Top 10 Best Strikers In The World 2020

On the top 10 best strikers in the world 2020. It’s quite interesting that most of the world’s best strikers play in the European clubs. Regarding this, millions of football enthusiasts claim Europe has the most interesting football competitions amongst other continents.

Despite midfielders and wingers taking up some of our attention in recent times Strikers are still the most argued and searched footballers in the world. The reason for this is simple: goals win games. The primary task of the striker is to put the past the goalkeeper, and into the net. Because defenders have really improved their games, and also because there are some outstanding goalkeepers out there right now, the job of the Striker has become increasingly difficult. 

Who then are the best strikers in the world? Who are the strikers doing well the job of receiving the ball in dangerous areas, turning towards the goal, getting past one or two defenders, and then beating the goalkeepers to score goals for their teams? That is what we want to find out in this article. Join us now as we examine the hottest strikers on the planet.


1. Cristiano Ronaldo

    • Club: Juventus
    • Date Of Birth: 5th February 1985
    • Country Of Origin: Portugal

Recently moved to Juventus and already gaining his form. The legendary goalscorer came second on the previous list of FIFA world rankings. Back in Madrid, Ronaldo manages to be among the best strikers in the world particularly in view of his tremendous efforts seasons after seasons. 

Ronaldo The Best Striker In The World

Remember the saying: “Jack of all trades, master of non”? Well, that does not apply to Cristiano Ronaldo; the man has been deployed as a Midfielder, Left Wing Forward, Right Wing Forward, and presently as a Striker- all with one result: excellence. Christiano Ronaldo of Juventus and Portugal’s reputation as the ‘best footballer in the world,’ (according to some) continues to precede him on the field of play. His approach is enough to make defenders freeze with fear and he still has that electric pace, and science defying skill that set him apart from others. Christiano Ronaldo is no longer as involved in build-up play as he once was; he now concentrates on positioning himself at the right place at the right time in order to use his immaculate control and accurate shooting to put the ball in the back of the net. Bring him down outside the box and the result will almost certainly be the same. You get yourself a card while he still scores from the free-kick. 

Robert Lewandoski

2. Robert Lewandowski

    • Club: Bayern Munich
    • Date Of Birth: 21st August 1988
    • Country Of Origin: Poland

Robert Lewandowski is Bayern’s forward and the most important goal scorer in the Polish team. Undoubtedly, Lewandowski perfectly fits into the class of the world’s best center-forwards. Precisely, his remarkable performances contributed to Poland’s first World Cup qualification since 2006. As regards scoring goals, only a few players do it better than Lewandowski. 

Robert Lewandowski is the dream of any coach; he is a professional goal-scorer. He is dominant in the air- having been blessed with a standing height well above 6 feet 2 inches. Robert Lewandowski has brilliant athleticism, great positioning, efficient ball control, and his finishing is perhaps the best in the world. To crown all of this, Lewandowski has the mentality to keep going, keep pressing forward, keep banging in goals even after the opponents have capitulated.

Robert Lewandowski is the kind of player to score 4 goals in a single match and still get subbed before the end of the game, all to a standing ovation from fans on both sides of the stadium. He continues to lead the charge at Bayern, and with some volatile talent such as Gnabry lining up beside him, Lewandowski is definitely going to light up the world’s football scene. He is also the spearhead in Poland. 

Sergio Aguero

3. Sergio Aguero

    • Club: Manchester City
    • Date Of Birth: 2nd June 1988
    • Country Of Origin: Argentina

For years, Sergio Aguero has been Man City’s top goal scorer. He is undoubtedly one of the best strikers in the EPL. Sergio Aguero of Manchester City and Manchester City (no mistake) takes up the third spot.  The man has become a legend at the Noisy Neighbors; top foreign scorer in the league, and highest number of hat-tricks.

Sergio Aguero comes alive in City’s colors but seems to fade away in the Argentina strip- a common syndrome he shares with the Legendary Lionel Messi. Sergio is a striker that any manager would give an arm and a leg to get at his club; he packs power, skill, pace, and a rocket of a shot. While he remains the best scorer at the club he is still not the main focus; he is still trumped by a certain Kevin de Bruyne who does most of the team’s dirty work. 

Harry Kane

4. Harry Kane

    • Club: Tottenham Hotspur
    • Date Of Birthday: 28th July 1987
    • Country Of Origin: England

Harry Kane is Tottenham’s sharpshooter and top scorer. For two consecutive seasons, he bagged the EPL’s golden boot and without any doubt, his remarkable form keeps him amongst the world’s best strikers. In 1995, Alan Shearer reached a milestone of 36 EPL goals, making him the first EPL player to do this in a calendar year. However, Harry Kane’s impressive goal-scoring form earned him a total of 39 EPL goals in a calendar year. With this, Harry Kane broke Alan Shearer’s long-standing record.

