Are you in search of the top 10 richest boxers in the World in the year 2020? Then, this article is meant for you. There are many sporting games that are not only done to exercise the body muscles and skeleton but also to increase the number of dollars in the pulse of the individual. One of these sports includes boxing.

Boxing is a sporting game that involves two or more individuals fighting each other in a ring in order to receive a grand prize. The fight is usually coordinated by a referee and a group of experts in the boxing game. The ring is the enclosure where boxing is usually carried out. Usually, the champion gets a grand prize after a series of fights.

These prizes are usually worth millions, if not billions, of dollars. This is because of the high risk associated with the game. Risks like death, serious injuries, etc. are usually associated with the game. In fact, many boxers have either died in the game or sustained serious injuries. In addition to getting huge prizes after winning the game, the boxers generally get more fame that will, of course, make them more popularly.

In order to keep you informed about these boxers, this post aims at providing for you the top 10 richest boxers in the World. Enjoy the read!!!

Top 10 Richest Boxers In The World 2020

 Rank No.  Boxer  Net Worth  Country
 1.  Floyd Mayweather  $560 Million  USA
 2.  Micheal Buffer  $400 Million  USA
 3.  Bob Arum  $300 Million  USA
 4.  George Foreman  $300 Million  USA
 5.  Oscar De La Hoya  $200 Million  USA
 6.  Manny Pacquiao  $190 Million  Philippines
 7.  Donald King  $150 Million  USA
 8.  Lennox Lewis $140 Million  USA
 9.  Sugar Ray Leonard  $120 Million  USA
 10.  Vitali Klitschko  $80 Million  Ukraine

Details On The Wealthiest Boxers In The World 2020

Floyd Mayweather
  • 1. Floyd Mayweather

    • Net Worth: $560 Million

Taking the first position on our list is Floyd Mayweather who is an American expert boxer and a former expert fighter. Mayweather is known to have competed from 1996 to 2007 and 2009 to 2015 and made a one-battle rebound in 2017. He has been known to hold various world titles in five weight classes and resigned with an undefeated record of 50-0. Floyd Mayweather’s total assets are assessed to be generally $560 million dollars, making him the richest fighter in the World. Also, he has been a champion on different occasions and highly respected in the boxing industry.

Michael Buffer
  • 2. Michael Buffer

    • Net Worth: $400 Million

Being an American Ring Commentator, Michael Buffer is one of the richest boxers the boxing industry has ever had. He is well known for his trademarked catchphrase, “Letäs prepare to rumble!”. It seems the wrestling lies in his bloodline as his stepbrother, Bruce Buffer, is also a UFC commentator. Michael Buffer’s total assets are evaluated to be $400 million dollars and still growing. Apart from being a commentator, he is also a professional fighter that has maintained stronger fame in the industry. However, he is not an undefeated all round just like Floyd Mayweather.

Bob Arum
  • 3. Bob Arum

    • Net Worth: $300 Million

Being an American Lawyer, boxing promoter and businessman, Bob Arum is not only the 3rd richest boxers in the World but also one of the most popular boxers in the boxing industry. As a businessman, Arum is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Top Rank. He is also known to have worked for the US Attorney’s Office during his legal career in the tax division of the Southern District in the New York before becoming a boxer. Currently, he has built an amazing fortune of $300 Million Dollars throughout his career. If you are a boxer that wishes to attach business, Bob Arum is one of the boxers that you should look up to as he took both aspects seriously.

George Foreman Among The Richest Boxers In The World
  • 4. George Foreman

    • Net Worth: $300 Million

On our list, two boxers took the three position because they are having the same net worth of $300 Million Dollars. As an American Former professional boxer, George Foreman is one of the boxers that competed from 1969 to 1977 and from 1987 till 1997. Because of the fame, he has maintained in the industry and his body size, he is usually called “Big George.” In addition, he is an Olympic Gold Medalist and a two-time world heavyweight champion. Foreman’s net worth is about $300 Million and still counting. When it comes to looking for people that have a passion for boxing, check out George Foreman.

