Richest Companies In The World 2021 Top 10 Revenue

The contemporary world houses a beautiful number of famous companies which have amassed robust revenue over their years of operation. These companies range from tech outfits to oil-and-gas companies and statistics show that they remunerate their employees magnificently. 

In reality, no one wouldn’t be fascinated to know the world’s richest companies by revenue as they thrive substantially in their respective endeavors such as technology, oil & gas, and automobile production. The competition among the world’s richest revenue-generating companies is very stiff and these companies tend to overtake each other over time. In ascertaining the world’s richest companies, we have decided to use the revenue of each company as a determinant parameter

Which Company Is The Richest Company In The World?

In addition to its gargantuan revenue, Walmart outclasses every other global company as the world’s largest-employing company. Its staff base is estimated in excess of 2 million employees whereas that of China National Petroleum –Walmart’s nearest contender –is estimated at around 1.5 million employees.

Today, we have compiled a well-researched list of the Top 10 Richest Companies in the World by Revenue. By way of analyzing this list, the US is the most dominant country with a total of 3 companies and China claims the same spot with an overall of 3 companies too. Other countries each having one company on the list are Germany, Japan, and the Netherlands. In actuality, this isn’t coming as a surprise since the USA and China constitute the world’s leading economies.

If you have been looking for up-to-date and genuine content on the world’s richest companies based on their last year’s revenue, this article will definitely serve you in the best capacity. Just read on to discover each company’s revenue as well as the activities from which it derives its wealth.

Top 10 Richest Companies In The World By Revenue

1. Walmart – $559,200 million

Walmart is a US-based company with a colossal staff base of 2,300,000 employees. Besides being the richest revenue-generating company in the world, Walmart is unarguably the world’s largest company in terms of employment. A company established in 1962 by Sam Walton, Walmart is a voluminous enterprise with subsidiaries including grocery stores, discount department stores, and hypermarkets.

In addition to the US, its operations span across several countries including Mexico, Canada, Japan, Chile, Argentina, Britain, Brazil, and India. In revenue, Walmart holds the mouthwatering sum of $559,200 million, making it the world’s richest company by revenue.

2. Sinopec Group – $407,009 million

Sinopec is a China-based company that specializes in petroleum refining. Regarding its colossal revenue of $407,009 million. Sinopec has been given a place amongst the top 10 richest companies in the world in terms of revenue. A large-employing company headquartered in the Chinese region of Beijing, Sinopec carries out enormous refining activities and it churns out petroleum products including jet fuel, gasoline, and diesel. Established in 1998, Sinopec holds a staff base of 713, 288 employees and it is considered the second largest Chinese company in terms of revenue.

3. Amazon – $386,064 million

Amazon is one of the five biggest companies in the United States I.T industry. Amazon focuses on artificial intelligence, e-commerce, and cloud computing. It is referred to as the world’s most valuable brand and one of the most influencing economic forces.

The owner, Jeff Bezos, started out from his garage on the 5th of July, 1994. It was majorly an online platform for selling books before it expanded to selling games, furniture, food, electronics, jewelry, and software. It functioned as a physical marketplace when it acquired Whole Foods Market. The company has a two-day delivery service called Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime has more than 100 million subscribers in the world. Amazon is the largest online marketplace, the second biggest employer in the US, and one of the most-valued companies. It has a revenue of $386,064.

4. China National Petroleum – $379,130 million

China National Petroleum is one of the voluminous companies based in China. With a whopping sum of $379,130 million, it has been branded the largest Chinese corporation in terms of revenue. Established in 1988, China National Petroleum is an oil-and-gas company operating under the ownership of the Chinese government. Its wide-range exploration services cover several countries including Thailand, Canada, Peru, and Iran. Meanwhile, the company controls a total of 30 projects concerned with international exploration and production while its enormous staff base comprises 1,512,048 employees.

5. State Grid – $363,125 million

On the basis of revenue, State Grid is the fifth richest company in the world with a revenue of $363,125 million. It is a China-based company concerned with the manufacturing of electric utilities. Precisely owned by the Chinese government, State Grid has been branded the world’s second-largest company as well as the biggest company in China. Its massive revenue outstrips that of any other Chinese company and its service coverage spans several countries including Italy, Australia, the Philippines, Brazil, and China where it is located in. State Grid was established in 2002 and it currently operates on the backbone of 926, 067 employees, making it one of the largest-employing companies in China.

