Top 10 Affordable Party Venues In Cape Town (2023)

Finding a party venture can sometimes be a headache, especially at those times of the year when everybody has something to celebrate. However, this list of affordable party venues in Cape Town resolves helps halt the search because these are all beautiful and porsche venues, used by the city’s trendy and savvy people who have the class and show it when they party.

A good thing about these locations is that one does not need to worry much about decorating them; they are well managed, artfully designed, and beautifully decorated. One just has to make the reservation and invite the guests; while the owners and operators will take care of the rest.

Top 10 Affordable Party Venues In Cape Town


COCO is a popular club; touted as the most livid place in Cape Town. It is located at 70 Loop Street, in the heart of the City Centre, and is frequented by all the cool kids in the city. This glamorous club is open from 10h00 until 04h00 every Friday and Saturday. You can call ahead to schedule your private party, although the place is big enough, and has several lounges where closed off parties can be held even when the party crowd is in full voice.

The service is world class, and the music is pumping. The place is secure, and the clientele is mostly upper class; meaning that one can make some important business connections here. Aside from that you can see the famous COCO kittens, as they bring the drinks to your friends.

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2. The Manila Bar

The Manila Bar is open every night from 20h00 until 02h00. It is usually quiet in the early evening so that may be the time to have a quiet party. If you want to have a loud party with all the party animals then you could have it later in the night when the party is full swing.

The bar is at 9 Green Street in the Cape Town CBD. Drinks flow around, and there is the karaoke which is another important attraction to this bar. This is one of the affordable party spots in Cape Town that does not bring down the quality of experience in order to be cheap.

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3. Jade Champagne Bar & Lounge

Jade Champagne Bar & Lounge is located at 39 Main Road, Green Point in Cape Town. It is a rather classy place; where one can have private parties in any of the private lounges upstairs, or just get a table with close friends and family in the main lounge to drink and have fun.

This is a great spot for bachelor’s parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and all kinds of fun. There are several lounges in this bar, and there is plenty art and deco to give light up the venue.

The place is open from 21h00 until 02h00 on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

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4. Shimmy Beach Club

Shimmy Beach Club is situated at 12 South Arm Road in the V&A Waterfront. If you like the serene water front, and the cool breeze coming in from the water, then this is the best place to be. The place is open from 11h00 to 04h00 on weekdays, and 11h00 to 02h00 on Sundays.

There is full menu when it comes to food, and there are many drinks and cocktails available here.

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5. Fiction

Fiction is a club that has become quite popular for its music which is mostly in the electronic genre. The club hosts DJs that are professionals in this kind of music; and some of them are famous around the country. It is located at 226 Long Street. The club is widely regarded as one of the top spots in the city; partying in this city without checking out this club would be an incomplete experience.

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6. The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room is another upscale club located just across the road from Fiction with which it forms a kind of symbiotic relationship; people spill over from one club to the other, making Long Street a party zone at night. The Waiting room is at 273 Long Street.

Waiting Room is somewhat cooler; it appeals to the more coolheaded crowd; it may even be a nice place to find a husband.

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7. The Dubliner

Dubliner is another party place located at Long Street; it is not far from the Waiting Room. This is an upscale place where expats, executives, and top business people come to unwind, and to get a taste of the local revelry. It is located at 251 Long Street.

The Club mirrors Dublin, Ireland, and so the cultures of Ireland come home to South Africa here. There is a huge St Patrick’s Day celebration here.

Irish people love to drink, so it makes sense to bring your party here if like to drink and have wild fun with friends.

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8. Aces ‘n Spades

Every Club has a theme; well at Aces n’ Spades the theme is Old School. If you like to jam to the oldies of the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s then this is just the place for you. To compound the woes there is even a Karaoke theatre where you can dish out drunken performances to the delight of your loved ones.

This is a place to have a truly remarkable party; something to remember for a lifetime. The club is open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 18h00 until 02h00 in the morning. It is located at 62 Hout Street in the CBD.

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9. Madison Avenue

Madison Avenue is gentleman’s club. The dress code is quite spelt out; they want casual but executive; shoes, pants, button up shirts for men, and evening gowns for women. The age limit is 18 years for women and 19 years for men. The club is located at 11 Mechau Street in the City Centre, and it is open from 21h00 until 04h00.

There are an assorted variety of drinks available, and the dance floor can get really wild sometimes. This is a great place to celebrate a score with friends and family.

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10. Decodance

Decodance is a great place to party and dance. There are several dance floors and lounge areas in this club, and the music changes like roulette so there has to be some of your favorites on play. The club is located at 120 Main Road in Sea Point, Cape Town.

The place is quite lively, the dance floor is always pumped. Drinks are always available, and there is a certain happiness in the air.


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These affordable party venues in Cape Town are affordable on a relative basis; some may yet consider them expensive, depending on their individual pockets. Nevertheless, by speaking to the managements of these places and negotiating with them, one should be able to arrive at some affordable arrangement.