Top 10 Best Universities In Africa 2021 List

Education in Africa keeps developing each passing year as there are rankings for the best Universities in Africa of which the Universities are rated based on accreditation and academic performance in their various countries. Today we are going to take a look at the list of the top 10 African Universities presently according to their rankings and ratings. Are you from another country outside Africa or in a country in Africa and you need a great University to attend in Africa? Well, the list of the best Universities in Africa will be discussed here so you can make your choice.

Africa is really endowed in the educational sector as they have really great higher institution with great academic performance of which some of the institutions are also ranked on the world list.

Top 10 Best Universities In Africa

1. University of Cape Town – Cape Town, South Africa

The University of Cape Town located in cape town, South Africa, tends to be the oldest university in South Africa and also one of the leading research and teaching institution in Africa. This institution being abbreviated as UCT was founded in the year 1829 initially as a high school for boys but now home to over 25, 000 students and about 1, 000 academic staff. Meanwhile, following the recognition and acknowledgment of the school by both National and international bodies, the institution has attracted students from other countries within and outside the continent of which the international student makes up 20% of the total UCT percentage (population) of the students.

2. American University – Cairo, Egypt

The American University in Cairo located in Cairo, Egypt, was established in the year 1919. This institution has become an essential sole contributor to the cultural, intellectual, and social life of Egypt.

The widely known AUC (American University in Cairo) has about 35, 000 (thirty-five thousand) active alumni. As of recent, this higher institution has 6, 500 students enrolled in different programs which include 36 undergraduate programs, 2 doctorate programs, and 44 master’s degree programs. Over 16, 000 students are noted to enroll each year in AUC’s non-credit courses offered through the institution’s school of continuing education.

This institution notably heads two campuses of their own of which one of its campus being an environmentally conscious campus has its location in the suburbs of Cairo, while the other one is a historic campus is located in downtown Cairo. More also, this institution emphasizes research and innovation deep in liberal arts of which all the undergraduate students notably study a common set of courses in the faculty of humanities and the natural and social sciences as part of the AUC’s core curriculum.

3. Al Akhawayn University – Ifrane, Morocco

This institution is termed as a non-profitable, independent, and public institution located in Ifrane, Morocco close to imperial Fez city. The Al Akhawayn University is an institution committed to the education of future leaders of Morocco and the world at large, through a globally oriented course and curriculum which includes the English Language, and Liberal Arts curriculum based on the American system settings. Lots of graduate students from this institution notably go on to successful careers in diplomacy, international business, and non-profit organizations.

This institution was established in the year 1995. This institution is one of the best Universities in Africa, redefines the classic American Liberal arts experience on education on a stunning and outstanding modern campus which is located amidst the middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

4. University of Nairobi – Nairobi, Kenya

The University Of Nairobi, one of the best Universities in Africa was once a technical college back in the year 1956, of which it became an independent university in the year 1970. This university is the pioneer institution of university education in Kenya and the region. The University of Nairobi is also notably an academic center for pure research excellence recognized far beyond the African Continent, more also, the university is known widely for its research competitiveness academic programs.

This University notably has seven campuses and stands as the home to over 1, 600 academic staff who stands as the overseer of over 70, 000 students of which the institution hosts a minimum of 120 international students every year. More also, this institution is an intensive research institution that has over 1, 000 research projects which are currently being undertaken by the students and staff of this institution and hereby boasts of a range of research facilities which includes expansive science and Technology Park.

5. Makerere University – Kampala, Uganda

Makerere University is notably the largest and oldest public university in Uganda. This higher institution was known to have developed a research-focused agenda in correspondence with the National government’s policy objectives and aids the programs with a multidisciplinary approach ranging from economics and education to natural sciences.

This institution notably has three campuses and has a total population of over 40, 000, with over five percent of the total student population being made up of foreign students.

Makerere University offers notably 145 undergraduate programs, 135 master’s programs, and over 140 postgraduate programs. More also, this university is currently in partnership with the Northwest University Feinberg School of Medicine in hosting a medical exchange program in which students complete rotations in different fields which include; Cardiology, infectious disease, pediatrics, family planning, and trauma, among others.

6. The University of Ghana at Legon – Accra, Ghana

The University of Ghana was established originally as the University of London Affiliate, but later on, the University became an independent institution in the year 1961 and remains one of the oldest and largest of the Ghanaian thirteen public Universities.  More also, this higher institution notably has several research institutions which include the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIR), clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, a center for Tropical, Regional Institute for population studies, Institute for statistical, social and Economic Research, and the institution for Environmental and sanitation studies.

However, the student population of this institution is over 38, 000 of which are made up of students enrolled in sandwich programs, regular programs, and distance education as well as candidates from affiliate institutions.

7. University of Ibadan – Ibadan, Nigeria

The great University of Ibadan was founded in the year 1948; this University is located in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. This University is a great citadel of learning comprised of sixteen faculties of the academic program. UI as it termed/ abbreviated, is well acknowledged within and outside the country as the largest country in Africa and also the flagship of postgraduate education in the country (Nigeria). This great citadel’s postgraduate enrollment takes up 50% of the entire school enrollment.

The University of Ibadan averagely produces 3, 000 Master’s degree holders and 250 Ph.D. holders every year.

8. University of Botswana – Gaborone, Botswana

This University has established in the year 1982 of which it was the first higher institution in Botswana. This University notably has three campuses of which one is located in the Capital city of Botswana being Gaborone, the other in Francistown, and the last in Manu.

However, this University is made up of six faculties which include; Business, Engineering, Science, social sciences, Education, and Humanities.

This institution houses about 19, 000 students of which female students make up over 55 percent of the total student population. Speaking of the best Universities in Africa, this institution falls on the list as it has an undergraduate population of over 15, 000 and over 3, 000 postgraduate students, which are all taught by a total population of 890 academic staffs.

The campus notably has a total of 9 research facilities. The main library of this institution is noted as one of the largest libraries in the African continent as it stands five stories tall and serves as a home to over 460, 000 books, 187 internets focused workstations, and 123, 000 full-text journals.

9. University of Dar Es Salaam – Dar Es, Salaam, Tanzania

This institution is a public University located in Tanzania which was founded in the year 1961 initially as a University of London Affiliate college, this University also became a University of East Africa (UAE) Affiliate college in the year 1963, which was shortly after the independence of Tanzania from the United Kingdom.

Later on in the year 1970, the University of Dar Es Salaam gained its independence as a university as the University of East Africa split into three of which this University is one and the two others are the Makerere University located in Uganda and the University of Nairobi located in Kenya.

10. Addis Ababa University – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa University was established in the year 1950. Though it stands as the last university on the list of the best Universities in Africa, definitely not the least as this University stands tall as the oldest and largest higher institution and research institute in the country (Ethiopia). Ever since the inception of this institution, it has been a leading teaching-learning center as well as a leading research and community service.

Addis Ababa University notably started with an enrollment capacity of 33 students in the year 1950, but now has over 48, 000 students of which over 33, 000 are undergraduate, 13, 000 are master’s, and 1, 733 are Ph.D. students, and a total staff count of 6, 043 of which 2, 408 are academic staff and 3, 635 are support staffs.

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Enrolling in one of the best Universities in Africa is an awesome idea as you stand a chance of being recognized and acknowledged anywhere in the world.