Oscar De LA Hoya
  • 5. Oscar De LA Hoya

    • Worth: $200 Million Dollars

Oscar De La Hoya is popularly known as the Golden Boy, and he is the fifth richest boxer in the World. Being an American boxing promoter and a former professional boxer, Oscar competed on Boxing from 1992 to 2008, making a total of sixteen (16) good and straight years. Because of his high technicality in boxing, Oscar De LA Hoya is known to have won multiple awards in many different classes of weight. In fact, he has been ranked as the number 5 best boxer of all time, pound by pound, by BoxRec. He is one of the boxers that have made quite a fortune in the boxing industry.

  • 6. Manny Pacquiao

    • Net Worth: $190 Million

Being a Filipino Professional boxer and a politician, Manny Pacquiao is the sixth richest boxer in the World. In order to fulfill his political mindset, Filipino contested and served as a Senator of the Philippines. This shows how diversified his passion is. If you want to take boxing as a side hustle, you can check out how he did his own. In the two aspects he chose, he is good t them. Currently, he occupied the number 4th position in BoxRec’s Ranking of the greatest pound for pound boxers of all time. Currently, his fortune, which continues to grow, is worth almost $200 Million

  • 7. Donald King

    • Net Worth: of $150 Million

If you are looking for a boxer that specializes in historic boxing, then Donald King is the right answer for you. Being an American boxing promoter, Donald King has maintained stronger fame in the industry due to his area of specialization. There have been many controversial issues about him due to the fact that he has been convicted with many cases like civil cases and manslaughter conviction. Currently, his net worth is around $150 Million, and it is likely to increase in years to come. Donald King is indeed a king in the boxing industry looking at the many awards he has gone home with.

  • 8. Lennox Lewis

    • Net Worth: of $140 Million

With a net worth of $140 Million, Lennox Lewis took the eighth position in our ranking. Being a professional boxer that reigned during his boxing lifetime of 1989 to 2003, Lennox Lewis was a boxer that has used his skills and talents to pull many awards home. He is known to be a three times World heavyweight champion and a two times lineal champion in the boxing industry. Lewis has once represented Canada as an amateur in the 1988 Summer Olympics and won the gold medal in the division of Super heavyweight. Currently, his net worth is around $140 Million and still counting.

  • 9. Sugar Ray Leonard

    • Net Worth: of $120 Million

Taking the ninth position on our list is Sugar Ray Leonard who is one of the boxers that took motivational speaking as a side hustle with boxing. Being an American former professional boxer and motivational speaker, he has always been referred to as one of the greatest boxers the boxing industry has ever witnessed. Leonard competed in boxing from 1977 till 1997 and always winning world titles in the division of five weight. Currently, he has fortune estimated to be around $120 Million and likely to increase even more in the years to come.

  • 10. Vitali Klitschko

    • Net Worth of $80 Million

The 10th richest boxer in the World is Vitali Klitschko. He is a Ukrainian former professional boxer and politician. He is also one of the boxers that obey the political call of their mindsets. In fact, he currently serves as the former Mayor of Kiev and Head of the Kiev City State Administration. In addition, Vitali was a former member of the parliamentary arm of the Ukrainian Government and leader of the Petrol Poroshenko Bloc. He made the last position of the top 10 richest boxers in the World. However, his fortune seems to be increasing on a daily basis.

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Conclusion On The Richest Boxers In The World

Boxing as a sporting game is a lucrative one as it has been known to fetch a huge amount of dollars for those involved. However, because of the associated risks, many boxers usually have one or two side hustles in order not to depend fully on the boxing. In addition to the money been realized from boxing, boxers also acquire the fame that allows them to be known throughout the globe. Nevertheless, the truth has to be spoken. The game is not meant for weaker individuals due to the many risks with it like a constant injury. However, most of the emerging boxers also have this in their mind as they are always exposed to the rigorous form of exercise that prepares them for the tasks ahead. In fact, there has been the establishment of many training schools to help emerging boxers scale through the boxing process. Until you have acquired the necessary skills needed, accumulating much money and awards in the game of boxing might be a difficult task to accomplish. However, never relent as long as it is your passion. Acquire skills and be good at it.

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