Top 10 Best Medical Universities In Africa 2021

It has come to our notice, the alarming rate at which people or let’s say young stars or youth clamor for the best institution to get enrolled into in order to study their desired medical courses and get certified, which is why today, we bring you the top 10 best medical Universities in Africa that are sure of giving you the best education in your medical courses. As we all know that our health matters are always our top priorities, and this is the more reason why we need our young desiring medical practitioners to be highly educated in the best Universities as they would train them up with adequate equipment in a conducive facility.

Okay guys, right here, we bring you the list of the Best medical Universities in Africa, and they are as follows;

Top 10 Best Medical Universities In Africa

  • Makerere University – Kampala, Uganda

The Makerere University located in Uganda is regarded as one of the best medical Universities in Africa as the University gives you what you sort for in the medical aspect. The Makerere University was established in the year 1992, initially was dependent, but later on, in the year 1970, it became an independent national University. This higher institution is noted as the most significant and oldest public University in Uganda.

The Makerere University notably offers 145 (One hundred and forty-five) Undergraduate programs, 135 Master’s degree programs, and over 140 Postgraduate degree programs which leads to an officially recognized certificate across the world. This higher institution is considered the home to a top medical school as it partners with “Feinberg School of Medicine” being a Northwestern University to host a program termed a therapeutic exchange program which aids students to undergo and complete rotation in various medical fields such as family planning, pediatrics, cardiology, infectious diseases, trauma, and many others.

  • The University Of Ghana – Ghana

Looking for the best medical Universities in Africa? Here you have one of them known as the University of Ghana.

The University of Ghana has a notable population of 30, 000 students of which over 1, 000 international candidates are included. This higher institution happens to be the largest and oldest public university in Ghana.

Taking us back to the history of this University, it is discovered that the University was once an affiliated college to the University of London, but later on, gained independence in the year 1961. This University emphasizes research as they focus on seismology, ecology, migration studies, and population studies. The University of Ghana is discovered to be in partnership with the Commonwealth Universities student exchange consortium, and Norwegian Universities. The University of Ghana has a vast library comprising numerous numbers of books ranging over 300, 000 volumes; this library is tagged the Balm Library.

  • University Of Nairobi – Nairobi, Kenya

The University of Nairobi, Kenya was initially a technical college way back in the year 1956, and it gained independence as a University in the year 1970. Currently, the University of Nairobi is notably spread wide across seven campuses and serves as a home to academic staff ranging over 1, 600 who tutors over 70, 000 students of which 90 students are the least of students having their Ph.D. program, as the University has over 600 programmes to offer.

The University of Nairobi notably welcomes an average of 120 international students every year. This institution also is known to be in partnership with the international community, with an official bilateral collaboration with a minimum of 20 global Universities and institutions in joint publications and research.

  • University Of Ibadan – Ibadan, Nigeria

The University of Ibadan, located in Nigeria, happens to be the oldest University in Nigeria and has a student population of over 35, 000 which includes 13, 000 undergraduate students, 7, 000 postgraduate students, and over 14, 000 students learning from a distance.

The University of Ibadan has in total “13 Faculties” which includes veterinary medicine and technology, and Agriculture and forestry, which are handled by 300 professors. This institution on average produces 3, 000 postgraduate and Ph.D. students every year.  This University has thereby earned its place in the list of the best medical Universities in Africa. This University notably has close ties with international institutions which include Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine located in the United States as they send their medical students down to the University of Ibadan’s s teaching hospital.

  • University Of Botswana – Gaborone, Botswana

The University of Botswana was founded in the early 1980s as the first higher education institution in Botswana, this University today serves as the home to over 19, 000 students as the female students in the University take up over 55%. The past 19, 000 students present in the University of Botswana is subdivided into two as the undergraduate students are over 15, 000 students and the postgraduate students are over 3, 000 students, of which all are tutored by a total of 890 academic staff.

The University of Botswana notably has in total, 9 research facilities which include Okavango Research Institute based on the conservation and study of the Okavango Delta alongside other Southern African wetlands, also the University has a center that specializes in HIV & AIDS research that requires an interdisciplinary approach to gain a better knowledge and address the virus’s impact. The University of Botswana houses one of the largest libraries in Africa as the library is five stories tall, and has an estimated number of books to be 460, 000 books, 187 internets dedicated workshop, and 123, 000 full-text journals.

  • University Of Lagos – Lagos, Nigeria

Right here we have another University from Nigeria as it stands to be one of the best medical Universities in Africa. The University of Lagos was founded in the year 1962 with 72 students in total and just three faculties then, and as at now, the University of Lagos popularly known as Unilag has over 40, 000 undergraduate students, 100 Ph.D. students, and 12, 000 postgraduate students, which are all tutored by over 1, 000 academic staff. Being a research-based institution, this higher institution’s faculty has published over 1, 700 papers of which most of their publications emanating from the medical, science, and engineering faculties.

  • University Of Dar Es Salaam – Tanzania

The University of Dar es Salaam was founded in the year 1970 as an independent University after the University of East Africa (Makerere University College, Uganda, Nairobi University college, Kenya) was dissolved which makes this University the largest and oldest University in Tanzania. Following improvements, the University now has five campuses and a total of 10 faculties which includes faculties in engineering and aquatic science and technology, and mechanical and chemical as it offers Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and doctorate degrees in various fields of study. This University’s library being an expansive library holds up about 600, 000 volumes and 2, 800 periodical titles.

  • Ashesi University College – Berekuso, Ghana

The Ashesi University College located in Ghana was founded in the year 2002 with a total number of registered students being 27. Currently, the University now records a population of over 600 students enrolled in the University of which over 50% are females, and 16 percent of the students are international or international students. This University notably stated that it has a mission to impact knowledge into the new generation of entrepreneurial and ethical leaders in Africa and to help grow the critical thinking skills within the students, and also the courage to transform.

  • Addis Ababa University – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa University situated in Ethiopia was initially founded as the University College of Addis Ababa over six decades ago. Following improvement, the University gained independence as a University and now boasts of being the oldest higher educational institution in Ethiopia.

The Addis Ababa University initially started with 30 students back in 1950 but currently has about 50, 000 students of which 34, 000 are undergraduate students, 13, 000 are postgraduates, and 2, 000 are Ph.D. students as they are being tutored by over 6, 000 staff member, both academic and non-academic staff of which the academic staff is over 2, 400 which are spread wide across 14 campuses. These campuses are held up by around a dozen colleges, and eight research centers.

  • Cheikh Anta Diop University (University Of Dakar) – Dakar, Senegal

The Cheikh Anta Diop University known as the University of Senegal was named after the Cheikh Anta Diop who was a historian and anthropologist. This University happens to be the only Francophone University on the list of the best medical Universities in Africa as it has all its courses being taught in the French language. This University was founded in the year 1918 as a medical school which has now become one of the largest institutions in Africa with over 60, 000 student population.


Conclusion On Top 10 Best Medical Universities In Africa

Health is wealth they say; if our medical practitioners today enroll in one of the best medical Universities in Africa, they would come out great as these Universities make use of good teaching aids in a conducive learning environment.