Top 10 Best Strikers In The World 2022

Any writer tasked with the job of compiling a list of the best strikers in the world would be faced with a joyful headache; it requires a fine balance between player’s established quality, and the current form in which they are at the moment. There is even the question of what players are classified as forwards, and what players are classified as strikers. With some forwards scoring more goals than strikers that poses a real challenge.

But the word “best” connotes finest quality which is actually proven in difficult circumstances. When you have the whole team playing for you, it is very easy to score a lot of goals. Replicating that quality in a shambolic team can go a long way to convince the world of one’s quality.

With the football world shaping up, and several teams being taken over by investors who want to get returns for their investments, strikers are once again in high demand. The best strikers in the world can therefore be identified by the demand for their services.


1. Karim Benzema

All hail the king! Karim Benzema is the Rolls Royce of Strikers; the fine balance between intelligence and athleticism. This Real Madrid and France striker has won everything there is to win in club football, but he is still hungry for more.

He was always this good, but for a long time he was outshined by Christiano Ronaldo at club level. Nevertheless, those who understand football saw his potential all those years ago; Florentino Perez once affirmed “we have the best striker in the world.”

Karim Benzema is technically sound; he can play as part of a three pronged attack, or a striking pair, or as a lone striker. He is skillful, he has a powerful shot, and he can hold up the ball while playing in his team mates.

However, Karim Benzema is not very much in demand; very few would dare to bid for Real Madrid’s star man for fear of incredible transfer fees and wage demands.

2. Robert Lewandoski

Robert Lewandoski shocked the football world by joining Barcelona. After winning several Bundesliga Titles, as well as the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup (2020) and FIFA Club World Cup (2020); he packed his bags, and waved bye bye to the club that made him a legend.

Robert Lewandoski is also the captain of Poland’s national team; he is the central figure in the team’s attack; and he provides inspiration and leadership to the team.

Robert Lewandoski has amazing control, strength, speed and finishing. He has the mentality to drive forward with the ball and to keep opponents on their toes. He can play as part of a possession dominating team, or as part of a counter attacking system.

3. Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez is still one of the best strikers in the world, as he proved at Atletico Madrid recently. One thing that must be admired is his supreme confidence and self belief. This man won 4 La Liga Titles with Barcelona, as well as the Champions League, UEFA Super Cup (2015) and FIFA Club World Cup (2015). He was unceremoniously let go by the club, and then he exacted his revenge by moving to rivals Atletico Madrid, and winning the La Liga with them.

Luis Suarez is also a national hero for his contributions to the national team of his country; he is no doubt one of the best players of his generation, and one of the greatest players of all time. Luis Suarez won two European Golden Shoes, and he won them at the time when both Leonel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo were in their prime.

4. Erling Harlaand

Erling Harlaand is the most desired striker in football at the moment; there has been a lot of controversy regarding his future in recent times, although by moving to Manchester City, he has put himself in position to finally become the great player that he can. Erling Harlaand proved himself at Borussia Dortmund; the Norwegian International scored 62 goals in 67 appearances for Dortmund.

Aside from being a prolific striker; he has all the attributes to keep opponents busy in their own box for the whole match. He uses his huge body structure to hold the ball, and then play in others. He has the pace and skill to score solo goals, even against the run of play. He has supreme finishing ability; he can with both feet and his head.

5. Christiano Ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo is the main reason why Manchester United did not capitulate completely in the last season. He is an example of class being permanent, and form being temporary.

With the record number of goals for a modern player to his name, Christiano Ronaldo has already stamped his footprint on the sands of time, as arguably the greatest players ever. But he is not slowing down; he practically rescued Manchester United with his goals, even though the team is utterly shambolic.

Ronaldo is a central figure for the Portugal National Team; his goals have literally won them every piece of silverware they have. He is a leader on the field; you can see him rallying his troops, shouting encouragement, and pointing out danger spots to his team mates.

He has the speed and acceleration to run with the ball, and so he can play both holding football and the surprise counter-attacking system. Christiano Ronaldo’s dribbling is world renown; but the part of his game that has been overlooked is his ability to read the game, and to position himself for those goals that look simple.

6. Harry Kane

Harry Kane is the danger man for Tottenham Hotspurs and the England National Team. Granted, the English are known for overestimating the quality of their players. Nevertheless, Harry Kane has proven himself in both club and country as a deadly point man in front of goal.

Furthermore, Harry Kane brings more than just goals to his team; he holds the ball excellently, even in deep areas just to get his teammates into position. He has the speed, the strength, and the passing ability to make sure his team stays on the front foot, while the opponents worry about defending.

He has the long range shooting ability to score wonder-strikes, and he has the confidence to carry the team on his back. However, it seems that Harry Kane does better when the whole team works for him; he seems to fly below the radar when paired with players of similar quality and ability.

7. Emerick Aubameyang

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang is one of hottest strikers in Europe, having proven himself in France, Germany, England, and Spain. Emerick Aubameyang is a master-class when it comes to scoring goals; he favors the free flowing style of play, in which his team has most the possession. He is good at holding up the play, providing scoring opportunities for his team mates, and driving the ball forward.

Emerick Aubameyang can play as a lone striker, or as part of a striking pair. He has won several honors, including the highest goal scorer award in both England and Germany. Emerick Aubameyang is not the kind of player to shy away from a challenge; he can make a switch to any team at any point in time, and put his name on the records with stellar performances and lots of goals.

8. Ciro Immobile

Ciro Immobile is a striker per excellence; he is the most feared front-man in the Serie A, and one of the most lethal strikers in Europe. A striker of this quality will always be courted by clubs from all over the world; but after unsuccessful spells with clubs in Spain and Germany, Ciro Immobile has won several honors; including the top scorer award in Serie A on 4 different occasions.

Although he usually plays as a main striker, Immobile is versatile; he can play anywhere along the front-line. His strengths include speed, off the ball movement, as well as his ability to exploit spaces. He has good technique, and can bend the ball into the net from difficult angles.

9. Victor Osimhen

Arriving at Napoli on the back of a club record €70 million transfer fee, Victor Osimhen is one of the most valuable strikers in the world. But a price tag is not value; his value is in the goals he provides for his team on a consistent basis. The young Nigerian is one of the most promising strikers, and has already established himself as a striker to be feared.

He is supremely athletic; he can twist his body in all manner of ways, and score goals that are best described as spectacular. He has pace, and he accelerates into space with remarkable ease. Scoring the goals comes naturally to him; whether with the right or left feet, or even with his head.

10. Olivier Giroud

Olivier Giroud’s contributions to his team are difficult to quantify; he is someone who puts the team above personal glory. Olivier Giroud has won so many accolades in his career that even though he is somewhat underrated, future generations will see him as one of the best of his generation.

Oliver Giroud may not compete for the highest goal scorer award; but he offers much more to the team. He has the ability to hold the ball, and to play in his teammates. He also has the ability to pressurize opponents and win possession in attacking areas. He can also shot from long ranges and provide assists. Olivier Giroud is the definition of a team player.



The best strikers in the world should believe they are the best. A lot comes with having the confidence because every player is bound to have times when there is a dip in form. In order to overcome this dip in form, and to quickly return to winning ways, one needs to be confident. Furthermore, in order to establish the difference between form, luck, and class, a player needs to play in different leagues to show that he is truly one of the best.