Whenever he is in the game, Harry Kane proves his striking profession and links up brilliantly with his teammates. So far in his career, he is yet to receive a silverware but considering that he has been on Real Madrid’s radar, a move to the Los Blancos’ side should grant him his first silverware.

Harry Kane is already better than Wayne Rooney for England. The Tottenham Hotspurs number 10 continues to fire in goals from all angles and has already claimed the top striker’s position for his country. Even a half-fit Harry Kane is considered ahead of others for a Champions League final, and on the national level, he has virtually frustrated the equally competent Jamie Vardy out of the side. Harry Kane’s qualities include athleticism, speed, control, and a very potent shot. He can make a difference for his team on his day. 

5. Luiz Suarez

    • Club: Barcelona
    • Date Of Birthday: 24th January 1987
    • Country Of Origin: Uruguay

Luis Suarez is a hero both at Football Club Barcelona and Uruguay. His fame is partially eclipsed by the presence of Lionel Messi at club level, but true followers of the club know better than to overlook his contributions to the team. Positioning, Strength, Pace, and finishing are some of the qualities for which Luis Suarez has become famous. The man has a great winning mentality and is such a notable team player. He fights for every loose ball, defends, participates in the build-up, and does not hesitate to do whatever is necessary to help the team- including using his hands or teeth. 

6. Roberto Firminho

    • Club: Liverpool 
    • Date Of Birth: October 2nd, 1991
    • Country: Brazil

Roberto Firminho of Liverpool and Brazil continues to be an important name whenever strikers are mentioned. He may not score in every game, but he is certainly an important presence on the field. He contributes to build-up play with his immaculate control and perfect passing ability. He is good in the air and confident with the ball at his feet. Perhaps the load would fall squarely upon his shoulders if Sadio Mane and Mohammed Salah were absent. The two of them somehow seem to outperform and outrank him in the scheme of things. 

Mauro Icardi

7. Mauro Icardi

    • Club: Inter Milan
    • Date Of Birth: February 19th, 1993
    • Country: Argentina

Mauro Icardi is currently the most important goal scorer for his Serie A side Inter Milan. Sometimes in 2016, Icardi’s Inter Milan spell was nearly given a blow when the forward criticized his club’s radicals. In the course of this controversy, Icardi was reported to have written the words “I will bring 100 criminals from Argentina who will kill them on the spot’’. Had he been an average or less important player, Icardi might have found it difficult to secure his stay in Inter Milan’s squad. But thanks to his goal-scoring proficiency and his apologetic statement to Inter Milan’s fans.

So far so good, Mauro Icardi is one of the top best strikers in the worldRemember Filipe Inzaghi? Well, Mauro Icardi seems to be his photocopy, although he has to do much in order to actually live up to that billing. Mauro Icardi uses both feet very well and only has to adjust his body in order to gain the balance and release the shot. He is that kind of striker who needs the service from behind him, putting him one on one with the keeper. He is extremely dangerous in the penalty box and the dread of any goal-keepers that come in contact with him. 

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

8. Pierre Emerick Aubameyang

    • Club: Arsenal
    • Date Of Birth: June 19th, 1989
    • Country: Gabon/France

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang of Arsenal and Gabon is the leader Arsenal has been praying for. He is a complete striker; able to score from headers, as well as with his right and left feet. He is athletic, quick, and can run at defenders, leaving them wondering what happened. Aubameyang has proven himself a world-class striker with his exploits in Germany, and now in England. He has the motivational quality that Arsenal lost with the departure of Thiery Henry.

Aubameyang is precisely one of the best strikers in the world of football. Prior to his move to the EPL, Aubameyang competed fiercely with Bayern’s Lewandowski for Bundesliga’s golden boot of 2016/17. Though Lewandowski defeated him in the battle, Aubameyang has been highly rated for his beautiful goal-scoring record.

9. Romelu Lukaku

    • Club: Inter Milan
    • Date Of Birth: May 13th, 1993
    • Country: Belgium

For the past 4 years, Romelu Lukaku has never failed to hit double figures, even at Manchester United where he suffered a disappointing spell. The Belgian international is at Inter Milan these days, and he is already showing that his purchase has been a good deal for the club. He has above all strength. The man is over 6 ft 2 inches, and huge. He is dominant in aerial contests, and quick on his feet. He is a left-footer, and although he does not have the best control in the world, he has very top quality finishing.

10. Karim Benzema

    • Club: Real Madrid 
    • Date Of Birth: December 19, 1987
    • Country: France

Karim Benzema is still called the best striker in the world by Real Madrid chairman Florentino Perez. The Frenchman is well appreciated at the club because he works for the team. Karim Benzema does not just sit in front of the goal waiting for the service to be brought to him; he drops back to defend, contributes in the buildup play, makes assists, and scores goals. He is good in the air, has that body balance that prevents him from falling all over the place, has good positioning, and contributes his share of goals to help the team.


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