Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Oakland (2023)

Oakland is a town in Orange County and it has a small population of about 433,000 residents. This town is a place that has a limited amount of residents with a growth of over 35.8%. Oakland gives its residents a suburban feel and although the cost of living there is very high it is still a nice place to reside in.

Oakland has been established in 1887 and it is one of the oldest municipalities and one place that offers you a calm, quiet and reserved neighbourhood. Living in Oakland can be a bit more expensive than in some places in the U.S. A single person estimated monthly costs are 1,371.8$ without rent. Oakland is 0.3% more expensive than Seattle (without rent).

Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Oakland (2023)

1. Bushrod

This is a neighbourhood in Oakland and it is known as one of the safest neighbourhoods. It covers mixed races and it has about three parks and playgrounds that are good for kids as well. Bushrod is a family-friendly neighbourhood and this is one place that is good for young families.

The park was established in 1903 through the donation of seven and a half acres of land by Dr Bushrod Washington James, a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and in the 1910s it was used as a school playground. The population in this neighbourhood is small and it is a very safe place most residents here own their homes.

2. Cleveland Heights

This neighbourhood Cleveland height is in Almeda County and one of the best neighbourhoods to live in Oakland. There are so many restaurants in Cleveland Heights and this is a fun place to be there are several things to do nearby. All the basic amenities that are needed in a neighbourhood can be gotten in Cleveland Heights and this is a very safe neighbourhood to live in.

3. Grand Lake

This neighbourhood is located in the northeast corner of Lake Meritt. There are two shopping areas in this neighbourhood and there is also a diverse range of restaurants that you can access in this neighbourhood. This neighbourhood is family-friendly and there are so many things to do nearby and so many places to visit.

4. Redwood Heights

This neighbourhood fits a lot of your criteria and is very diverse, liberal, friendly, and with a great community feel. It was once centred on Redwood road which was once a logging road. The prices of homes in this neighbourhood are always going up and being a family-friendly neighbourhood that supports many rights there is so much freedom out there. T

The restaurants here serve tasty foods and if you are a lover of seafood they also have a restaurant that sells that in the neighbourhood.

5. Temescal

Temescal can be easily said to be a very trendy neighbourhood and there are so many opportunities here available for young professionals and singles. Temescal was the site of agriculture, cattle grazing and greenhouses when, in the 1890s, an opera house was built in parkland north of the creek crossing at 51st street. The area grew and was developed into Idora Park, the earliest “trolley park” in the East Bay.

6. Forestland

Forestland neighbourhood has a small population of about 2,000 residents and it is located in Almeda County. This neighbourhood feels like a beautiful remote relaxation spot, it is away from the hustle and bustle of the city and very relaxed.

There are so many homes in this neighbourhood and residents that lives here have been in this neighbourhood for a very long time now. Forestland is not ideal for young professionals, though the cost of living is not very high here this is a place that you could enjoy over the years.

7. Chatbot Park

Located in the southeastern section of Oakland Hills and this is one place where everyone has the opportunity of having fun and it is a family-friendly environment as well. There are so many things to do nearby in Chatbot Park and you could hardly get bored in this neighbourhood. Kids would love a place like Chatbot Park as there are playgrounds available for their games and so many other activities.

8. Shepherd Canyon

One of the best neighbourhoods that accept so many things and also has dog trails as well as the Shepherd Canyon. It is a popular neighbourhood trail, with a healthy mix of dog walkers, parents pushing strollers, cyclists, joggers and folk just out for a stroll. This neighbourhood is family-friendly and this is one place anyone would stay and enjoy. There are lots of restaurants, shops and cafes available and the homes here are a bit expensive but affordable and the population of this neighbourhood keeps growing yearly.

9. Woodminister

This neighbourhood in Oakland has a very small population and this is one place that is known as the best place to live. Woodminister is a peaceful neighbourhood and very free from crime. There are so many things in this neighbourhood and all the basic amenities are ready much available in the neighbourhood. Many of the residents in this neighbourhood own their homes and many of them have been in this neighbourhood for years now.

10. Panoramic Hill

A residential neighbourhood that offers you a great hike close to the Berkley campus. It has a population of 161 and it is a very beautiful neighbourhood, this place consists of so many residential homes.


Oakland is one of the best cities to live in California and there is so much to do in this city. Oakland is a great place to stay and one of the amazing things is that there is so much to do due to less population in some of the neighbourhoods it is considered very safe.