10 Countries With The Highest Minimum Wages In The World 2023

Countries with the highest minimum wages in the world are among the most sought after for people looking to move to a new country in order to find work. These countries usually have sound economies that are built around industry, but more recently around technology, finance, and minerals.

Of course the beneficiaries of these minimum wages are not the highly skilled workers who earn very high salaries; they are those who work lower jobs in the service industry.

The soundness of the economy makes for an abundance of cash which trickles down in enough quantities to pay good wages to the least workers in the society.

Top 10 Countries With The Highest Minimum Wages In The World

1. Luxembourg

Per Month: $27,601.0

Per Hour: $13.3

Luxembourg is presently the most attractive destination for workers because it has the highest wages. Employers have no choice but to pay well because the country is famously rich, with a diversified and prosperous economy. Some of the most popular types of jobs in Luxembourg include banking and finance, chemicals, rubber, tech jobs, and so on.

Luxembourg owes much of its wealth to the finance sector; it is the second biggest investment fund center in the world. However, the service sector is also very strong; transportation, hospitality, and leisure services make a lot of money as there is a lot of it going round.

2. Australia        

Per Month: $25,970.8

Per Hour: $13.1

Australia presently has a minimum wage of $25,970 per month which is one of the highest in the world. Standing in isolation surrounded by water, the corporate greed that has permeated the world has not infected Australia to the same level that it has affected other parts of the developed world, and as a result employers are paying very good wages.

The Australian economy is buoyed by mining, financial services, retail commerce, real estate, and so on. agriculture and tourism are also important to this country.

3. Belgium          

Per Month: $21,293.0

Per Hour: $10.2

Belgium remains an attractive place for workers because the minimum wage is impressive; the most recent figures are $21,293 per month, and $10.2 per hour. This is perhaps what makes the country an important destination for migrant workers.

Belgium has a diversified economy; manufacturing, textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food processing, as well as auto making. The transport system is also very good, and then the hospitality industry also contributes its share to the economy.

4. Netherlands

Per Month: $23,618.0

Per Hour: $10.5

The Netherlands has a minimum wage of $23,618.0 per month, and $10.5 per hour. The country is one of the richest in the world, with a very developed economy. Many of the residents are rich or at least well off. The Netherlands is a very beautiful country, and the politics is very advanced.

The economy of the Netherlands is diversified; oil and mineral resources, agriculture, food processing, chemicals, technology and tourism are all important.

5. Canada

Per Month: $20,552.5

Per Hour: $9.9

Canada is the best country in North America for workers; the minimum salary is $20,552.5 per month, or $9.9 per hour. Canada is known for being a liberal society, and for building its society on fairness and equity.

Some of Canada’s biggest sectors include agriculture, mining, food processing, manufacturing, banking and finance, and so on. Canada has a very developed economy; it is attractive for workers as well as for investors.

6. New Zealand                

Per Month: $22,541.6

Per Hour: $10.8

New Zealand follows the example of Australia as a country that treats its workers fairly. New Zealand shares many similarities with Australia as a former British Colony, and as a country that is cut off from the world due to its location in the middle of the ocean.

New Zealand has a lot of business relations with Australia and China, and its currency is also one of the most traded in the world.

7. Ireland            

Per Month: $22,446.1

Per Hour: $10.8

Ireland has been known to be one of the most advanced economies in the world; but it is also one whose society is based on fairness and equity. It is therefore no surprise that people favor this as a destination of choice when it comes to looking for a place to live and work.

Some of the jobs and industries that are key to the economy of Ireland include; tourism, energy, and of course health care.

8. United Kingdom         

Per Month: $20,918.7

Per Hour: $12.23

Despite all the talk, there is not much of a gulf between the economies of Ireland and the United Kingdom. Workers in the United Kingdom earn a minimum of $20,918.7 per month, while on the hourly, the figure is $12.23.

The economy of the United Kingdom is very well developed; some of the key industries include banking and finance, energy, real estate, tourism, education, hospitality, sports, and health care.

The United Kingdom is the number one destination for investors in real estate; this is also the financial capital of the world.

9. Germany        

Per Month: $20,414.6

Per Hour: $10.0

Germany is one of the best organized countries in the world; one that has had a very strong industrial sector since World War II. Germany pays its workers a minimum of $20,414.6 per month, and $10.0 per hour.

Germany has a very well developed economy; auto manufacturing, chemicals, finance, agriculture, healthcare, and food processing.

10. France           

Per Month: $20,353.1

Per Hour: $11.2

France is one of Europe’s top destinations for migrant workers; people come in large numbers from Africa and Asia. Of course the minimum wage $20,353.1 per month, or $11.2 per hour is an important factor which drives people into the country.

Some of the important sectors include industry, fashion, banking, agriculture, food processing, tourism, hospitality and so on. The services sector in France is also quite well developed.



Many of the countries with the highest minimum wage in the world are located in Western Europe; the South Pacific and North America are also well represented. Some countries in Asia also pay living wages, and even though they are not highlighted here, they are also making steady increases.