6. Royal Dutch Shell – $344,379 million

With headquarters in Holland, Royal Dutch Shell is a UK-incorporated company concerned with petroleum refining and its activities are carried out on the backbone of 89,000 employees. It holds a revenue of $344,379 million and it maintains a great stance among the Big Oil Companies of the world. Meanwhile, its voluminous activities cover every aspect of oil and gas inclusive of power generation, refining, distribution, and exploration.

7. Volkswagen – $282,760 million

Volkswagen is an automotive company as well as the largest German company in terms of revenue. Sitting in the seventh position among the world’s richest companies by revenue. Volkswagen holds a revenue of $282,760 million and its massive staff base comprises 626,715 employees. Headquartered in the German capital [Berlin], Volkswagen was set up in 1937 and its vigorous activities are centered on the production, development, and distribution of engines, turbomachinery, motorcycles, commercial and passenger vehicles.

In terms of sales, Volkswagen is the world’s biggest automotive company. However, in terms of production volume, it maintains the second position among the world’s largest automakers. Today, Volkswagen has metamorphosed into a globally recognized company producing automobiles under various brands like Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Bentley, SEAT, Lamborghini, Ducati, Bugatti, and Scania.

8. BP Plc – $282,610 million

BP plc was formerly called the British Petroleum Company. As the name implies, it is a British-owned oil and gas company with its headquarter in London, England. BP plc also has a place on the seven oil and gas supermajors in the world. It is involved in every oil and gas process including refining, power generation, production, exploration, marketing, distribution, and trading. It has a revenue of $282,610 giving it a tenth place on this list of the top ten richest companies.

9. Toyota – $275,288 million

Toyota is a long-existing automaker established in 1937 by Kichiro Toyoda. Notably, it came as a subsidiary of Toyota Industries –an auto-company founded by Kichiro Toyoda’s father. Over its years of successful operations, the company has metamorphosed into the richest automaker in the world. Without doubts, Toyota is one of the most admired auto companies and this can be observed from its production of elegant, robust, and rugged vehicles driven by people across the world.

Over the years, Toyota has struck a great landmark as a giant manufacturer of automobiles. Within a single year, the company achieved the significant feat of churning out 40,000,000 vehicles and this clarifies that millions of people demand Toyota vehicles. Over and above that, the company holds a massive revenue of $275,288 million. Even without providing any statistics other than the ones above, it is obvious that Toyota is the world’s richest automaker. Besides its impressive wealth, Toyota is recognized as a large-employing company with over 300,000 workers. Over the years, Toyota has remained Japan’s biggest company and it launches vehicles under 5 automotive brands namely Ranz, Daihatsu, Toyota, Hino, and Lexus.

10. Apple – $274,515 million

Apple is a tech-oriented company and its net worth far outstrips those of many other companies among the top 500 richest companies in the world by revenue. In fact, it is the world’s ninth richest company with a sumptuous revenue of $274,515 million. In 1976, Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Ronald Wayne launched Apple but at the time of establishment, the trio had no foresight of what the giant outfit would become afterward. With a massive staff base of 116,000 employees, Apple executes its operations through 500 branches spread among 22 countries.

There are other advanced and high-profile global technology outfits but Apple maintains the biggest revenue realized in the field of software technology. As a tech-oriented company, Apple is acclaimed for manufacturing some of the most-used tech products in the world. Meanwhile, the company has an inventory of tech products and various software apps. Some of its products are the iMac, iPod, and iPhone. Besides its long-standing existence in the tech field, Apple has reached a great milestone that many tech companies are still struggling to achieve.

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 As mentioned above, the competition among these companies is stiff and there could be changes to their ranks anytime. Hence, their revenues were used as determinants to rank them on this list of the top ten richest companies in the world. Walmart, a US-based company, is obviously worthy of the first spot with mouth-watering revenue of $559,200 million. Its nearest contender, Sinopec Group, holds a revenue of $407,009 million and this substantiates the fact that Walmart tops the list of the world’s richest companies in the world by virtue of its revenue