, there are individuals with different professions in Canada and they include entrepreneurs, Chief Executive Officers, Managers, Doctors, etc. Most of these professions make our list of the top 10 richest people in Canada. Looking at the above list, it is a known fact now that it is not just a country but also one of the top richest countries in the World.

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