Are you tired and looking for fun places to take off the stress in Lagos State? Then, you have come to the right place

Many states in Nigeria serve as centers for tourism for both foreigners and indigenes. One of these states is Lagos State as it is widely known for the many tourism centers that live within. Though the state is widely known as a renowned state for it’s fast-paced and hustles full lifestyle, it is a very fun place to be, most especially when you haven’t visited the state for once. Ranging from the beaches to the resort center, Lagos State is fun.

Probably because of the nature of its establishment, Lagos State is a ‘hybrid’ state as it harbors individuals of different backgrounds and tribes. Therefore, it is usually considered the ‘State For All.’ In fact, it is a known fact that anyone that goes to Lagos State and fail to participate in one business or the other doesn’t know the potentials of the state he is living. This is because the state drives a major portion of the Nigeria Economy.

In order to save you the stress of looking for the fun places in Lagos State, this post aims at providing for you the top 10 fun places in Lagos.

Top 10 Fun Places In Lagos 2019

Lekki Conservation Centre
  • Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation Centre is a conservation center established before Nigeria got independence, 1990 to be specific. It is a 78 hectare of land located in Lekki Part of Lagos State. Anyone willingly to escape from the hustle life of Lagos State should consider giving the area a visitation. Many things you can do on the area include walking a 401m Long Canopy, visiting the family park, the Koi and Tilapia Ponds, Barbeque Joints, Playing games like Ludo, Snake, and Ladder, Draught, Chess, Street Tennis, etc. The Conservation Centre takes the pride of having the longest canopy walk in Africa.

Omu Resort
  • Omu Resort

Omu Resort is another fun place to be in Lagos State for anyone that wishes to experience nature at the same time experiencing best moments. The resort is located along Lekki-Epe Road, and it currently occupies about 22 hectares of land with bountiful of natural experiences. Places you could visit in the resort include the zoo, amusement park, sea world, Waterfront Sitting, Mini Golf, Horse riding, The Blades, Wave Pool, Antique Museum, David’s Sanctuary, Crunch Time, go-kart, quad biking, archery, wax museum, boating and many more. The resort was set in a rainforest environment in order to allow for greater guest experience and get natural inspirations.

Hi Impact Planet Amusement Park
  • Hi-Impact Planet Amusement Park

The Hi-Impact Planet Amusement Park is one fun place in Lagos designed for the family. The Amusement Park is of world class as it is well equipped with facilities that allow for outdoor riding, amazing indoor games for children and many other funny experiences. Also, it has a modern infrastructure that will not only dignify you but also widen your fun experiences. Funny activities that you can do in the park include enterprise, Ferris wheel, spring ride, go-kart, kite flyer, jump, and many others. In addition, the park boasts of the constant power supply, well-equipped clinics, and many other state-of-the-art facilities.

Lagos Malls
  • The Malls

The fact is there are many malls located in Lagos State, which makes it the ‘home of malls. These malls are also exciting and fun places to be. Some of them include Maryland Mall, Ikeja City Mall, Leisure Mall or Adeniran Ogunsanya Mall, The Palms, Novare Lekki Mall, E-Centre, Festival Mall and many others. The fun aspects of most of these malls are the cinema houses and a wide range of products. Some of those that have cinema houses include Silverbird, Genesis Deluxe, Ozone and Filmhouse Cinemas. In addition, they also provide places like restaurants, stores, games stores, and many more fun places.

Lagos Beaches
  • The Beaches

Just like the tons of malls that Lagos State abodes, it also has many beaches that are fun places to be. Being a coastal city, it is equipped with many beaches that will not only allow you to take off the stress on you but also experience nature in a different and exciting perspective. If you are the type that loves resting your back and experiencing nature, then visiting beaches in Lagos State is the right solution. Some of the beaches include the following Lekki Beach, Alpha Beach, Oniru Beach, Elegushi Beach, Badagry Beach, Trakwa Bay Beach (though you will be needing a boat to get here).

  • Lekki Leisure Lake

If you don’t like beaches and you are a lover of outdoor activities, I think you should start considering visiting Lekki Leisure Lake. Located in Lekki, Lagos State, Lekki Leisure Lake is a place to experience funny leisure time by observing thrilling and adventurous aquatic activities. However, to have the full enjoyment, it is better not to go alone but with spouse, relatives or your kids. Some of the funny things to do on the lake include quad bike, pontoon boat, jet skiing, wave boat, and pedal boat. Lekki Leisure Lake is one of the safest lakes to be in Lagos State.

  • Get Arena

Fun places in Lagos are not only about beaches or lakes. You can also visit Get Arena for a family outing. To be candid, it is good if you want to have some funny experiences taking races. The most interesting part is that you can create a racing competition with friends or colleagues. The games are not only for adults as kids have their own section also. In addition, there are restaurants that offer funny experiences. Some of the funny things to do on the arena include go-kart, arcade game for kids, eat and drink, etc. It is located just opposite Lagos Oriental Hotel, off Ozumba Mbadiwe Road, Lagos State.

  • Nike Art Gallery

Located at Ikate, Lekki Phase 1, Nike Art Gallery is home of the gallery that you must visit in Lagos State, most especially if you are a lover of art. Currently, it features about 8,000 pieces of artwork. The museum was built by Chief (Mrs) Nike Davies in order to showcase her artistic works as well as teach Nigerian how to produce great artworks. There are many fun activities to do in the museum, but some of them include exploring different types of artworks, watching how to make different artworks, learning about traditional history, practicing some artwork, taking pictures and many more.

  • Dreamworld Africana

Dreamworld Africana is located in Lekki part of Lagos State, and it is a perfect place for the family to experience different funny experiences. Just like with many other fun places in the state, it was demarcated into different sections with kids, adults, and teenagers having their own section each. Some funny things to do include a bouncing castle, roller coaster, carousel, merry go round, arcade games, etc.

  • Johnson Jakande Tinubu (JJT) Park

The Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park was commissioned by Governor Ambode in 2017 with the goal of providing a fun place for residents of Lagos State. There are many fun activities in the park ranging from free WiFi to waterfall for kids to play. The park was named after some past Governors of Lagos State as a form of respect and compensation for their good works. It is located beside the Lagos State House of Assembly.


Lagos State is the home of fun as it is well equipped with many fun places that one can visit to take off stress away from his or her body. However, despite that the top 10 fun places in Lagos have been listed above, there are still many other places to visit in order to broaden and sharpen your fun experience. A single click on the Google Button will reveal them to you.